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Why Should We Make Friends For Ourselves By Unrighteous Mammon?

Is It Not Wrong To Make Friends For Ourselves By Unrighteous Mammon?

Q: I want to ask you a question. What's does the Gospel of Luke Chapter No 16 verse No 09 means?? I have read this parable. What does this verse 9 means when it says,“And I say to you, make friends for yourselves by unrighteous mammon, that when you fail, they may receive you into an everlasting home." Why, make friends for yourselves by unrighteous mammon?? Why, the master commended the unjust steward just because he had dealt shrewdly???? What's your opinion for Steward??? Steward is the one who will do good work?? It is 100% truth that this Steward was not doing good for the Master. Instead, the Steward was unfaithful. But it is amazing that master commended the Steward in this parable. Why? Why? I'm waiting for your reply please. I need of your help please.

A: When Jesus said,
“And I say to you, make friends for yourselves by unrighteous mammon [i.e. money], that when you fail [i.e. die], they [i.e. the people saved through your money] may receive you into an everlasting home [i.e. heaven]", it means he was saying to use our earthly property for the extension of God's kingdom so that those who are saved through it might give us a rousing welcome when we enter heaven. These people who have been affected for eternity through the earthly money we have invested in their lives will cause us to get qualified for a great respect, honor and God's eternal reward to be supplied for eternity ahead by the Lord. This is the reason we should use our earthly goods and money in exchange for a heavenly friendships and rewards.

The rich master commended the unjust steward because even though he was unjust in dealing with money, he began to think about his immediate future and how he would be able to manage his life without the job he was presently working, which was the only source of income which supported his life. He began to understand that the only way he could survive is through creating friendship with people now who are indebted to his master. So he wisely cancelled a part of his customers debt in exchange for friendship which could sustain his future survival on earth.

The unjust steward who was wasting the goods of his master, for the first time had begun to think about using his present privilege and the rights of his position to bring real profit for survival even though it was only for himself. These allegories of Jesus should never be misunderstood and be spoken to justify any man's unrighteous acts.

Jesus compared such worldly people who are wise enough to think about their survival on earth like the unjust steward to the sons of light who are believers and says that they should learn something from this man and should alter their priorities to make friends with people by sharing the gospel and resources God has given them to use before they die. Only this way their own survival and riches in heaven are guaranteed. Here Jesus is indirectly speaking to the believers to start thinking seriously about heavenly riches and not live for just their survival on earth like that unjust steward lived waywardly before his master asked him to settle accounts in-order to be thrown out of his job for being unjust. The unjust world is wiser than the believers because they think of their earthly survival in their future, but many believers never bother to think about the supernatural friendship, heavenly rewards and eternal positions that they will get based on their earthly life lived as a faithful steward for God.

The word
‘steward’ means ‘one who manages another's property, finances, or other affairs.’ As a human being born on earth, we just manage the property of God that has been given to us temporarily in order to take care of it in integrity (Psa 24:1; 115:16; Gen 2:15).

Only up to the time we live on earth we will be able to accumulate future riches, honor and position which will remain for eternity ahead for us as believers in Christ Jesus. So if we are not faithful to use our money for the extension of the kingdom of God now, we will never ever again have the chance to mend our ways and again collect eternal friendship and riches for eternity ahead after we die. So we ought to live for God and be a good steward until we die on earth so that we might be honored with friendship, position and eternal reward.

Here in this parable Jesus is not commending people who live in a unjust way, but he is using a hyperbolic graphical language to describe the way people are and he has magnified their shrewdness to make us understand the reality of heavenly reward for the believers and our need to pursue it wisely while we live on earth. So people should be very careful to interpret such parables in a right contextual way and should never use it to justify a lifestyle of unrighteous in dealing with money. I have seen people use it wrongly to justify bribery and pave their own self-destruction of their spiritual life. So may God help us all to live a righteous life, give us a heart to use our earthly goods for a heavenly gain and look forward to a glorious future in heaven with God.

Much Blessings......


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Masimba said...

Thank Jesus for you being allowed to see this revelation so clearly

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