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♔ The Just King and His Son ♔

Justified With a Cost

By Abraham Israel

Once upon a time a mighty king ruled a great city. He was very just and very loving towards the whole people in his kingdom. During this time the whole country experienced peace, prosperity and justice. The people loved their king greatly.

The King was called "The Just King" by all his subjects because he served justice very accurately and considered it as his utmost duty of love towards his subjects. For this purpose the king built a huge tower in front of his palace and hung a huge bell at the top of it. Then he tied a long rope to the big striker 
[i.e. clapper] in the middle of the bell and left the rope hanging towards the floor so that those who want justice could come any time and pull the rope and call the king to serve justice.

The people of the city considered the justice of the king as a sacred thing, so they would rarely come to pull the rope and call the king for justice. The king had a only son who was a dynamic young man just like him and the people of the country loved the prince as much as they loved their king. The son too loved all the people in his father's kingdom.

The king would often go in disguise in to his own country to check the welfare of his people. Many people were so joyful to find that their king comes among them in disguise and knows all their difficulties and was taking care of them in great love. Some other times the only son of the king would also do the same on behalf of his father to alleviate the sorrows of the people whom he loved.

One day while the king was out in disguise in his country, he heard a baby crying loudly near the road side bush which was full of trees. He then parked his chariot near the road side and then set himself toward the direction of the sound of the crying baby. Lo and behold as he went near, he saw a new born baby thrown in a dust bin by its mother nearly dying of thirst and hunger. It was a beautiful baby boy. The heart of the king melted with compassion, then he lifted up the baby and brought it to his chariot. There he fed the little baby with the milk which he had in his traveling bag. Once the baby's stomach got filled, he began to sleep in the arms of the king. The king embraced and held the baby carefully close to himself in a woolen blanket as the atmosphere got cold as the sun had set in and darkness was spreading rapidly by that time. The king decided to keep the baby with himself and bring it up in his own palace. When the prince saw the baby boy he become so joyful with it.

Then the baby began to grow inside the palace as the adopted son of the king. The king loved the little boy as much as his own son and also the son loved the little boy so much that he would readily give his own life for it. Each morning the prince would go around the country in his chariot early morning. As the baby became a boy, he would take the little boy up to the chariot and then would make him giggle when he would see those big horses move at his command. Then he would go out and send the little boy back to the palace through his servants.

This particular day he was late but the little baby by mistake came out and mischievously climbed on to the chariot and gave the command. The horse took off fast enough to throw this little boy out of the chariot. Before the servants could control the horse, it took of towards the gate of the palace with great speed. A cow that gave birth to a calf just a week before was feeding milk to this new born calf. When the calf saw the horses running towards it without control it got alarmed and tried to run away. But at the heat of the moment it some how got on the way of the horses and got run over by the chariot. The cow saw its calf and tears rolled down her eyes. It stood by its side and began to mourn greatly for it. As the dawn was breaking in to clear sunlight, the cow began to pull the rope.

The bell started to sound, it vibrated and became louder by each moment and began to echo throughout that whole city. As it was early morning the whole city became restless and came to see why the bell was ringing and by whom. The king also came out of his palace to give out justice. But all he could see was the cow and the dead calf lying beside it. The king asked his servants, how it had all happened. But as they were fearful of the king's justice, they told the truth about how the little boy has mischievously caused the accident of the calf.

All the people of his country stood all around that place to see what the king would do in this critical case. Will he stand for justice or will he let it go as a mistake? There was eerie silence all over that place. There was visibly tears rolling down the eyes of the king seeing that if justice was served, the little boy would be killed just like the calf died some hours ago. Then the prince came quietly beside the king and talked with him for a while. But nobody could understand what he was talking to the king. But the king was still more sorrowful and in tears. Then he came forward boldly and served justice by writing it in a book to be executed by his servants.

In it was written that the little boy who was the rightful person to die, has been forgiven of his mistake because his place has been taken by his prince. So on a particular day while the little boy was seeing, the prince lay down in the place where the calf died and let himself be run over by the chariot, thus fulfilling justice. The little boy cried and cried. The king looked away from his son when this justice was fulfilled.

The whole country was shocked by the kind of justice that has been fulfilled by the king. The little boy began to think about the love of the prince and grew chanting his name again and again. He became the rightful heir of the king as his adopted son. Then this adopted boy began to grow in the image and the loving character of the prince, who died for him. This adopted son of the king brought great name and glory to the king who took him from the dustbin when he was a thrown-out orphan baby. The adopted son having know his background and the sacrifice that the prince made to save his life, he became a great blessing to the whole country.

Even today we who are taken from the dustbin of sin, sickness and death, have been adopted as the sons of our Heavenly Father who is the king of the whole universe (Matt 5:45, 48; Rom 8:15). We who have mischievously played with sin and demons (Rom 3:23; 5:12, 19), caused the rightful justice of God to be served which is nothing but death for all of us (Rom 6:23). But the only begotten Son of God Jesus Christ who is the prince of heaven began to negotiate with the Father God regarding this, and the eyes of the Father was filled with sorrow and tears. The Son of God decided to die for us who have become sinners and justfully cause forgiveness to come to us through His substitutionary death on behalf of us (John 15:13; 1 Peter 1:20). There was no other way to rescue the adopted sinful sons like us justfully, except give up his sinless Son to die on behalf of us who are the real culprits behind his death (Rom 3:26; 8:32). Now that the justice had been fulfilled, nobody can bring a charge against us or condemn us for our sin (Rom 8:33-34).

The Heavenly Father agreed because of his love towards us the adopted children and the result was one of the greatest epic in the history of this universe, "For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten (unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on [i.e. His substitutionary death for the forgiveness of all our sins]) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life." (John 3:16. AMP). When God's only begotten Son died on that cruel cross of Calvary, the Heavenly Father King chose for that moment in eternity not to look on him because he was dying on behalf of us as a substitute criminal and sinner (Isa 54:7-8). Surely the eyes of the Heavenly Father must have been filled with tears at that moment longing to see his dying only begotten Son, his heart must have been filled with immense sorrow thinking about the cruel justice that He had allowed to come upon him in order to fulfill His perfect justice for his adopted sons like us. But He could not behold His very Son because of a purer eyes to see evil (Hab 1:13).

Thinking about our own unworthiness and His unconditional love, we should serve Him in the holiness of His Character the rest of eternity as his adopted son-servants voluntarily 
(Eph 2:10; Rom 12:1-2; 8:29; Luke 1:74-75; 1 Peter 1:14-16). Now it is our turn to chant the name of the prince ".♩.¸¸♬´¯`♬..♥..JESUS! JESUS! JESUS!..♥.♬´¯`♬¸¸.♩.." and grow in to His unconditional loving character in order to love our every country men as He has loved us, which in fact caused God to forgive us because of fulfilling his justice perfectly (1 John 3:16; Eph 4:32). May God's grace and love strengthen us to fulfill His purpose for our lives. May we all bring GREAT GLORY to THE FATHER IN HEAVEN whose sons we are as we continue to live in His character and be a BLESSING TO OUR WHOLE HUMANITY in this world (Matt 5:43-48). Praise the Lord!


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Anonymous said...

This is an interesting look at how our Loving Heavenly Father saved us who did not deserve to be saved by Giving us the gift, of our blessed savior to die in our stead. I thank God, for the gift, of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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