Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Two Important Questions?

Need An Answer Regarding My Calling and My Marriage Please

Q: Hi,

I need an answer for two things:please

1) How will I Know I have a calling?

2) I have a love affair with a Pentecostal girl for the past 2.5 years. Even I am also Pentecostal. So is it wrong to continue the affair for long time rather than marry within some months, because she told she need some time for marriage as she have to complete her PG.

A : Greetings in Jesus name.

1) Generally all believers are called to share the gospel of Jesus to the whole world and it is not an option but rather it is a command to all of us
(Matt 28:18-20). We should be always ready to share to people our testimony, and then our life should speak to them along with it (Rom 1:15; 1 Peter 2:12; Matt 5:16). When you seek God with your whole heart, God will soon reveal in what area you are called in to His ministry. For this to happen you must take part in some form of ministry that you like and try to do with your whole heart. You will feel a tremendous joy when you do this and will feel that you can do this easily when others find it hard to do, by this you can come to know that you are called to a particular ministry. When you fullfill God's calling over your life, your earthly spiritual life will be full of fruit and blessings of the Lord (2 Peter 1:10). Those who make their calling and election sure will become old greacefully wtih all confidence of a fantastic heavenly reward waiting for them, and they will surely get an abundant entrance in to the kingdom of Jesus when He will establish it in the near future.

2) It is good not to have any affair before marriage. It is OK if you want to know your bride a little bit after your engagement, that too to know each other by written communication, sms, e-mail, so that both can feel comfortable during the marriage ceremony.

My advice to you is, do not get personal before marriage. It might cause unnecessary problems to both the girl and you if circumstances change. Wait for the girl and marry her. Until then both of you be devoted to God and don't get emotionally or physically personal until then
(1 Cor 7:35). If you feel that you cannot wait, please talk with the girl's father and get married as soon as possible (1 Cor 7:36-38). God will truly bless a marriage only when a couple stay in love with in the marriage covenant, cause it is an institution of God. Obey God and be blessed!

MUch BLESsingS...


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