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Forgiveness In Depth

Q: Today you are talking about "Forgiveness", I had much to forgive to people in my life particularly in my family. Now I get very confused about this issue and I would like you to talk about this more in depth. Sometimes I think I have forgiven somebody and then I remember something they have done and I have to start over again. I feels like we can never really forgive people because there is always something to forgive that we have forgotten about. This is the first question.

The second is this: I have a missionary friend who tells me that forgiving simply means telling God that we forgive something, and it does not have anything to do with our emotions, that we have to put our emotions aside and keep letting go, and that God simply accepts what we say. I am a very emotional person so when is it that I know if I have forgiven somebody, sometimes I feel I have sometimes I feel I have not. I don't know if you have understood what I am getting at. If you can reply to this I would be grateful. Many blessings.

A: To forgive is an act of will. It is a quality decision taken by us to let go of all the grudges and hurts that we have. We do not have to neccesarily feel emotional while forgiving. At the same time it is not wrong to feel emotional. Because you have said that you are a emotional person, you may feel strong emotion while letting go of the hurts and grudges. But always emotion will follow a quality decision mostly. When we forgive some one from our heart, it means to let go of their faults, weaknesses or even intentional tresspasses done against us in the name of Jesus
(Matt 18:35). Forgiveness is something we do by choosing to let go and it is not something done to God but toward others, once we forgive others God receives us in to fellowship with Himself on the basis of the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord freely (Matt 6:12; Rom 5:9). Forgiving others will make us walk in the light of God's forgiveness that we have received through the blood of Jesus Christ (1 John 1:7).

If we have hurt someone openly, we should confess our faults to them for restoration to happen in our soul with God's Presence
(Matt 5:23-24). The devil who is our spiritual adversary will try to stir us up with self-justification, in order to keep the unforgiving attitude inside us and make us continue in it, so that he will be able to have free access in to our spiritual life to ruin it soon (Eph 4:26-27). It is not wrong to be angry as we are all humans, but it is wrong to let it become more and more demonic once it goes beyond that day in to the next day and still further (Eph 4:26-27; James 3:13-16). So as soon as possible we should either ask sorry to the person whom we have hurt, or let go of the tresspasses done against us in Jesus name! This is equal to us aggreeing before Satan and his demonic torturers that we have sinned or that we choose to let go of someone who has sinned against us because we are God's children who have the character of our Heavenly Father inside us (Matt 5:25-26). When we choose to let go of all the hate, wrath and evil thoughts that the devil tries to bring in against someone, the devil can never be able to have foothold inside our life because of the blood of Jesus which will cover us as we have chosen to walk in the light of God's revelation of His unconditional forgiveness. Or else there is always a chance for the devil to gain a foothold and make us miserable till we forgive others of their tresspasses and close the door for Satanic entry in to our life.

When the enemy tries to bring the same accusing thought of the tresspass someone has done even after we have chosen to let it go, it means the enemy wants to stir up unforgiveness in you even after you have chosen to let all the hurts go. This is a trick of the enemy. What does the Bible say for this situation? Resist the devil and the devil will flee
(James 4:7). We can only resist Satan by our words and not our thoughts (Rev 12:11), so choose to confess blessing upon that someone who has hated or comitted tresspass against you, when the devil tries to stir you up negatively and make you angry in order to create hate in your heart (Matt 5:21-22). Say in to the spritual atmosphere words like, "I bless ---so and so....who has...trespassed JESUS name. I praise God that I have chosen to let go of all their offenses because I see that as God's child I have been forgiven of all my past, present and future sin once and for all time in Christ Jesus my Lord and Saviour." (Matt 5:44, 48; Eph 4:32). Mostly those who do not fully believe that all their sins have once and for all time has been forgiven in Jesus Christ, are more likely to stay in unforgiveness than those who know it (Heb 10:10, 12-18; Col 3:13). Jesus himself has told that those who are forgiven much will love much because of their gratefulness. Here is the secret to forgive, learn that you are forgiven fully of your sins [past, present and future] so that you will be able to forgive others freely of their sins because of your gratefulness and love towards God and our Lord Jesus (Luke 7:47-48).



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