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More on "Is the Law Really for Us?"

More on "Is the Law Really for Us?"

Q: I always read your articles, and it's nice to finally hear somebody teach that Jesus has not abolished the law. But I am reading into the history of the early church just after Jesus died, and did you know that ALL of his disciples, even his brother James, continued to keep kosher, and follow "the Law" and EVEN DO THE SACRIFICES IN THE TEMPLE?

History says an entirely different story than what the church is teaching today. If God had Intended for the OT law to be abolished and not practiced, don't you think Jesus would have taught this?

Why then was his own brother continuing to keep kosher and following the Law perfectly?

Yes, history tells an entirely different story. The church is teaching wrong ideas. I suggest research on it. God bless you!

A: The Jews were not required to reject their practice of their law, but that they would not be saved by keeping it was the Gospel emphasis of the Apostles (Acts 16:1, 3). At the same time the Gentiles were not required to keep the law because they will be saved not by keeping the law, but by their faith in Christ (Acts 15:6-11, 18--21, 23-29). This is the reason Paul the Apostle said regarding Salvation, "For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything, but a new creation." (Gal 6:15). In other words, Paul was emphasizing in the preceding verse that whether we keep the Jewish Law as Jew or a Gentile, it is of no value in regard to Salvation. The main thing is to become a new born again person in our spirit-man that gains us guarantee of heaven after our death. Keeping the Law does not save us now, but it can keep us from sin when we do it by Grace. This law is the law of the Spirit of life that comes within our spirit-man to our soul. When we operate in this law of the Spirit, we not only keep the TEN COMMANDMENTS naturally, BUT OF A HIGHER LEVEL OF LAW WHICH JESUS SPOKE IN 'THE BEATITUDES' because of the grace of God that we receive from the Lord Jesus (Matt 5).

Yes I understand, the reality is that the law of the letter has been abolished which are only a shadow of the real person of Jesus Christ, but this law that I speak about is the law of the Holy Spirit who tells what is right and what is wrong based on His Word
(Heb 5:14). The rituals of the temples are done forever and is made obsolete in Christ Jesus (Col 2:16-17, 21-23; Heb 9:13-14; 8:4-5). The way the law of God are kept by us in the New Covenant will be through a relationship with God by Grace through faith. Keeping the Law is not a righteous requirement for friendship with God, but it will come as a outflow of the sweet relationship with God by His awesome power.

There is no compulsion to keep the Law in the New Testament because it has already been fulfilled in Christ Jesus
(Heb 8:11-13). We do not conform to any standard because Jesus Himself becomes our standard to live life forever (1 Peter 2:21). Thanks and Blessings......


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