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Where would the souls of the departed believers go?

Q: Where would the souls of the departed believers go? To Hades or Heaven? With what body did Moses and Elijah meet Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration? Where did they come from?

A: The souls of the departed believers will be in heaven until the day of rapture takes place and then they are resurrected back in to their supernatural glorious bodies
(1 Thess 4:14-18). The key word "God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus" (4:14) is very important. Those coming with Jesus will be the souls of the departed believers who will then "rise first" (v 16) in their glorious incorruptible spiritual resurrected bodies (1 Cor 15:42:49, 51-54). The souls of martyrs from Abel to Zechariah (Matt 23:35), even up to the last martyr of the Tribulation of the End Time during the 31/2 years reign of Antichrist will rise up during the Second coming of Jesus, they too as souls are present in heaven under the altar of God until then (Rev 6:9-10; 7:13-17; 20:4-6; 13:5-8, 15). Apostle Paul said, "For I am hard-pressed between the two, having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better." (Phil 1:23). In this verse Apostle Paul plainly says that he is in dilemma to decide whether to live and continue in the ministry that God has given him or else die and depart to be with Christ which is so glorious to think about. This clearly reveals that Apostle Paul was very much confident that His soul will be with Christ the moment he dies in this earth. This should be the confidence of all the believers too (2 Cor 5:6, 8; Rom 15:14).

When Elijah and Moses visited Jesus in the mount of transfiguration, they came from the righteous section of Hades which was there at that time
(Matt 17:3). Only when Jesus got resurrected from the dead, once and for all time this section of Hades was emptied and all of them were taken to heaven in to the very presence of God (Eph 4:8-9). Now that the righteous section of Hades which was called in Jesus' parable as "Abraham's Bosom" (Luke 16:22) has been emptied by Jesus when he took all its inhabitants along with Him to Zion the dwelling place of God (Eph 4:8-9; Heb 12:22-23), only the unrighteous section of Hades where the rich man was in torment is left untouched. And it will continue to be a lodging place for all the souls of unbelievers till the White Throne Judgement takes place some where in the outer space after this present earth and heaven gets destroyed by the fire of God (Luke 16:22c-26; Rev 20:11-15; 2 Peter 3:10-13). The reason people were kept in Hades till that time was because they were not born again in their spirit man, without which no man can see God or enter His eternal dwelling place (Heb 11:39-40; 12:14; John 3:3). All the Old Testament saints got resurrected with Jesus except Elijah and Enoch along with all the martyrs of the Old Testament times who went in to heaven in their soul-body like all of us New Testament saints and will wait till the end times to get resurrected in their glorious bodies (Matt 27:52-53; Isa 26:19). Elijah and Enoch are the two olive trees and the one and only prophets who have not legally died, and so their physical body must have been preserved by the Lord somewhere in the outer space all these days so that they will first appear in Jerusalem in their physical body and will live for 3 1/2 years to prophesy just as the Lord has promised (Rev 11:3-6). Once the three and half years are over, the Antichrist will kill these prophets in the streets of Jerusalem which will be telecast live to the whole world. The world will rejoice and will celebrate as like a festival the death of both these prophets who tormented them, until they see these two prophets suddenly get resurrected in their glorious supernatural bodies after three and half days, who will then stand on their feet and ascend to heaven in a cloud majestically. All their enemies who saw it live in their video screen live all over the world will suddenly experience a great fear fall on them all (Rev 11:7-12). This is the reason the prophet Zechariah prophetically foresaw these two prophets in their soul-body standing before the throne of God in heaven waiting to fulfill these end time glorious plan of God (Zech 4:11-14). They will die and will legally inherit their glorious body prepared for them according to the word (Heb 9:27; Matt 24:35). Because of inheriting a supernatural body we see them ascend in to heaven just like Jesus did when He ascended in to heaven at the end of His first coming (Rev 11:12; Acts 1:9-10). Praise the Lord and God Bless You!


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