Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moses and the Red Sea

Why did Moses divide the sea and not walk over the sea like Jesus did?

Q: Why did Moses divide the sea? Instead he could have made Israel walk over the sea......??? Is it pointing towards the Baptism of Israel?

A : Moses himself when he obeyed God day after day in simple obedience, I don't think that he would have understood along with the people of Israel that they were fulfilling a physical type of the spiritual anti-type which will be fulfilled by Christ and the Church nearly 1500 years later and onward. If God was the one who was making these types to fall in to place according to his orchestration, then the question 'Why did Moses divide the sea? Instead he could have made Israel walk over the sea......???' can simply be answered saying, Moses could not have made the people to walk over the sea because it was not in the blue-print of God. Moses had no ability to do anything apart from God
(John 6:32), he simply did what God told him to do, and as a result of it the great miracles came in to being.

It is indeed pointing towards the Baptism of all Israel in the water, which is the water Baptism we take in the New Testament. Then they went under the cloud and were baptized in its shadow and fire in the night. This represents the Holy Spirit Baptism the believer receives after he is saved and the fire Baptism that Jesus promised to all believers. All the Old Testament happenings are a type of the New Testament Spiritual Truth
(1 Cor 10:11; Rom 15:5; Heb 8:5; Col 2:16-17). This is the reason when Moses disobeyed God, He got so angry to see the spiritual type got broken, that Moses was prevented from entering Canaan land because of it (Num 20:12).

Moses was primarily prevented by God to enter the land of Canaan because he disobeyed God and disqualified himself the blessing of Canaan like his fellow Israelites did through out the desert journey. What can we learn from this? God will not baptize a person with the Holy Spirit which is New Testament's Canaan's land, until a believer starts to obey the words of Jesus earnestly from their heart and thirst for him
(Acts 5:32). Another lesson we can learn from this is, the judgment for a leader of the flock is more strict than for the people who follow him. To whom more is given, more is required of them by God (James 3:1; Luke 12:48). The people time after time hardened their heart, from the time they first saw Moses' miracles (Exod 4:2-4, 6-9, 28-31), then the miracles He did to free them from Egyptians, walking through the red sea and all the miracles in the wilderness journey after that to the time God wanted them to take in to Canaan's land, after which God pronounced at the end of the whole time period of grace that they will not enter the promised land but will die in the wilderness itself (Num 14:11, 22-23). Just think about it, Moses was the humblest man in the face of the entire earth as God Himself testified of him (Num 12:3), just one mistake he made and he is out of the destination Canaan (Num 20:12). Actually the first time Moses was told to hit the rock it symbolized Christ getting bruised and smitten by God for our iniquities (Isa 53:4-5; Matt 26:67-68), so that the fountain of living heavenly life giving water can come and quench our thirst to everlasting life (John 4:14; Exo 17:6). But when God told Moses to speak to the rock the second time, it symbolizes the believer asking Jesus the Rock to give them enough water to flow like a river and quench their thirst and all those people who are around through them (Num 20:7-12; Matt 3:11; John 7:38-39).

Right through out the desert journey, the spiritual rock who is Christ accompanied them all the way and as a result of it the people were able to drink from the physical rock
(1 Cor 10:4). In other words, because Christ was present there on that desert with Moses, the miracles happened to quench their thirst physically. Now in our times because Christ is present always with us as He has promised (Matt 28:20; Heb 13:5), daily our spiritual thirst will get quenched through the miracles that God will do in our lives (John 4:14). Look to the Lord daily and be satisfied with His abundance....


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