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Should Or Should Not We Take Up The Upcoming Vaccine?

Will China Take Over The Whole World?

Question: How are you? Does Bible say anywhere that, during end times, Asian countries would be more powerful than western world? Looks like China want to take over the whole world. I believe, followers of Jesus should not take upcoming vaccine because it is a trap. Pls let me know your thought on this as well. Thank you.

Answer: Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

All is well by the grace of God, as God is good all the time! The western world is a collective phrase we use to describe the nations that have come out of English speaking country of Great Britain and from part of Europe like France, Germany, Spain and Italy, etc...

The Western world, also known as the West, refers to various regions, nations and states, depending on the context, most often consisting of the majority of Europe, Australasia, and most of the Americas. The Western world is also known as the Occident, in contrast to the Orient, or Eastern world.

When we say Asian countries, it is a very general term used to refer the whole continent of Asia. Whatever nations are powerful in the east, are those which the Bible describes.

In the Book of Revelation, we see the Bible describe about a group of nations referred to as
"Kings from the East" (Rev 16:12), we know that the geo-political line up that has happened is according to the above referred Scripture of the Bible.

We know that America the Great Nation that has not been directly refered but rather indirectly has ruled the whole world for the past seventy years as one of the most powerful nations of all time, yet the Bible talks about the eagle of America only in a hidden way
(Rev 12:14).

As we have seen, China which is one of the kings of the east has risen up and have taken its place in the end time chart of nations. But sad to say, China with its autocratic hegemony and its dictatorial style of rulership has led to its own downfall against democratic western nations after it has hidden the truth of the Corona virus and its contagion that spreads through people to people contact, and this has let the COVID virus spread out to affect the nations of the world to cause economic downfall of America and India and Japan, etc which are all important nations of the end time. Out of the blue, it made a new line up of nations come closer to oppose China at all cost. Even though America has sidelined itself and have caused other nations to take charge along with itself especially to prevent the salami slicing of China and its imperial policy of territorial expansion, yet we must take note that it is not by chance that all these have fallen in to place except for the Biblical plan of God. To know about God's Destiny for America, read my following post that I wrote titled, 'Is The U.S. Discovered In The Bible?'

We know that the powerful nations of the east in the manner of Biblical description know as Kings are right now China, India and Japan. We know that the QUAD alliance has become a reality as India have opened itself and allowed Australia to join the annual trilateral Malabar naval exercise involving India-Japan-USA. With Australia joining in, this has cemented the QUAD alliance which Beijing considers as an anti-China grouping which is absolutely true as all of its members have revealed until now who stand for International Rules Based existing order under United States.

Hence we know that Kings of the east are rising up against the wolf warrior gang of China which uses deception to conquer over other nations of the world. Together they form the Kings of the East as we have seen it described in the Bible. Will China rule the world in the coming days? No according to the Bible it can only be one of the Kings of the East. India is the other candidate to compete in this slot. Japan the rising giant of the east which once ruled over China is the other silent giant of the Kings of the East. South Korea could join in this list in the coming days.

What about the countries in the Middle East? As we have seen above, in these end times God has already chosen certain countries of the east to play the lead role of the end time as we have seen above, Iran and Turkey could play a leading rule in the Middle east. Ethopia and Libya in Africa could play the lead role in the end times.

The Last war before the coming of Jesus Christ will be between Russia and Israel, where Russia will remain end time super power and it will join hands with the Kings of the East to take the lead role from United States of America to come along with all the nations of the world which will exclude America
(Ezek 38:1-7), in which Jesus will come and rescue the nation of Israel and will reign in it for a thousand years time period for the Glory of God!

In all these things, the European union which will become a Revived Roman Empire once again will be the steering wheel and drive the whole coaliation of countries through a Antichrist who will come out of it
(Dan 9:26-27). In these end of end times, Europe and not America will be the world driving force of the economic market for the Kings of the East to trade and succeed as Kings among the world of our times. So Europe will be the King Maker in the end of the end times.

Before the Armageddom of the end takes places between the Russian Coaliation against the nation of Israel
(Ezek 38:1-7), one more world war that will bring the Antichrist in to limelight will surely take place in which one third of the world population might die due to a full ledged war that will align this world coaliation in to existence (Rev 9:13-21). As we have seen now with the 'Made in China' COVID crisis which is actually a bio-warfare to weaken all the nations of the world to establish Chinese hegemony, this might continue to create a war unseen before. In it the Chinese might line up nations by buying them with filthy lucre, and might use them for its own establishment and selfish agendas to be fulfilled. The democratic world alliance of the Quad as we have seen above might fight against the communist and socialist combination in this world war 3. The true cold war will erupt in to full blow hot war in the coming months and years.

But the good news is, out of the ashes of this war, Europe will rise up to be the King Maker from thereon until the Last and Final War of Armageddon. Through it Anti-christ will bring a false peace and saftey in to this world to take over the whole world in a very short period of time of seven years appointed time according to the Scripture
(Dan 9:26-27).

Revelation 9 shows that, all together, the
“kings of the east” will amass an army of 200 million at the time of the end before the one and only final Armageddon will start to take place (Revelation 9:16).

Other than the 'Kings of the East', the Prophet Daniel speaks about two other Kings who will prominently be fighting during the end time
(Dan 11:40-43), the legacy of this north-south conflict of the Olden times where the division between Jacob (Jews) and Esau (Palestine) (Gen 25:23), and Issac (Christians) and Ishmael (Muslims) is easily seen today (Gen 16:11-12). The Esau's House and Ishmael's House have joined hands to identify themselves through a marriage covenant of old (Gen 28:6-9), yet they are not the same but two different unique people who will fight with their brethren (Israel) and yet will always be subserviently subjected to Israel always because of God's promise given to the nation of Israel. We see the Christian west on one side and the Islamic middle-east on the other side of the conflict according to the Bible prophecy. Tension between a traditionally Christian Europe and a deeply Islamic Middle East to the south is at its highest levels since the Ottoman push of the 19th century. The modern-day king of the north is the developing German and Vatican-led European superpower which will align with Russia during the end time before Armageddon and yet will remain cautious not to subject themselves fully to them as they fear of a takeover by them (Dan 11:44-45). The king of the south is 'radical Islam' led by Iran which allies itself in some way with Egypt, Libya, Turkey and Ethiopia — countries all recognizable by the same names today (Ezek 38:1-7).

Revelation 16:14
reveals that this end time king movement is part of a world-wide gathering of “the kings of the earth and of the whole world” in order that they might participate in “the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” The focal point of the gathering is mentioned as Armageddon in Revelation 16:16.

Regarding the vaccine, in days past, mankind has benefitted itself through many vaccines, and other life saving drugs and medicines that has been invented thus far by the grace of God through many many scientists among whom many are godly people who have brought great glory to God.

I believe that by the time Antichrist will seat himself as God in the middle of the Daniel's 70th week in the 3rd temple in Israel that is going to be built soon according to the clear revelation of the Scripture
(2 Thess 2:1-12), right after this the implementation of the 'mark of the beast' will be let loose from Jerusalem in to all the world during which Jesus has instructed all the believers to run away from Jerusalem and its abomination as the Rapture will happen moments after these things will take place (Matt 24:15-28; Rev 13:11-18).

The present COVID vaccine is a dress rehearsal and a final count down to the time of the 'Mark of the Beast', but this in itself is NOT the 'MARK OF THE BEAST'. For that to come, ANTICHRIST must be revealed to the Church and the third temple must be built and desectrated by him. At that time, when 'Mark of the Beast' comes, they will openly pronounce and declare the deity of Antichrist and will implement a worldwide forced system of accepting this man as God through the 'Mark of the Beast', those who do not receive the mark will be isolated and killed and ostracized even when they escape the Antichrist radar, so that no one will be able to buy or sell in the worldwide world or even receive quota of daily food to survive.

So if the COVID vaccine itself is forced, it is better not to take it. Or otherwise it is not a problem and safe for all believers to take it atleast for now till rapture takes place for all of them.

Is COVID Vaccine a trap? I don't think that according to the Scripture anybody will be trapped to take the Mark of the Beast, instead it reveals that it will be clearly told in all the world that this Mark of the Beast means giving allegience to Antichrist as God and rejecting any other belief in all the world, this will be announced in all the world by God through an Angel from heaven to make sure that no one by mistake take their one way ticked straight to hell fire through receiving it 
(Rev 14:9-11). God will also never make humans fully accountable for things done by deception (Gen 3:12-13), instead will always make them accountable for all conscious decisions taken by them to become deceived by choosing to reject the truth by selective hearing of accepting only what they want for the enrichment of their own lives (2 Thess 2:8-12). God himself will send the strong delusion of the 'Mark of the Beast' for people to believe the lie of Antichrist if they choose to give heed to working of Satan which will happen at that time with all power, signs and lying wonders, those who will accept the 'mark of the beast' will have no love for truth of God and the Bible, they will be allowed and let by God to do their own will to believe the lie of Satan and Antichrist and take a booked ticket to hell fire.

Praise the Lord! 

Much Blessings...


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