Thursday, July 5, 2012

Believe And Live For Eternity Ahead!

Don't Believe Nothing, It Is Futile

By Abraham Israel

The term 'theism' derives from the Greek 'theos' meaning "god". The term 'atheism' originated from the Greek 'atheos', meaning "without god". Atheist are those who believe that there is no God, and are without God in a sense that they choose to go away from the thoughts of God because they do not want to glorify God and also do not choose to be thankful for the life which God has given to them as a gift. As a result of their foolish decision, they become useless in their thoughts, and with their foolish darkened mind which works without the light of God, they start to speak senselessness to all those people who are ready to listen to them. Never try to argue with an atheist because they will try to bring their knowledge and reasoning from their soulish mind and have no light to see beyond the soulish shell covering that is gained by knowlege of good and evil, deep in to their spirit from which God's voice come to guide all humans.

Why should they try hard to believe that there is no God if there is no God at all? They could just live peacefully without bothering about it. But God has put eternity in the heart of all humans
(Eccl 3:11), that is why it bothers them to deny the existence of the Creator God, so that they start to honk everywhere that they do not believe in God. When the darkened minds of humans have the audacity to say that out of nothing the first cell came in to existence, why can't they logically believe that a higher power brought in to existence all the things that are seen, out of nothing. If God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, is He able to bring something out of nothing? Absolutely yes. In God all things consist and prolong. Nothing cannot evolve by itself to become something meaningful, unless a higher power of God guides its existence. All things are created and have no power to evolve mutatively in itself. Man's DNA cannot become a monkey's DNA or vice-versa. Each DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) in each cell of each kind only has the power or seed [i.e. genetic information] within itself only to duplicate and maintain the organism. God made animals according to its kind (Gen 1:25), which means that one kind cannot mix with the other except it can multiply to produce varities of minor difference within its own kind. Even the trees that yields fruit was created according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth (Gen 1:11), which again means that the fruits and vegetables can only be genetially modified by scientists according to its kind only. Once they try to mix the genetic code of different kind, it will not sustain itself as there will be no power for its existence without God's decree.

Science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge. This system uses observation and experimentation to describe and explain natural phenomena. Anything that is progressively acquired cannot be a absolute, but God is an absolute as He claims Himself to be. Only a absolute can have right over that which it is sustaining. So God has all rights to claim and say "I am" to all humans alike because nobody was present when He existed alone. When Moses the prophet asked for His name, God said,
"I am who I am" (Exo 3:13-14) which means "existed" or "was" in Hebrew. In other words, God is the only one who existed before all came in to existence through Him. Science explains creation and does nothing more than that. Technology builds upon science and uses it in our day to day lives neccessities and nothing more.

The first question that God asked the man of God Job when He questioned about His integrity in allowing bad thing to happen in his life was,
"Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?" (Job 38:4). This is the same question that He is asking all those people who are beginning to explain away the creation of all things with their futile soulish illogical mind and question about the existence of God and His power to sustain it. Where they present before millions of years to say that earth was present at that time? Or only God was present along with His host of angels when the creation took place as He says in Book of Job and also reveals in His word that the earth is roughly some six thousand plus years ago until now according to His implicit sayings and the added up lifetime of various men who lived in the Bible (Job 38:6; Gen 2:2; Exod 20:9-10; 2 Pet 3:8)? All the so called human scientific tests are something that are evolved by acquiring of knowlege that are not absolute. Children's who are exposed to the discovery, national geographic and other so called science which promotes not creation but evolution are very dangerous for the children to be exposed to it. It will completely ruin their faith which should be laid by exposing their mind to the word of God. So parents should be very careful to teach the children and explain to them about the Genesis creation early in their lives.

Atheist are plain foolish to think that God can be comprehended with their finite mind when they cannot even apprehend how many stars and planets are still there in the sky. The Bible says that God knows everything under the heavens because He sees it
(Job 28:24). God with His one statement, "[I]...counts the number of the stars [and...] calls them all by name" (Psa 147:4) makes the atheists look so stupid in their own wisdom. Why? For a atheists to boasts in his own wisdom, he needs to first know how many stars and planets are there in the whole of milky way first and then the whole universe. If they cannot first know the end of something, how can they know the beginning of something? God is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega in the Greek alphabets are symbols which are used as a beginning infinity and the end infinity to denote and define the complexities and mystries of the unknown which are beyond human description. Nothing can only create nothing, out of nothing can come nothing but nothing. If nothing is what someone believe to be something, they are actually nothing. So every human born on the planet should believe the Genesis creation story to understand God and his eternity which cannot be comprehended because of the limitation of our human mind, but can only be experienced by those who accept Jesus and have this eternal God sitting in the inside of them. God has put eterntiy in the hearts of men so that all will seek God to understand about their beginning to the end within them spiritually and logically by connecting to God who gives understanding to the simple mind (Eccl 3:11). Apart from this spiritual God experience, nothing can ever satisfy the curiosity of man's mind to know the beginning and the end of all things. GOD IS THE ONLY BEING WHO ASKS US TO BELIEVE BECAUSE ALL HUMANS HAVE FALLEN IN TO SIN AND HAVE LOST THE GLORIOUS ETERNAL STATUS AND STATE OF THE MIND OF GOD. SO BELIEVE AND LIVE! To live in unbelief you have to do nothing and can become nothing apart from the God who gives life within us to glorify Him.


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