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Is It God's Dream or Not?

Is It God Who Has Shown Me That I Will Marry This Boy?

Question : Praise The Lord Pastor!

This is REENA from MUMBAI, I have a small prayer request.

Three years before when I was in another church, there was this boy in one family. In that family the mother of the boy desired so much that I and her boy should get married. But she never told me about this desire for proposal. Through her behavior I came to know that somewhere she had something like this in her mind about us. And after that I left the church. But at that time when I was in that Church, I saw three DREAMS about that Boy. The first dream he was WITH ME , the second dream was I am getting MARRIED with him and the third dream was that I had a BABY BOY from him.

We never used to talk with each other, only would say hai and hello, after few months I left the church, from that time still now we don't have any contact. Now for the past THREES YEARS after I left the church, many proposals have come to me but marriage is not taking place. And whenever I get afraid, from my heart, from my mind or from my mouth the boy's name is only coming. Believe Pastor, I never used to talk to him, I don't know pastor what to do. Though I am praying to GOD to help me out and give me some confirmation whether it is from Him or I need complete deliverance from this mindset. For THREE YEARS I am suffering from this problem, what to do pastor? Please, please...reply me ASAP
[i.e. As Soon As Possible].

Answer : Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ! When you say something as a prayer request, I understand that you are desperate for a breakthrough or a definite answer in this regard. God loves people who are desperate and will always give an answer to the problems they bring to Him because they will be readily willing to accept God's will and solution for their lives easily than with other people who have much time and options of their own.

You see, just because the boy's mother desired to see both of you get married doesn't mean that the boy is also ready to say yes to the marriage. Because you know them so such, you could have easily contacted them and could have asked whether the boy is interested in this proposal through your parents or some one who could act as a middle person who is a well wisher of both of your families. Even now to confirm things, this is one of the best options you have. If the boy is not interested in this proposal, know that it is not in the will of God for your life. It is not wrong to check things out to know the will of God, when in your heart you only want to do the will of God. Even if you gone the wrong way, God will see your sincere heart towards Him and will intervene and stop anything outside of His will from happening in your life. God uses things, people, place and time for His will to be fulfilled in His children's life on earth.

To do God's will one needs to go beyond one's wishful thinking in to willingness to yield to God's ways unconditionally. Your mind needs to be renewed with the word based thinking in such a way that the desires of God becomes the top prority in your life
(Rom 12:2). Once this happens, you will be able to prove yourself in the good level will of God, or acceptable level which is better level of the will of God or the perfect level which is the best level of God's blessing that God has for your life. A person who wait for a while and then marries a believer of his own choice has not sinned or done any wrong, but he has settled for the good level of the will of God (1 Cor 7:9, 28, 39). If a person waits for a long time expecting God to make the match even when he has choices of his own to exercise, then at a certain period of time, God will definitely bring a couple of choices to see what he will do with the choice he has with him. If that person chooses one out of his own will, he has done better than the good level will of God and therefore God will definitely reward and bless that person in a better way. A person who has waited for God indefinitely and unconditionally, telling God, "Not my will but your be done", God will bring the best choice He has in his heart towards them. This person who has done the perfect will of God will be blessed not only in his family life but for generations down the line he will be blessed by God abundantly.

Dreams and visions can come from three different sources. First is the God's dreams and visions which is the primary way He has spoken to the prophets of old along with the saints of Old Testament too, and it is indeed the primary way God communicates to all saints in the New Testament
(Acts 2:17; Num 12:6; Job 4:12-21). Even to all humans God might speak in dreams and visions to turn them from their deed and conceal pride from them so that they might not be destroyed (Job 33:14-18). The source of this first type of dreams and visions are absolutely Divine. We cannot forget these dreams and visions as they will be stored in our spirit man as a divine photographic capsule which often gets refreshed in a fresh way again and again to release faith and perseverance. Second type is the dreams and visions that might come due to much activity and physical exertion (Eccl 5:3). The source of such dreams and vision will be self imagination and therefore it is absolutely soulish (Jer 23:16; 14:14). When the body is exhausted, it will look for different ways to ease its stress and bring back the body to normal ways. When such things happen, always there will be a hormonal imbalance that might trigger the subconscious mind to keep thinking and then these imaginations of various thoughts get triggered. For the same reason, pregnancy can also cause vivid dreams. When these dreams and visions come, they flee away and we forget it easily (Job 20:8; Isa 29:7-8). Then thirdly, there are demonic dreams and visions that will cause nightmare and will bring fear to the heart of men which will cause destruction in their lives (Psa 73:18-20). These demonic dreams, visions or prophecy will be mostly used by Satan and his demonic cohorts to deceive the souls of men and bring deceit in to their heart (2 Cor 11:13-14; Jude 8; 2 Chron 18:21-22). First God allows demonic deception through dreams, visions and prophecy to seperate the believing from the unbelievers and also to prune and purify the saints from those worldly and religious counterparts (2 Thess 2:9-12; Dan 11:32-35). The sources for these third type of dream and visions are demonic.

Since dreams and visions can come from two other souces apart from God, God has given every believer the responsibility to test all dreams and visions to find the spirit behind it and to know whether it is from God or not
(1 Thess 5:21; 1 John 4:1-3). The purpose of the demonic vision is to cause "err in vision" (Isaiah 28:7), so that those who believe it might become deceived thinking that it was God who has spoken to them. Satan can "transform himself into an angel of light" (2 Corinthians 11:14) and cause great lying deception to come to a believer through false demonic dreams and visions (Ezek 21:29; 22:28; 12:24; 13:6-8). Earthly selfish desires when allowed without control can become sensual desires of demonic influence, which when continued will fully become a demonic confusion and will cause every evil thing (James 3:14-16). Any dreams or visions in opposition to the teachings of the Bible is falsely soulish or demonic.

Just because marriage has not taken place for you the past three years doesn't mean that the dreams that has come is from God. There is always a chance for the soulish desires to come in to play when some one is moved with closely and this closeness need not be physical in nature but be emotional in nature many times. It may even be a desire that might have got grown because of the interest shown by the boy's mother towards you as you yourself have told. For the heart of all men and women is deceitful above all things to deceive them as the Bible says
(Jer 17:9). The main thing about dreams is that, self and Satan can deceive us from reaching God's best for us. Even in my life, I had many dreams that I initially thought were of God but it later brought much confusion and fear in to my heart. Then when I started to test these thing and submit it in to the hands of God, what I thought as dreams that are from God because of its repetitive nature, I found that it was actually not from God but from the devil who took a soulish thought and have used it to become a demonic idol in my mind through producing deceitful dreams through my soulish desires that I allowed, inorder to make me miss the will of God for my life. But thank God as I sought the Lord, all these things were made clear to me and I finally found the exact perfect life partner in the perfect will of God for my life. It did not come easily but through much perseverance and suffering in prayer I found it in this area of choosing my life partner.

So anything that causes obsession and takes the focus away from loving the Lord till you marry, is not from God but a hindrance that comes from the evil one
(1 Cor 7:35). It is good that you are praying for the Lord to confirm these things whether it is really from Him or not, because the Lord always waits and acts for the one who waits in prayer for Him to move on their behalf (Isa 30:18). You will surely be blessed and receive strength to do the perfect will of God as you continue to pur your anxities in to His hands daily and look forward with the peace of God for the Lord to act supernaturally on your behalf (Isa 40:31; 64:4).

God's will never brings confusion, instead it will always lead you in peace though the circumstances might not be always neccesarily good
(1 Cor 14:33). When you submit all these dream things in to the hands of God, you will receive peace and deliverance. Remember that the word of righteousness will be peace, and the effect of righteouness is quietness and assurance forever (Isa 32:17). All delays are not denials, instead delays are the means through which God brings deliverance from self will in to His marvelous light of His Presence. So be encouraged and stay in God's quiteness and asurance of faith forever to do the perfect will of God for your life.

Much Blessings....


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Anonymous said...

Pastor,God is not a God of discord.I think I was also explaining this to my fiancee,that soulish dream and demonic dream can disrupt God's plan for you.

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