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Can a Indian Christian Claim To Be a Dalit and Still Stay True To The Bible?

Can a Indian Christian Claim To Be a Dalit and Still Stay True To The Bible?

Q: Can a Indian Christian claim to be a Dalit and still stay true to the Bible?

A : The word "Dalit" comes from the Sanskrit, and means "ground", "suppressed", "crushed", or "broken to pieces". In other words all those people who have been poor economically were called as low caste
[i.e. dalits] by Brahmin's who consider and call themselves as high caste. Wikipedia informs, "It was first used by Jyotirao Phule in the nineteenth century, in the context of the oppression faced by the erstwhile "untouchable" castes of the twice-born Hindus. According to Victor Premasagar, the term expresses their "weakness, poverty and humiliation at the hands of the upper castes in the Indian society." In the context of traditional Hindu society, Dalit status has often been historically associated with occupations regarded as ritually impure, such as any involving leatherwork, butchering, or removal of rubbish, animal carcasses, and waste. Dalits work as manual labourers cleaning streets, latrines, and sewers." So economically poor people are segregated by the Brahmin's who try to control the religious life of the country in an undemocratic and casteists way of calling these people as 'Dalits' or low caste.

All men are born free and therefore each one has the right to work hard and be rich, or stay lazy to be poor. But no one has the rights to call anybody as low caste just because they are economically poor. This is discriminisation against humanity. God created all men as equals with the same opputunity to excel and it is the responibility of the goverment of this country to keep this divine oppurtunity available to every citizen of this demoncratic country and not be misled by a wrong policy of a casteist discriminatory agenda to influnce it.

First of all the Indian government should become enlightened enough in the 21st century to give people equal opportunity based on merit and help the one category of people who are really poor. The poor people should be called economically poor and not be described using a sanskrit word. The schemes to help people based on caste is a mindless, anti-social, undemocratic, illogical and illiterate thinking on the part of our government. If India really wants to prosper as a whole, new democratic and casteless society should be encouraged. The imbalance in the empowerment to create oppurtunity to become wealthy to all our Indian citizen without partiality has not been available because of lack of right policies in the Indian goverment which still hides itself behind a casteist agenda which is tainted by injustice. Looking forward to a great change in our 21st Century!!!

The problem with those people who call themselves Dalit Christian is that they need to change their mindset and realize that they are a new creation in Christ Jesus. A person cannot be a Dalit and still call themselves a Christian, even the government recognizes it. There is only one true caste Christian, they are Christians who follow Jesus with their whole heart. In Him there can be no Jew or Gentile or Dalit category, but one Body of the Great God. When the mind becomes renewed with the identity of Christ, then God will start to bless them. Dalit is the identity of Pagans and so all Christians must discard such identity as beggars which comes from the pagan casteist society and look to themselves as Priests and Kings of the most high God
(Rev 5:9-10). It is only a discrimination to those people who think like the world and it will be a discrimination also to a person who is not truly born again. Christians should not allow themselves to be influenced by the world system of thinking, but be renewed by the kingdom way of thinking.

Christians should move by merit and look to the Lord to prosper them rather than look to our local government to make them prosperous
(Psa 75:6-7). Remember the heavenly Government rules over all earthly ones. I think God has allowed such thing in our country to purify Christians and remove the Chaff from it. When all benefits are given, it is easy to follow Christ. But when we realize that a price has to be paid, only the true followers of Christ will pay the price, carry their own cross and follow Him (Luke 9:23). GLORY!!! Praise the Lord! The word “Dalit Christian’ is not Biblical and never can be.

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