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What Should Be The Minimum Prayer Space For Building?

Can I Pray After Doing Masterbutation?

Question: Can I pray after doing masterbutation? What should be the minimum prayer space in any building?

Answer: Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

To masturbate is to stimulate yourself sexually. In other words, to have sex by yourself, with yourself. It is the act of touching your own genitals for sexual stimulation.

What the world tells about masterbation is not as important as what God tells about it. Directly the Bible does not describe it anywhere, because it becomes included in the sin of coveting another man's wife
[i.e. adultery] or supposed to be wife [i.e. fornication] which is sin in the heart as Jesus clearly described in his great speech of Be-Attitudes which is also called as the sermon on the Mount (Matt 5:1-2, 28-30). The sin which starts in the heart, gets to its zenith of orgasm through the right hand usually, which Jesus pointed out as that vehicle through which the adultery in the heart gets fulfilled. In other words, sins of the heart which are coveteousness and lust and the like is as bad as the physical sins we do against people because if we would have got the right place, secrecy and opportunity to hide from all others to execute that lust, we would have done it for sure if not for the grace and mercy of God which has prevented us against sinning in the physical realm (Gen 20:6).

Even though God forgives once we confess our sins and cleanses us from all iniquites spiritually, the consequences of the physical sin will always come to us back after we done it, even after we have repented and confessed it to God because God is just to execute His righteous judgment towards all which includes his children who are the first to be judged now so that they will be justified later by God
(Prov 6:20-35; 2 Sam 12:10, 13-14, 15, 23; 1 Peter 4:17-18). But the wicked will get caught in the physical sin because of lack of receiving God's mercy and grace that he gives in time of need (Prov 22:14; Heb 4:16).

So for every child of God, there may be a great battle in the sins of the heart which they will overcome by the grace of God by and by, but they will never move beyond God's protected boundary in to the forbidden territory of physical sins which will have severe consequences in one's life who have got involved in it
(1 Cor 6:16-17, 18).

The Word of God states that,
"The mouth of an adulteress is a deep pit; He who is cursed of the LORD will fall into it." (Prov 22:14, NASB). In other words, some who makes God angry through their unrepentant attitude of lethargy and commits blatant sin with whom the Lord is angry, who is abhorred by the Lord will fall in to this trap of adultery which is the Lord's wrath that has fallen upon his life.

God wants us to come out of self by crucifying it on the cross in Him, and become self-less in our love towards others
(Luke 9:23-26; Rom 12:9).

In our times, the Church has accepted masturbation as normal because it has not looked to the Word of God but instead to the world to be conformed to its wrong belief. Can you find anybody guiltless after masturbation? No, because guilt is the auto-mechanism in our spirit within us which indicates that sin has entered in to our lives, which makes us uneasy in our soul to flee away from the Presence of God until we confess the sin to Jesus Christ our high priest and forsake it for the conscience to once again become pure and restored before God and people around us
(Gen 3:8-11). In fact the Bible confirms it saying, "The wicked are edgy with guilt, ready to run off even when no one's after them" (Prov 28:1; 1 John 1:7, 9). Can you find anyone masturbating without lust operating through them in their mind (1 Cor 7:9; 2 Tim 2:22)? Can you find anybody masturbating without porn accompanying them for a stimulus to drive it along and burn themselves in their lust? For some it might not be even external porn, but internal porn of lust in their mind that burns them to masterbate. Without lust it is impossible for masterbation to happen, because when the Bible reveals something as truth, it can stand the test of time and God changes not his Word but instead has honored and blessed those who keep it by fulfilling his promises to them who have believed the truth of His Word to live their lives according to it (Psa 138:2). To lust in itself is sinful, but to lust exceedingly is perverse and is a abomination to the Lord's will and way.    

No born again person will plan to sin because they cannot sin without guilt. In fact, the believer who is born of God does not sin without restraint as the restrainer the Holy Spirit will intervene to warn them to stop it and even chastise them if they are stubborn to continue in sin without repentance. As the Holy Spirit who is the seed of God remains in a believer, he cannot sin infinitely without conviction to repent and make a turn around
(1 John 3:9; John 16:7-14).

When believers masturbates and stimulate themselves through pornography due to the bad habit that they have not been able to overcome which they have learnt from the world around, they are in need of forgiveness or they would be drowned in the sea of guilt and condemnation which their enemy Satan will use to take them away from God. So the first thing they should do is to run to God inorder to ask pardon, so that He could be feared in their lives
(Psa 130:1). There is always forgiveness ready with the Lord, that is why God gives and gives and forgives, we as humans get it and get it and forget it without thankfulness many times. So you can pray to God after masterbutation because we have been told by God to approach the throne of grace in heaven through Jesus blood boldly so that we might receive mercy and grace to overcome in our time of need (Heb 4:15-16). But you also need to ask God to help you overcome the habit of it so that you could be free to learn to live in the liberty of the Spirit supernaturally to live a blessed life (2 Cor 3:17). The Lord the Spirit resides in all the believer, but the question is, how many of them have taken up their cross, forsaken themselves and have chosen to walk in following Jesus in the will of God for their lives (Luke 9:23)?

To give in to the carnal pleasure of masturbation and pronography constantly to make it a habit to experience carnal pleasures is to feed in to the self which God has told to reject and deny, what will be the result? We as believers for whom the Lord has set a pre-ordained path of the Cross inorder to collect eternal treasures, the one and only chance will become lost forever, instead the evil works and carnal works and dead works will be thrown in to the fire and burnt completely due to our own foolishness, and therefore will lose the eternal race to collect treasures forevermore and live for the Glory of God in a different dimension than we were left with for which we will be ashamed and also have great regret thereafter for having lost the chance to redeem time 
(Eph 2:10; 5:15-18; 1 Cor 9:24-26, 27; 1 Cor 3:12-15; 1 John 2:28-29).

Esau was born in a family that God chose, therefore he was a part of God's chosen people. Esau did not choose to be born in that family, but God chose him even before he was born. But the way Esau responded to God's goodness was very very poor and it was mocking of such great kindness and benevolence of God and not valuing it as it could not be seen and felt tangibly. Esau lost his birthright when he mocked of it and therefore lost his blessings even though he sincerely wanted to have it later. This was because he did not choose to deny his self but rather feed in to it voraciously. Esau did not pursue peace with God and men, and also he did not pursue holiness. It is like, just because a person is born by God's choice in a Christian family, it cannot get him automatically saved to take to heaven until and unless he repents of his sin and turns to the Lord
(Rom 9:6-8, 10-13; Matt 8:11-12; Gal 3:6-7). God in his foreknowledge hated the activities of Esau's mocking response to God's mercy and grace which he had given to him by choosing to live among his people and be one. So God does not choose people to go to hell or heaven, but they choose to let go of God when they could have wisely let themselves go and let God show them his grace and mercy by humbling oneself before Him and valuing God's benevolence by showing it to God in humility through approaching him with a broken heart. The Lord's activities of blessing he was not able to tangibly see it in his life because he fell short of the grace of God through the bitterness that sprang in his heart against God and his younger Brother and his mother, this kind of heart attitude left without check because of loving the fleshly life more than the spiritual life caused trouble in his life and also through him the troubles spread to his Father who became physically blind and there after spiritually blind to become insensitive enough to not able to identify his sons during the time of blessing them through prayer later in his life, and through this bitterness he became defiled and was rejected by God. He became a spiritual fornicator before God and became godless. All this slide in to this evil state started once when he chose one morsel of food instead of his birthright lethargically. Later, when he wanted to inherit the blessing of God, he was rejected by God, he found no place for repentance, even though he sought it diligently with tears (Heb 12:12-17).

May be we as Christians the lessons we can learn from Esau is, God saves us without our works by His choosing to be in the family of God, but He rewards us eternally with blessings after blessings only when he finds people like us diligently seek Him to live a God-pleasing lives in seeking of God's face and His Presence and His Purpose through our faith which only pleases God and also always please God without fail.  

May we not be lethargic about the spiritual blessings that God has promised to us as the life of Esau is a warning to all the lethargic, lukewarm and legalistic group of people who have a similar attitude of feeding in to their fleshly life but when time comes, they want to experience not the curse of their defiled heart condition but rather want to inherit only the blessings of God which is not possible at that time as they have failed God's test for spirtuality.

If we continue to feed in to the sinful habits, we may not be denied heaven as salvation itself is a gift of God given unconditionally
(Tit 3:5-6), but the rewards for the works done after salvation will be lost by us if we continue to feed to our flesh through masturbation and pronography without out giving it up.

Once Jesus comes to take us to reward us at the time of Rapture, we should not run helter skelter trying to cover up ourselves from the filth that we have been involved in as all our works are evil works of feeding ourselves instead of denying it and also may be religious dead works of pride and jealousy
(1 John 2:28; Php 1:20). Without abiding in Jesus and living for Him through letting him live in us by denying our self-life, we can do or gain nothing of eternal value that will make us rich for eternity, which only matters at the end of our lives lived on earth and like Esau many may realize it very lately in life and may even sincerely begin to desire for it later in their life, but they will be rejected by God for their lethargic spiritual life they had lived until then (John 15:5). Many believers will be ashamed of wasting their time on earth by having lived to self rather than to deny it and inherit eternal riches that God has for us.

As we have seen that all the so called physical churches have been closed completely in these end of end times due to Corona virus and even now we are not sure whether it will be opened up in the near future, we are beginning to realise that the minimum space we will ever need to pray is to pray from our heart to God, who hears our thoughts and desires even when we are not able to express it through our words. I know that a prayer closet to pray alone to God would be a nice place
(Matt 6:6), but we in our times should realize that we are the temple of God and the minimum space we require is just a breathing space to have life in the body on earth and be sustained to call upon the Lord (Rom 10:12-13). Hallelujah!

So the bottom line for all believers is to, deny ourselves to take up our cross and follow Jesus which is the one and only important thing that we need to do on earth while we live, so that we might become eternally rich when we leave this earth to live with God in the New Heaven and New Earth for the Glory of God. We need to pray to God regularly so that our spirit will be empowered enough to overcome the weakness of the flesh and thus live for the Glory of God and be rich in our eternity
(Mark 14:38; Luke 12:20-21). Minimum we should watch and pray atleast for an hour, so that we may live an overcoming life for the Glory of God over all sins of the flesh, which will make us do the works of salvation that God has preordained for us to do and inherit his riches for eternity ahead (Tit 3:8). Praise the Lord!

Much Blessings...


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