Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Should We Tithe on a Loan We Take?

Q: Should we tithe on a loan we take? Just got doubt. Pls shr your thoughts and scripture you know on this.

A: The spirit of the New Testament is totally different from that of the old. You see there is no command given to any New Testament believer to tithe, but it was command to all the Old Testament saints
(Lev 27:30). God challenged the Israelites through the prophet Malachi to test Him and see how He will bless them if only they will keep the command of the Lord to tithe. Many of the people at the time of the prophet Malachi totally ignored to obey the commandments of the law and prophets, and God wanted them to repent which is to fear God and humbly keep the law before the New Covenant came in to force (Micah 6:8; Malachi 3:8-11). It is doing the law and commands that brought blessing to the saints of the Old Testament (Joshua 1:8). But in the New Testament being in Christ and living life filled with the love of God is more than doing the commandments without fail. Only one time in the New Testament Jesus said to the Pharisees who were lovers of money and boasted of keeping all the Commandments of God without fail, being deceived and also deceiving other (Luke 16:14), to give their tithe along with the real important ingredient of the mandatory thing that is needed by God [i.e. justice, mercy and faith] (Matt 23:23). This too was not spoken by Jesus in a positive way but in a negative way to make these hypocrites understand that they cannot please God just by giving tithes, but only by believing Jesus the Son of God which can only make the Father in heaven to get pleased (John 6:28-29, 39-40). But remember this was before the New Covenant ever came in to existence at Calvary. This too is not a command to the saints of the New Testament but to the Pharisees who followed the Old Testament of Moses hypocritically.

The bottom line in the New Testament is to give ourselves as a living sacrifice to God and then give whatever we give to God with a cheerful heart and not grudgingly
(Rom 12:1,2 Cor 9:7). God loves such givers. First the right motive and then the offering we give. When you take a loan it is good to use it for whatever purpose for which it is taken and ask God to bless it so that the produce that comes out of it can be given cheerfully to the Lord. In the New Testament the Lord has forgiven all our sins once and for all time and has blessed us already with all the spriitual blessings in the heavenly places (Eph 4:32; 1:3). So the next time you think of giving to God, give as much as you desire with a heart full of thankful gratitude for all the Lord has done for you and not out of compulsion or by coercion of covetous preachers who love money and want to manipulate you to also be filled with a covetous spirit, so that they can whet their appetite for the love of money. It can be 10 percent or more, but with a cheerful heart which is more imporant in the New Testament than how much we give to God. God will bless us more and more with all the spiritual blessings of heaven on earth as we continue to be faithful in giving to God's work out of love for Him with cheerfulness (Luke 16:11-13). God Bless You!


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