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Did angels really procreate in the Bible?

Did angels really procreate in the Bible?

Viewpoint A: Angels is sexless (Mathew 22:30). The one purpose of sex is to produce children..angels were spirits ..thats why they were sexless.

View Point B: It doesn't say that angel is sexless, it only says they stay celibate. If you will look in Hebrew an angel is always mentioned in personal male pronoun. Angels are spirits in the sense they live in heaven, angels do have a body. Genesis 18 and 19, Angels eat food with Abraham, there are other instances where angels kill people with sword, In Genesis 6, angels had fornication with human women, producing giants. The book of Jude tells those angels are bound.

The sons of God 'bene ha elohim' Hebrew term is always used in Bible of angels. You can look up the first chapter of Job also for that, where Satan presented himself with the 'bene ha elohim'. If you want more proof, read the ancient rabbinical writings which also tell that those were angels. If you want guaranteed proof, I would suggest watching the youtube 12 video series of Chuck Missler's 'Return of the nephilim'. It cannot be the ungodly line of seth, because sex between godly and ungodly does not produce giants. Also, this seth line theory came into being as a false theory by Augustine, who thought the biblical explanation to be bizzare.

One can also look up on a non-canonical book of enoch for references, which is historical text which tells that sons of God are angels.
Job 1.6 tells us, "6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also came among them." I am sure no body will say that sons of seth came to present themselves before the Lord, with satan!

Please do a research on the word 'nephilim', it has been only used of giants in the Bible. The term sons of God is used of angels in the book of Job which is canonical. As for the book of Enoch, brother that book was hotly debated in the canon, and actually the ethiopian orthodox church accepts it as canonical. Even if we do not accept the book of enoch, lets think- how does parents of ungodly offsprings produce giants? As for the two separate lines, where is it mentioned that sons of Cain were ungodly, and why is that God calls the Cain's line, which according to you are ungodly, as sons of God? Should not be other way round?

This article is biblical and presents very clearly why the sons of God are angels -

Do you know how this issue is related to the great plan of God? I will tell you brother. Satan wanted to corrupt the line of the human race because Eve was promised a seed who will destroy the head of the serpent, Satan devised a plan to corrupt it. But, God in his mercy, sent the flood that the human line would be preserved, and Jesus can come and provide salvation to all of us. Now, does that seem insignificant to you? Or should we not know the truth, by knowing the truth set others free? This is the Kingdom of God.

Brother, I did not mention nephilim as sons of God. The word for 'sons of God' is 'bene ha elohim' which is used in both the Book of 'Genesis' and 'Job', and in both places as angels.

So how did the Nephilim giants again appear on earth after the flood. Did angels again had sex with daughter's of men to produce such Goliaths? Because brother, in Genesis 6 the verse clearly tells that "also afterwards". It means the fallen angels did it again after the flood.

Brother, let us see. In both places, there is angels. And in Genesis 6, giants are produced, and in Job the angels are assembling before God. The contextual evidence actually favours angels.

Had it been the 'line of seth' then how does the good line of seth, according to you, present themselves before God, with Satan? Think about it.

My Answer : Angels are sexless because they are spiritual beings. Only physical human being have been given sex for procreation and intimacy within marriage. So celibacy has nothing to do with angels
(Matt 22:30). Angel can have sex is a false doctrine propagated by those who believe in that one verse in Gen 6:2 where they interpret the sons of God as angels without any other scripture that supports this clearly in any other part of the Bible. In context, Here the sons of God were the godly generation of Seth that God protected from the ungodly line of Cain in the previous chapter in order to bring out Jesus to save the world.

I do not believe in non canonical book because it is not fully inspired by God. There are a lot of errors in it. It can only be considered as a general book to know certain Jewish history. See, God did not kill Noah's generation because they were giants born on earth, but because their thinking was continually evil. I do not take these Bible teacher's words as an absolute but I take conviction of the Holy Spirit as the final ruler to measure any doctrine. Yes I like Chuck Missler teaching on many subjects and I also have been blessed, but those are not absolutes. Like what you say if the sons of God were angels why should God painstakingly give the whole detail of Cain's line to show the difference between sons of God and daughters of men. He could have stopped at Cain killing Abel and could have told that Cain went in to exile after this. 
So these are serious issues you must first think. Regarding this sons of God if you want to know a little deeper read this article that I wrote a few years before :

See the same word “sons of God” which is a plural term for the word 'son of god' can also be used as a variant to represent God's children who have come through Adam
(Luke 3:38). You see in the Book of Job it is clearly mentioned as a dialog between Satan and God, so we know there the word 'Nephilim' as angels according to the context of that Scripture (Job 1:6; 2:1). But in Gen 6 there is no contextual mention of any angels, so we cannot go beyond the rule of the apostolic Scriptural interpretation. Do you know that the giants in the Canaan land in the succeeding Book of Moses were described with the same words, my question to you is, 'If God had destroyed all those giants born tainted because of illegal sex between angels and men, after the flood only Noah was left. So how did the Nephilim giants again appear on earth after the flood? Did angels again have sex with daughter's of men to produce such Goliaths?' First of all if you believe that God is omnipotent to control this earth under His power, can angels usurp God and do something illegal beyond his control. See all the angels mentioned in the Bible who came in the form of men were allowed by God for a particular purpose of His and that too only for a short time. All those instances were under the control of God. So it is illogical according to me to think and accept an interpretation that says sons of God in Gen 6:2 as angels, who out of the control of God had sex with daughters of men. Such scenario makes God a puppet watching things happen, but has no control over it.

The line of Cain was described and portrayed in
Gen 4:23-24 as violent and the same character of violence is equated to the sons of God in Gen 6:4. Here the word "mighty men" means "violent men". The line of Cain were men who had no faith in the true Jehovah God who required sacrifices of his prescribed way to draw near to him. Cain "went out from the Presence of God" (Gen 4:16) which mean he did not want to follow God's way of sacrificing on the altar of uncut stones in the way He prescribed to Adam and Eve.

The Hebrew phrase translated “sons of God” (bÿne-ha’elohim) occurs only here
(Gen 6:2, 4) and in Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7. In the Book of Job the phrase clearly refers to angelic beings in its context. In Gen 6 the “sons of God” are not distinct from “humankind,” because the context speaks only about humans of two different lines in the preceding chapter. This passage speaks of human line of Seth faith line cohabiting with women who were very beautiful from Cain's line in its context. Even if the "sons of God" were considered to be distinct, there is only a possibility of angels possessing men and making them violent. Since the angels cannot usurp God's authority to take physical form without his permission (Job 1:12; 2:6; 1 Kings 22:19-23; 1 Samuel 16:14), they must have possessed the bodies of men to contaminate the thinking of godly people with lust and beauty.

The Hebrew word 'nephil' which is used for the English word 'giant' does means 'a bully or tyrant'. This word does not necessarily indicate the size of the people but rather the character of them all. How do we know for sure that it speaks only about the Character of the disobedient offsprings of the sons of God? Because in the next verse God sees that every intent of these men were evil
(Gen 6:4-5). Hence giants should not be considered in size but rather in their Character.

See the contextual evidence rather than see a word just in Hebrew.

The Great American theologian, minister, and writer C. I. Scofield comments about this 'sons of God' saying, 

"Some hold that these "sons of God" were the "angels which kept not their first estate" Jude 1:6. It is asserted that the title is in the O.T. exclusively used of angels. But this is an error Isaiah 43:6. Angels are spoken of in a sexless way. No female angels are mentioned in Scripture, and we are expressly told that marriage is unknown among angels. Matthew 22:30.
The uniform Hebrew and Christian interpretation has been that verse Genesis 6:2 marks the breaking down of the separation between the godly line of Seth and the godless line of Cain, and so the failure of the testimony to Jehovah committed to the line of Seth Genesis 4:26. For apostasy there is no remedy but judgment ; Isa 1:2-7; Isa 1:24; Isa 1:25; Hebrews 6:4-8; 10:26-31. Noah, "a preacher of righteousness," is given 120 years, but he won no convert, and the judgment predicted by his great- grandfather fell ; Jude 1:14; Jude 1:15; Genesis 7:11."

According to me I consider this theory that says angels had sex with women as a false doctrine that will deceive people in to thinking that Satan and his demonic cohorts are beyond God's control. One thing I know for sure is, these men's mind were filled with evil thoughts continually during Noah's time because of demons possessing them and instigating unnatural desires of sex and violence. It is illegal for any spirit being to possess any man or woman on earth. So after the world was judged by the flood, God bound these many spirits which caused such a judgment to come upon man and bound them up to be judged at the time of the white throne Judgment
(Gen 6:5; 2 Peter 2:4; Jude 6; Rev 20:11-15; 1 Cor 6:3; 11:10). Even in our end times, demons are coming to realize that their time on earth as very short, so will once again begin to fill the minds of people full of evil "as in the days of Noah" which will bring judgment once again upon all the earth (Matt 8:29; Rev 12:12; Luke 8:31). This has been clearly told by Jesus prophetically and I believe that we are in that time where people's mind are daily filled with various unnatural lust and desires through various medias, internet and such other technologies (Luke 17:26-27). So we should wake up and keep our minds filled with the word of God to avoid the demonic trap of evil thinking. May God help us all to use that which the devil is using to drive his end time destructive strategies, to be used to bless ouselves, our family and His people by cancelling those demonic curse in JESUS MIGHTY NAME!


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