Monday, May 16, 2011

Should we trim off our beard and not shave?

Q: It is mentioned in Book of Leviticus 19:27, "Do not trim off the hair on your temples or trim your beards." (NLT). Can we follow this order in Christianity?

A: We do not literally follow the outward law now, because it is only a shadow of the reality of the life of Christ, which is worked out through the Holy Spirit in us now (Col 2:16-17). Now in the New Testament we act on a better promises and better covenant, which looks more inwardly than outwardly (Heb 8:5-6). Now we can keep a beard or we can be clean shaven, it does not have any influence to our spirituality because we are not under law but under grace (Rom 6:14). Jesus fulfilled THE LAW so that we can now live freely for God in any culture (Matt 5:17; Rom 8:1-5). Now sin is dealt a death blow by the righteous life of a believer, which is not just be confirmed to God's law on our outward actions but purity in our inner thoughts and words (Matt 5:21-30). Personally if you want to keep your beard unshaven, you can and you have not sinned or broken the law. But you cannot impose it as a standard for all Christians who think differently on this thing.  


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