Friday, May 4, 2012

Trust Him At All Times

His Eyes Are On You Today!

By Abraham Israel

"For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him." (2 Chron 16:9).

In other words, God not only strengthens the heart of people who loyally trust Him by believing His word but also works continually on behalf of them behind the scene in their situations they face in their everyday life, to make them succeed in all they do. To be loyal to someone means to trust in a person all the time by believing that they are working on behalf of us to make us succeed, whether we feel it is a good situation or bad situation in reality. In fact, God's eyes are running to and fro in all the earth looking for the person who is trusting His word fully all the time by rejecting their feelings. What a wonderful thought it is to know that the Lord's eyes is set searching through out the earth at all times. Sometimes naturally when we go through the everyday routines, we start to see our problems as something bigger than what it is. We start to think that there is no one to help us overcome our problems.

Thoughts like there are thoughts of unbelief that must not be entertained. Such thoughts when left undealt, will begin to destroy our unflincing faith and trust in the Lord.

When we cast down such negative thoughts of unbelief by taking it captive to the obedience of Christ
(2 Cor 10:5), God will be very pleased to release His power to destroy demonic attack over our mind through His supernatural angelic intervention. Then we need to renew the inner spiritual mind of our spirit-man by allowing the word of God to speak forth within us by the power of the Holy Spirit (Eph 4:23). For example, whenever I would feel a cloud of unbelief coming over me, I have taken it captive to the obedience of Christ by telling in my thoughts to the Lord that I do not like this thought and therefore from that time if it comes again I would say, "I bring this exalting thought against the knowledge of God in to subjection in the name of JESUS." Every time I would say it, all the demonic spirit influence over my mind would flee and peace would prevail. Thanks for the Lord's power to keep our mind in peace!

Just as our Lord Jesus has promised us, he has given a supernatural spiritual guide within us who is the Holy Spirit of God to lead us step by step in to our supernatural destiny which God has pre ordained for us
(John 14:17; 16:13; Eph 1:4-5). Fill your spirit mind within your spirit-man with the word of God by meditating upon it. When ever a spiritual crisis arises, immediately the Holy Spirit will use the spiritual weapon of the word of God that is stored within your spiritual man. When ever we are in doubt and unbelief comes like a cloud of darkness over our mind, all we need to do is to keep trusting the Lord to strengthen our heart by the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit within us.

When we do what we can, God will begin to do what we can't do with our own natural strength and ability. Though there may be more than seven billion people around the world, the Lord is looking to strengthen someone's heart individually which is loyal to Him and His word today. During the trial if we keep fretting and fuming about our situations based on our feelings, it means we have become disloyal to our God who has promised never to fail us. NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF SITUATION YOU MIGHT BE GOING THROUGH TODAY, GOD IS WAITING TO SEE WHETHER YOU WILL TRUST HIM AND HIS UNFAILING WORD IN FAITH RATHER THAN IN YOUR HOPELESS SITUATIONS OR WORTHLESS FEELINGS. To grow spiritually to please God, one need to go beyond one's feeling in to blessed zone of faith. The prophets of old pleased God and received great blessings at the end of all the trials of suffering they faced because they patiently waited by faith and overcame the feelings of hopelessness by getting strengthened in their heart supernaturally by God
(James 5:10-11).

This ministry of strengthening the heart of people is that which the Lord's does all the time to make those who trust Him a supernatural spiritual success in this earth. Today the Lord's eyes are over you and he knows you very well among all those who are in the earth if you are trusting in the power of the Lord to strengthen and sustain you in your diffcult times like that which you are facing today
(Nah 1:7). Keep your eyes on Jesus and not on the problems and He will make you a continual success in all areas of your life. Never forget to do the basics right, by taking your doubts captive to God and then renew your soul with the rhema word of God [i.e. the word which God speaks from the throne of our spirit-man in which He is enthroned presently] which comes from your new born-again spiritual man within. When the basics are right, then the expected results will be surely and exactly successful, because God has not failed even once until today.

Dear saints pray this prayer with me, "Dear Lord, Thank you for your eyes that runs throughout the earth to strengthen all those who trust in your word and are loyal to you in their time of trials they face. I am one whom you know is trusting in your promises, I thank you that all things that concerns me will be fulfilled by your supernatural provisions and angelic intervention (Psa 138:8). Help me whenever I feel weighed by depressive unbelief, I trust in your mighty power to break its hold each time. I know that all the purpose and plans that you have for my life will be fulfilled because I trust in you. In JESUS name I pray. Amen and Amen! Praise the Lord!"


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