Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Head in Heaven, Feet on Earth!

You Are a Product of Your Faith

By Abraham Israel

"Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth." (Col.3:15).

The greatest test for a human regarding who is the real God in their lives is based on whether one has set his affection on things on earth or on things of heaven.

The greatest Saints who pleased God the greatest were the one who set their minds on things of heaven. When we walk with God consistently there comes a inner yearning for God and then the things of God over a period of time.

This keeps on increasing in us, until our whole life gets set on fire and excited for things of heaven that God has promised to give us.

Never forget that the man who was literally called as a friend of God finally desired for the city of God in heaven by allowing God to burn those earthly desires
(Isa 41:8). The Scripture says, "...[Abraham] waited for the city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God." (Heb 11:10). God has blessed him so much in all the earthly things (Gen 24:35), but he allowed God to cleanse him of all the worldly and earthly attitude of mind that when he became old, the most intense desire he had at that time was to enter in to the city of God in heaven. Many Christians who have become old these days have no such desire and they desire to live on earth a little longer more. This shows that they have not yet let their soulish life to die by carrying their cross daily (Luke 9:23). The faster we allow God to deal with our inner earthly desire, the more faster we will gain the desire for heavenly things.

The Apostolic man named Paul who had been one of the greatest man who is worthy of being emulated said,
"... I die daily" (1 Cor 15:31) before he by the revelation of the heavenly things could say, "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us." (Rom 8:18). We die to earthly life and desires to inherit and experience the heavenly life of God and His joy. True Christian life is something we lose to gain, die to live, give to gain, disinherit to inherit, forget to keep things afresh, forgive to be forgiven and be loved from above to learn love below.

One of the best trickery of Satan to make us become earthly is to make us lose our identity we have in our God. When we forget who we are and for whom we live for, we soon tend to lose focus on the value of all the eternal heavenly things over the temporal earthly things
(2 Cor 4:18).

A purposeful life lived for God on earth can only bring the greatest GLORY TO GOD. We fail to live purposefully when we fail to remember who we are in Christ Jesus to God. As we are God's children now through faith
(Gal 3:26), therefore we can choose to be perfect just as our Father in Heaven is perfect by focusing on things and power of heaven to transform us from the earthly mind that corrupts our thinking (Matt 5:48; Rom 12:2; Col 3:9-10).

This small story will make us understand the power of identity and mind transformation that is needed to live with our mind focussed on heaven so that our feet will automatically walk on earth purposefully.

A story is told of a farmer man who found an eagle’s egg. He put it with his chicken eggs and then the mother hen incubated over it.

Soon the egg hatched. The young eagle grew up with all the other chickens. Whatever the chickens did, the eagle also did. He thought he was a chicken, just like them.

Since the chickens could only fly for a short distance, the eagle also learnt to fly a short distance. He thought that was what he was supposed to do. So that was all that he thought he could do. And that was all he was able to do.

As the farmer was a naturalist, he did not like the eagle to live like a hen for long. So he decided to take it to a high mountain and train it to fly in freedom as an eagle always does.

So he took the eagle in a small cage and reached the top of a beautiful mountain, there he opened the cage and set the bird free. But to his dismay it began to keep its eyes on the ground and strutted around in circles, looking every inch a big, over-sized chicken.

But as the young eaglet saw other eagles flying just above it, it impressed this young one greatly. It really got excited at that point of time. Also the naturalist farmer always have heard of how the mother eagle trains its young ones to fly by dropping it from great altitude. So he finally decided to drop the young eagle from that high altitude.

Then the naturalist farmer took the eaglet for one last time, then lifted it up and threw it up high in to the air, the young eaglet begal to fall steeply in great fear. But suddenly it began to flap its wings when its instinct kicked up in its mind. At that point of time, a strong wind blew and lifted the eaglet high up in to the sky. The eaglet then in a matter of time began to adjust the angle of its wings against the flow of the wind and began to enjoy flying in freedom.

The naturalist farmer with much satisfaction and joy returned to his home. The eagle from that time would return to his farm occasionaly and would sit in a high tree to visit its native place where it grew, but not even once did it return to be with the chickens. Why? It understood its identity.

Then the hens asked its older mother why the eagle doesn't join them to scratch the earth with them to find worms anymore for food, but just sits on that high tree to relax and then fly away, then the mother hen said, “That’s the eagle, the king of the birds. It belongs to the sky. We belong to the earth – we are chickens."

What can we learn from this great story?

If only we can realise that we belong to a heavenly goverment and take our mind from earthly things to focus on heavenly things, soon we will begin to fly higher and higer by the wind of the Holy Spirit who will begin to make us float continiously in the high altitude of heavenly joy, peace and positive thinking.

We who are royal eagles do not have to live like earthly chikens. Our behaviour follows our belief, in other words once we believe that we are a new creature in Christ Jesus, we will begin to behave like the sons of God as we continue to pursue our journey in to the high altitude heavenly thinking
(2 Cor 5:17; Gal 3:26). People who are like the chikens with an earthly thinking should see and realise that we are not like them any more after we have learnt to fly high spiritually. Our talk, walk, thinking, purpose and all our desire should be very much royal in its outlook like our God. As we take effort to break that earthly thinking that brings fear in to our mind and replace it with the heavenly thinking that establishes us in faith and more faith, eternal dividends will be reaped by us for our diligent efforts to seek God and the things that are above.

"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire." - St. Catherine of Siena


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