Monday, March 28, 2011

Does our soul and spirit separate after our death?

Q: Explain soul, spirit and body??

A: We are a spirit beings with a rational soul, enclosed in a dust suit to live on earth. The spirit is a eternal spiritual material enclosed within a heavenly operator, the Holy Spirit who operates it in every man (Prov 21:1; Acts 17:28). When we are born again we begin to communicate back to God according to what we hear Him speak in our spirit, but a dead spirit of an unbeliever does not have the ability to speak to God like this. It can only hear God's right and wrong intuition speaking inside him (Prov 20:27). When we die, our spirit and soul will leave our body immediately. The spirit and soul cannot be separated for any person materially (Luke 16:23-24). In the Book of Luke 16:23-24, we see that the rich man's spiritual eyes were opened to see other godly people like Abraham and Lazarus who were only a spirit at that time, but his soul was craving for expression [i.e. he had no tongue as he had already died and left his body on earth, but he wanted to cool his tongue] through a body. The feelings that the rich man felt in Hades was in his soul and the eyes with which he was seeing other spirit beings was his spirit (Matt 13:16). This same rich man never would have felt such things when living in his body, because his spiritual eyes were closed totally to make him impossible to see spiritual things while on earth (Mark 8:18).

Believer's can consciously, increasingly and progressively begin to understand the two different entities of soul and spirit which are one yet different. By feeding themselves with the Word of God consistently and practicing it to become more and more mature to clearly separate the soul operations and its works from the spirit
(Heb 4:12; 5:12-14). The soul and the spirit are eternal entities, but the body is only temporal.

Initially when God created man's body, it was created to be eternal. But because of the transgression of one man who fell in to sin knowingly, death which caused the eternal to become cursed enough to act as a temporal thing, entered humanity forever
(Rom 5:12). But because of Jesus whom we have believed, the temporal body have again been chosen to become eternal body and be joined again to our spirit and soul for eternal expression on the day of rapture of all believers from the earth and also for those who are in heaven for the past two thousand years (1 Cor 15: 38, 44, 49; 1 Thess 4:14-17).


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