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What About Prosperity Preaching Messengers?

Should I Disregard This Man Because He Might Be A Prosperity Preacher?

Q: I am a bit confused. And I would like to ask you a question. I have been listening to a preacher from USA. He is a good Bible Teacher, but speaks always about money and getting rich. I did some research and found that this man works in partnership with another man of God who has been investigated by FBI for using Church money to buy himself a jet plane and also for living a lavish lifestyle. Should I disregard this man because he might be a prosperity preacher? Thank you and God Bless.

A : Greetings to you in Jesus name! Prosperity gospel is a false gospel. It should be rejected. A preacher who always asks for money and speaks about money is a person who have sold himself to covetous ways of the evil one. True preacher and teacher of the word will be free from the love of money if they are a true one supported by God's seal of a transforming anointing over their lives, in fact all of us who are believers in Christ Jesus are instructed and commanded to be free from the love of money
(1 Tim 3:3; 6:9). These preacher men fall in to temptation and a snare, and in to many foolish an harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition. Let us not judge them but test them for our own spiritual good and reject the false gospel that says God is like a business man who can be bribed with our giving of money (Matt 7:1; Rev 2:2; Acts 8:18-23).

Jesus is our example, even though money was available to Him because a lot of people were giving to Him in His ministry days
(Luke 8:2-3), Jesus never used it for a lavish lifestyle but spent it for training the apostolic team which impacted and turned the whole world upside down (1 Peter 2:21). Even though Jesus was rich in every way as the only Begotten Son of God, he became poor so that we through His poverty might become spiritually rich as God's children (2 Cor 8:9; John 1:11-12). Jesus had no place even to lay His head on earth during His three and half years full time ministry because He had only one desire in His mind, that is to fulfill the ministry that the Father God had given to Him (Matt 8:20; John 17:4). Jesus was so busy in the Father's business that he had no time to think about laying his head in a comfortable inn or buy a home and live in it. Truly Jesus lived as a earthly pilgrim, walking towards a heavenly destination and looking forward for a eternal reward from God for the earthly walk done on earth (Heb 12:2).

The Gospel in itself is a prosperous gospel. Those who follow Jesus will be blessed at the end
(James 5:10-11). The fruitful believer will actually not follow Jesus for blessings, but because of His love which beats daily in the recesses of his inner spiritual heart (2 Cor 5:14). Blessings are a byproducts of a spiritual walk, in other words it is not a means to an end, but only a means to live in this world and achieve the purpose of God for our lives.

To our God belongs all the silver and gold of the earth, and also the cattle on the thousand hills are His
(Haggai 2:8; Psa 50:10). Our God and Father is the richest person in the entire universe. Our God has loaned his creations on earth, and has given us all good things to enjoy as a good steward of God (1 Tim 6:17). If we are selfish and are wasting all the riches of God for our own comfort, very soon we will die on God's appointed day and will no more be able to continue to enjoy God's riches in the life to come. So now either money or God should be served on earth, so that we might live in the future by God's abundant riches for eternity ahead (Luke 16:1-2, 13). If a modern preacher or a so called prophet speaks about money and draws you away from your pure devotion and service towards God, then you shall not listen to that preacher as the Lord your God is testing you whether you love Him with all your heart and soul (Deu 13:1-3). One day all of us have to give account to Him of how we have used all the resources He has given us to fulfill His eternal purpose (Matt 25:19).

Many times God's messages might come through people who might not have been in touch with God in certain areas which are not suitable to their fleshly lives, but are very religiously devoted to their doctrinal belief. They are God appointed with His anointing, for which they have to give account if they have been using it for their own self will, promotion and honor
(James 3:1). Jesus Himself said about the Pharisees who loved money saying, "2...The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. 3 Therefore whatever they tell you to observe,that observe and do, but do not do according to their works; for they say, and do not do." (Matt 23:2-3). Moses seat is the God appointed authority of law teachers. But these God appointed authorities were living for themselves. So sometimes we must be wise enough to take the message God sends us and not follow the ungodly ways of the messenger through which it comes to us (Luke 16:14). This is a very mature spiritual thinking that makes us excel spiritually in a supernatural way.

We ought to be careful in what and through whom we hear. If we know that somebody is not accurate in dividing the word of Truth
(2 Tim 2:15), it is better not to keep hearing those inaccurate exposition and become deceived in that area of truth. If we know that the exposition of the preacher is right but their life do not line up to what they speak and tell others to do, in that case be wise to take the teaching of the word of God which comes and not follow the unbiblical and ungodly way of the preacher and teacher of the word. Spiritual maturity and discernment through the word of God should be our ultimate goal in life (Heb 5:12-14). The Holy Spirit commended the Berean believers for even checking the teaching of the mighty Apostle Paul and then accepting it in to their heart because it was inline with the word of God (Acts 17:10-12). In these end time, we ought to love the truth and not be deceived by the God sent delusion which He has sent to filter the truth seekers from false professors (2 Thess 2:9-12).

MucH BlessingS....


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Douglas Allen Fraser said...

God is the God of righteous prosperity. There is no leader in the Bible, both OT and NT who was not prosperous. Consider the fact that all of Jesus closest disciples were businessmen. Jesus taught about proper investing of funds in the parable of the talents (this was real money). God Himself speaks of providing wealth many times and how He blesses those who are obedient to His word and laws.
3 John 2 says you will prosper as your soul prospers. Your soul is your mind, will, and emotions. This has nothing to do with your salvation. It has to do with turning yourself over to become more like Jesus or as the Apostle Paul speaks of "daily crucifiction" or "dieing to self"...these are all issues of the turning over of our minds, wills, and emotions, for God purposes and for His honor and glory. Jesus went thru this over and over again as He ministered and taught what God the Father was teaching and would share it is not Me but the Father.
All of this is wrapped up in our thinking and what we teach or listen to. The prosperity gospel (good news) is proper when it is tied to the truths of the Kingdom of God, and to the true word of God and not a false interpretation. Ask the Holy spirit to give you discernment of what is true and what is false teaching. That is His job.
We need supernatural abundance to flow from God's favor and the favor which God opens up for us from man. We need people who are skilled in making money and investing and managing money for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Poverty will only be overcome when we have those in the church who understand proper money management, who can transfer and use this knowledge within government structures, who will teach others how to build successful small businesses, who will educate people, and above all who will seek constant help from God in understanding what He would have them to do. This will come when people understand the economic plans for developing wealth in the Kingdom of God according to the word of God.
Douglas Allen Fraser
Apostle to India

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