Saturday, July 26, 2008

Favourite E-books & Links

Free Christian Resources - Download Ebooks

Revival Carriers - Intl

Derek Prince Ministries - US Media

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Online Bible Tools

Tim Greenword Ministries - Select the -->Tools/Bible Tools in the scroll-sidebar bar section

Online Audio Bible

Hear the Bible read online in various versions like CEV, ESV, KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV, TNIV and more.

Tip :

You can always go to the ‘Heavenly presence music’ section to play some soft soothing instrumental music and at the same time listen to the Online Audio Bible from the Bible Gateway and Blue Letter Bible Sites. This combination of hearing the word of God with the ‘Heavenly Presence Music’ as background is awesome!!! Enjoy!!

Online Dictionary

Read full text E-books online of Andrew Murray , D. L. Moody, F. B. Meyer, A. B. Simpson, A. J. Gordon, E. M. Bounds and much more.

If you do not have Adobe Reader, please use the link to download it. God Bless you.

Other Free E-book links

Free MP3 Music Links

Free MP3 Audio & Video Links

Informative Christian Sites

Christianity Today

Christian Praise And Worship Links [ Free MP3 Downloads]

Web - Church

Some Great Links

Christian Pictures and Verses 


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