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Did Jesus Really Suffered in Hell for Three Days?

Jesus Descended into Hell for Three Days for Us, Right or Wrong?

Q: Ive Been Studying about the Grave, How Jesus Desended into Hell For three Days. We are so Lucky and Blessed for this. What your take on this Abraham?

A: Jesus going to hell for three days to suffer for us is a false doctrine. Jesus just suffered for three hours without the presence of God on the Cross and God accepted it as the ultimate sacrifice, and it also perfectly satisfied God's demand from a sinless man
(Luke 23:44-45; Matt 27:45-46). All the apostles who were martyred for their faith in Jesus were not fearful to die, infact Apostle Peter said that he should not die like His Master died as he was not worthy to die like that. But he told the Roman to invert the cross and crucify him which they did. From this we know the one thing that Jesus dreaded was the breaking of fellowiship with the Father which had not happened for ever in the evernity past or will happen in the future, but it happened because of our sins. This was the demand of the Father for redeeming man from sin.

Jesus cried out to the Father saying, if there could be any other way to pay for the sins of mankind, he was willing to go that way because he could not bear the breaking of fellowship with the Father
(John 16:32). Jesus was never afraid of physical death, but dreaded the three hours of spiritual death for our sin while being in the physical body (Mark 14:32-36, 39; Matt 26:37-39, 42, 44). Death mean seperation from God's presence completely. Jesus said even though a believer dies, he will live in me because now when a believer dies he will not be seperated from God's presence but will be taken in to God's perfect presence because of Jesus' substitutional sacrifice on behalf of them and their sins (John 11:25-26; 6:57-58; 8:24). The Seperation of God's presence away from the unbeliever for eternity is the real hell all unbelieving men will experience who have not received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour before their physical death (2 Thess 1:9; Matt 25:41; Rev 20:14). When a unbeliever lives on earth, the goodness of God is received by them even without God's Presence accepted or felt by them. But once when they die, the story is completely different, because the goodness of God will not continue without God's Presence felt within after they die. Only the believer will receive the goodness of God after their death on earth, and no unbeliever will ever be priviledged to enjoy it anymore after their death on earth because both cannot be really seperated once we leave this dust body on earth (Matt 5:45; 2 Thess 1:9).   

I can imagine that when Jesus asked the Father for the third time to take away this cup of hellish break of fellowship for three hours on the Cross, Father God could have said, "Yes my Beloved Son Jesus, I will take that cup away from you, but Abraham, John,...all of them will have to go to Hell two thousand years from now, when they die in their sins without your Sacrifice for their sins and resurrection for their justification." 
(1 Cor 15:17; Rom 4:25). Jesus might have thought about us for three times at least before he could not consciously give us up because of His love for us and finally gave up in to the will of God willingly, like Issac the young man who gave himself willingly to his father Abraham to be offered before God (Luke 22:41-44; Matt 26:42, 44). Father God was so pleased with the willing sacrifice of Jesus who had not even an iota of sin in His life and so perfectly accepted it as a redemptive price for all sinful humans to be saved (Heb 9:22; 7:27; Lev 17:11; Isa 53:11, 10). When Christ's blood was approved by God as acceptable sacrifice in the perfect tabernacle of God in heaven, immediately the veil of the earthly temple was torn in two from top to bottom symbolizing that God does't need any more Sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins for humankind any more, but through the blood of Jesus once and for all time a door to the most Holy Place in heaven has forever been opened for all man to approach God and be blessed by Him (Heb 9:11-12; Heb 10:19-20). Jesus confirmed this by saying, "The price has been paid" (John 19:30).  

Jesus purchased the Church with His own blood
(Acts 20:20). Jesus did not pay the price of his Blood to Satan but to God (Heb 9:14). When Jesus died, he straightly went to Heaven by giving up his spirit in to the hands of the Father God in heaven (Matt 6:9; Luke 23:46). Then from heaven by the Spirit He went in to the righteous section of Hades to proclaim salvation to them that were in prison (1 Peter 3:18-20). These were the righteous people who died along with the unrighteous people of Noah's time in the flood (1 Peter 4:6). Then the Bible clearly says that Jesus took these righteous people with him to heaven to be with Him in Zion forever (Eph 4:8-10).

The clearest proof that Jesus did not suffer in the unrighteous section of Hades for us is foretold from the Scripture itself which prophetically declares, "he [i.e. David] looked ahead and spoke of the resurrection of the Christ, that HE WAS NEITHER ABANDONED TO HADES, NOR DID His flesh SUFFER DECAY." (Acts 2:31-32). This Jesus God raised up again, to which we are all witnesses." So from the above verses we know that Jesus after death was not abandoned to Hades of the unrighteous section, but instead went to heaven as he submitted his spirit in to the hands of the Heavenly Father, who later sent him to fetch the saints in righteous section of Hades to heaven and empty it forever (Luke 23:46).

Praise the Lord! Blessings.....


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Victoria Favour said...

Thank you so much man of God!

Anonymous said...

Shalom that's Awesome, except the Father be in you, You cannot reveal these great interpretation and Insights. I am pleased to be a Recepient of what is Imparted. Shalom in the Beautful name of Jesus.

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