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Who is a True Prophetic Leader?

True Prophetic Leaders

By Abraham Israel

An American Indian legend talks about a chief at the end of his life who called his three sons to his side, and he told them, “My life is coming to an end. Someday, one of you will be the next leader. Before that happens, please go to the holy mountain of our ancestors. Take something beautiful and expensive from this place. Only the one who takes the most valuable thing from this mountain will be my successor. “

The sons went to the mountain to fulfill the wishes of the father. The first son brought a beautiful flower. The second son brought a precious stone. The third son said, “Father, I have brought nothing. But when I was on the mountain peak, I saw the other side of the mountain. I saw lakes, green pastures, a river with crystal waters, and many herds of bison. I think that our people can go there and live, because over there, life will be more prosperous.”

The chief said, “Son, you will be the tribe’s leader. You have brought a very expensive thing: vision. Vision of a better life. More beautiful life to your members and brotherhood. “

This legend speaks of what character a leader must have. A leader must first look for the good of the people, not just for his own good. And leaders must also know how to bring this to reality. The first two sons were only thinking about how they would take power. But the third son was not looking for power but for the progress and prosperity of the whole community. He was the only person according to the wise chief who was fit enough to be a leader of the whole pack of this household tribe.

What can we learn from this? True leaders of God are those who always have the progress and prosperity of the people of God as their prime priority and aim in life to promote and live for. They always have a godly vision for the people of God to look forward to when the world around them becomes increasingly more and more gloomy and dark spiritually. They will not seek to promote their own family, relatives and their own purpose to get fulfilled, but with their whole heart will try to take their own Cross and live a selfless life. In blessing others they get blessed. Those who want to build their own empires in the kingdom of God rather than fulfill the desire of the heart of God will never be used as true anointed leaders of this generation.

Where there is no
[revelatory] vision, the people [who live in connection with such people] perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he (Pro 29:18). In other words, God will choose leaders and will anoint to use them in His kingdom only when they choose to please the Lord through keeping His commandments because of their love towards Him and the people of God (John 14:15). God will see their faithfulness in their walk with Him and will slowly day after day will unravel the vision through them for the Church of that generation in which they are living. To such good hearted loving servants of God, He will without fail reveal His vision for their family and through them to all the families of the earth (Gen 12:1-3). It all starts with the vision for our own family which is primarily a physical family and then the vision goes to God's Household of Faith which is the Church in which He has placed us to be a part of it. Hear what God says of obedient Abraham, "And the LORD said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing…" (Gen 18:17) and He will make sure to keep His word which says, "Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets." (Amos 3:7) to us all who are obedient to the Lord just like to Abraham of old. True servant leaders who live to please the heart of God will always be prophetic visionaries in their life. They know the true vision of God which He has planned for the generation in which they live and God will also never hide it from them.

But for those who want to build empires of their own using the name and anointing of Jesus will lose their reward for eternity which is more real and important to all leaders than their present life that ends soon. But Satan and his demons can blind the leaders in such a way to make them become completely illusioned of eternal treasure which they speak about as reality in the platform every Sunday after Sunday, but do not live with those values in their heart. Their heart have been darkened through girls, gold and glory of the world. What a sad thing it is? God is going to be more strict in this regard towards His leaders and judgment will come immediately as in the first century to all the leaders and elders who will lead people in this end time generation
(James 3:1). At the same time for those servant hearted faithful leaders who will only live for HIS GLORY will be exalted greatly by God in these end times. Supernatural power of God and His favor will rest on their lives tangibly.

God wants to raise up a passionate Joshua generation in this end time that will have leaders who will not just speak about faith but will operate in a completely different spirit of faith that will make them please God every day of their lives
(Num 14:24). These leaders will follow God wholeheartedly and will lead the people of God to the promised land of heavenly life and glory in the midst of all evil darkness that is engulfing the whole world (Isa 60:1-3). This will be a apostolic generation of leaders that will follow Jesus the true Joshua wherever He goes and will not be afraid to lose their own lives for the people of God (Rev 14:4; John 10:12-13). God is going to do mighty things through these self-less vessels that He is preparing for our generation. Ask God now to make you a godly leader and as a result bless the world in this end time generation and also ask His help to walk humbly with Him daily. I bet you will be blessed enough to reach the world before you realize it!

Are you ready? You are asking me for what, to join in the stream of the godly vision that He has for this generation and truly please the Lord with all our mind, soul, strength and body. The Lord is on the look out for such people even in this last hour before it all gets closed off in the New Covenant of The Church. The Church age is at the end, we ought to open our eyes to taste the best wine of the Holy Spirit which Jesus has prepared for the end of end times
(John 2:9-11). Truly we are in the verge of entering the spiritual Canaan in our end time generation. Tighten up your seat belts and look forward with faith for the exciting journey ahead! Live a selfless life of cross-carrying to be the leader that God wants you to be.

Pray this prayer with me saints :  "Dear Abba Father, Thank you for creating me for such a time as this in the end of end times. Truly I know that spiritual darkness is covering the earth day after day, but help me to live as a godly person in its midst and show forth your glory to this whole generation. I pray, help me to walk humbly day after day with you. Help me to carry the custom designed cross that you have prepared for me already and exhibit your heavenly character to my family, relatives, city, nation and the whole world in the coming days. Help me to be a self-less kingdom builder and deposit all my riches in the heavenly account that you have for me. Keep me from deception and darkness in the soul which is worse than any physical disease that I can name now. Thank you for your faithfulness to train me up as a prophetic leader in my family, Church, workplace, school and college and in the place where you have placed me to show forth your light. I praise you for your goodness shown towards me in this regard and help me fulfill all the plans that you have for me as a leader in this generation. Amen and Amen!"

Much Blessings......


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