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The Mysterious Faith

Faith Knows And Says, 'God Will...'

By Abraham Israel

We all fall down in our journey of life now and then. There are two types of response that we can give to such incidents that happen in our lives. We can either believe God and say that these too will go away with faith in our hearts or else live in unbelief saying that life is not good enough to keep me happy.

The first response will make the God of heaven and earth to work for us, the second type of response to our problem will make devil to make us get discouraged in our lives. Once we get discouraged God will not move on our behalf because we will have no faith to carry on. God will never be moved by our tears but can easily be moved by our faith.

God has given promises to us personally through His eternal word, so that those times of discouragement could be overcome if we keep tuned to hear the voice of His word in our inner spirit-man. Great men of faith are simple men who are disciplined enough to keep themselves in the word of God, thinking, sleeping, eating and loving the word of God more and more. God and His word are one, when we believe in His word, we are actually tuning ourselves to live a positive God glorifying life of victory through faith.

Not Only God can, But He Will 

Faith not only believes that God can, but God will because His Word never changes. Jesus said,
"Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away." (Matt 24:35). This means that all material things which God created through His word will one day be all vapourised in to nothing from which it came in to existence for God's purpose to be fullfilled (Heb 11:32 Peter 3:10). But the word believer in whom God's life dwells will never pass away because again they will have an after life in their supernatural glorious bodies that God has prepared for them (Heb 10:5; 1 Thess 4:16-18).

A bird sings after the storm is over, but God wants us to sing by faith even when we go through the storms
(Php 4:4; Jam 1:2-4). Actually each storms makes us to be what God has purposed for us to be. You are getting closer to God's purpose and destiny fullfillment through each trial. You got to be joyful because the God who has promised you is working through each trial to complete that which He has promised to fullfill in your life. WITHOUT TRIALS THERE CAN BE NO TRUE SPIRITUAL PROGRESSION.

A Change Unseen

When faith makes you walk in to the unknow mysteries of God, walk with joy or else God can never be pleased with your so called religious walk. Be a man and a woman of faith. Religion puts a grim face to its religiosity and will always boast about the sacrifice made for God by its own strength. God hates it when we try to boast about our spirituality which is a pure gift from above.

Faith brings a unseen chage in to our heart, where we will start to rejoice in the confidence that God is on our side and is working for our good destiny to be fullfilled day after day. The unseen chage is actually a deposit of God's presence that get settled in to our bones and marrows. Saints don't forget, each trial we face by faith and rule over it, we are actually inheriting and bringing in to our heart the unchanging character of God's blessed Spirit and a eternal inheritance that will last for eternity ahead.

A Flow of Divine Satisfaction

When the faith walk is done by God's strength, you will know that you will know that you will know that you are in the midst of God's will for your life. If you are not satisfied in your life, check whether you are living in faith relationship with God or have been living in religious rountines which never satisfies the soul of any human.

FAITH CARRIES YOU WHEN ALL OTHER THINGS SEEM TO FAIL. Faith strengthens you in your time of adversity. One of the greatest faith-man who lived supernaturally natural is Apostle Paul who said about the Patriarch Abraham,
"20 He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, 21 and being fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to perform." (Rom 4:20-21). God promised Abraham that he will have a son through his wife Sarah who will become his legal inheritor (Gen 12:1-5; 11:30). But nearly twenty five years passed before God showed up in Abraham's life to fullfill that which He has promised. Think about it, a son at the age of ninety nine for Abraham and ninety years for Sarah (Gen 21:5; 17:17)? A medical impossibility, but a spiritual possibility when some one had been walking in faith with God.

Abraham was one man who never got disheartened seeing his grim circumstances and sulk in to it, but because of a strong relationship with God in faith, began to praise Him and give Glory to God! The more faith came in to him and increased as he continued to live the lifestyle of praises towards God for all things and circumstances. The more he started to be fully convinced that God is able to perform His promises, he began to live as though he already owned it all, no matter what may come his way. Faith strengthens you in such a way, you will praise God for what He is going to do in your life. You will also begin to live as though God's promise is already yours in possesion and will act like you own it.

Through all our toils, pains, successes and failures, the flow of divine satisfaction that floods our soul will come by faith to strengthen us and to help us keeps our eyes focussed on the power of God's unfailing promises. Our confidence in the power of God that is able to perform miracles increases by this flow of divine satisfaction.

Say It Like You Mean It and Live It Like You Own It Already

In my life God first spoke to me in a vision saying, "Do my work, I will bless you...." At that time in my life I was young and naive, so I wished that it was not the voice of God because I had all the plans for my life worked out already. Then I started to declare to all people that the Lord had spoken me to work for Him. So many people tried to tell me that I need not do full time ministry for the Lord, but can work in a profession and do God's work along with it. I thought it as a good idea because I could independently work for God and not live in great faith to carry out the ministry of God. I also told God that I will give much of my income to the ministry and God simply told to me, "Am I a beggar to receive money from you, it is I who own all the earth and all things in it. What can you give to me?" I was very much bewildered at what God said to me. Then I told God that He must give me faith and along with it, keep providing all the neccessities that comes in my life. Till today I can tell you that God has not even failed once. All my needs have been fullfilled and I am blessed more than all!

All the good things started in life when I started to say it to all people by faith the things that God had told me. I said all the things God told me and called it in to existence by faith as though it were already real
(Rom 4:17; Mark 11:23-24)To many who heard me it was like a joke to them because I was telling what the Lord has told me purely by faith, even though I did not see an iota of evidence of what God has promised to me. But slowly I began to get convinced that God is able to perform all things that which I am speaking by faith. Things have already started to move in to fullfillment in my life and God is constantly giving surprises everyday of some fullfillment that happens supernaturally.

Then I started to live like the son of the King of Kings. God provided more and more needs without fail, the mindset inside me would be very much blessed as I lived like this. When ever the mind would get attacked with the world's way of thinking, immediately I would struggle to accept all the fact that I have been declaring and living. At such times there would be great suffering in my soul and depression would engulf me for a atleast half a day even upto two days.

Then God taught me how to fight the battle against the enemy of our soul. I would take negative thoughts captive by bringing those thought before God and saying, "I take this thought captive to the obedience of Christ my Lord."
(2 Cor 10:5). Immediately all the negative thoughts would flee and faith will rise up in my soul greatly. Then I would renew my mind with the word of God which began to transform my soul in to the kingdom way of thinking (Rom 12:2). Once the mind would be renewed with the exact opposite of the thoughts of unbelief, faith would saturate me and would help me retain the blessedness of soul continiously. Praise God that I took much effort to do these basic things, but then something started happenning, the things that I did consciously, the Holy Spirit started doing it seeing my desire and willingness. O what a blessedness to know the thoughts of God continiously! The Holy Spirit himself would replace the right Kingdom thinking from the memory in which the word of God is stored. Even when I would rise up in the morning, God's word would flood my soul and bring joy to my heart. If the first thoughts were soulish some days, immediately I would start to renew my mind with the exact opposite truths of the word of God. Exactly if only we would do the basics of what we can, the Holy Spirit would do what we cannot do in our natural earthly state.

We cannot keep ourselves in the constant state of heavenly thinking because the Bible says that only the Spirit of God knows the things of God which are hidden to all created beings
(1 Cor 2:11). When we are aquainted with the Holy Spirit, the heavenly thinking will supercede all natural thinking process and would give a deep knowledge of the unknown mysteries which are necessary to building our life of faith higher in God (1 Cor 2:2:12-13). In the morning or in the night, all the time God will begin to speak through the inner voice of our spirit-man, dreams and visions, circumstances whether good or bad and then through simple things of life that are present in our environment. The more we start to hear God and walk in His ways, the clearer His voice will become to us. In the kingdom economy, faith is the only lifestyle that is acceptable and pleasing to the Lord.

Are you ready? You are asking me for what, for growing up to live with the kingdom thinking constantly, to live a lifestyle of faith which pleases the Lord, to reach for the higher dimension of living supernatural naturally in our everyday life and to give GLORY TO GOD!

Pray With Me Saints : Dear Loving Heavenly Father, Thank you for your unconditional love. Help me to be positive all the time by giving me strength to make decisions according to the word of God that is kept in my heart. Give me the strong confidence that not only you can, but you will do all the good things of your plans that you have for me. Help me to rejoice and praise you through all circumstances, no matter whether it is stormy or serene, let your mighty faith rise up in my heart and keep me intact in your unchanging and unfailing lovingkindness. Help me to realize that a poisitive change is happening in the spiritual realm of my life everytime I walk in faith. May the consciousness of God's Presence that stays permanently for eternity ahead be deposited in a tangible way in every fibre of my being (Heb 13:5). Let the flow of your divine satisfaction increase to bless me with your ability consciousness that comes with the knowledge of your power. Help me speak the faith language and live the lifestyle that keeps me immortally blessed more than any royal mortal existence. Thank you for your assurance, you will fullfill all your good plans for YOUR GLORY! In JESUS name. Amen and Amen!!


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