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Is It Possible To Live Without Sinning At All?

Can A Believer Stop Sinning?

Question : Hello .... You say that you are born again ??? .... well if you don't stop your sinning and continue in your sin, you won't make it into heaven. Read Isaiah 35:8, then read Romans 6:1 through to 6, also then read Hebrews 12:14 through to 17, then read Matthew 7:21 through to 23 ..... just because churches, men and doctrine of men let you get away with all of your mess doesn't mean that God will let you get away with it ... stop your sinning and stop it now. Did you read the Scriptures? God Bless you.

Answer :
Isaiah 35:8 speaks about the highway of holiness which leads to heaven where God dwells, which is actually for the saved people of God in which the unclean unsaved people shall not ever pass over it. Jesus in the only way to God and heaven (John 14:1-4, 6). Rom 6:1-6 is the portion of the Scripture in which apostle Paul challenges the believer that if they have truly believed Jesus, they have died to sin and therefore cannot live in sin any longer. Paul says that because each believer was crucified with Jesus already according to God's viewpoint substitutionally, they should no longer be slaves of sin because they already have the power of God within them to render inoperative the body of sin. Paul guaranteed that if we die to our self will by saying no to it impulses, we will rise up spiritually in the power of ressurrection over sin which made Jesus rise up victoriously after being dead for three days. God has planned a newness of overcoming life over sin and we will enjoy it in our life if we are willing to let go of ourself and let God to do His work in and through us. Heb 12:14 says that God's activities of blessing cannot be seen in our earthly life if we do not pursue peace with all people and holiness of God. This does not speak about stopping sinning, but does speak about pursuing and going after peace and holiness to live a blessed life on earth. Then finally Matt 7:21-23 in context does not speak about saved people, but about the false prophets who were not saved but used their calling anointing to do great wonders, drive demons and prophesy to prople and bring self glory, money and enjoy the power and authority of God over people. Apostle Matthew was telling that a unsaved person no matter how powerful ministry they do, do not have the ability to show God's good character out of their lives, so they must be found as unsaved people by their character and should be avoided (Matt 7:15-20; Gal 5:22-25). No where does God speak to a believer to stop sinning completely and then come to Him. If we could stop sinning, we need not want Jesus as our Savior (Gal 2:21). Only God has the power to turn all our mess in to a message for the glory of God as we allow God and cooperate with His blue print for our life.

If a man says he has not sinned and have no sin nature which taints him after he is born again, he is actually making God a liar because God has said,
"there is no one on earth who always does good and does not sin in his daily life." (Eccl 7:20), such a man is deceiving himself because the truth of God and His word is not in Him (1 John 1:8, 10). No matter how much sanctified we become after we are born again, no human can stop sinning completely until he dies physically and gets raised up in a glorious sinfree new body which will have no sin nature in it (1 John 3:2). Until then God has told us to confess all our sins back to Him and if we do, He has promised to forgive and cleanse us automatically all sins and unrighteousness which we have done, through the blood of Jesus, which will in fact help us have unhindered fellowship with both the Father God and our Lord Jesus Christ (1 John 1:7, 9, 3). Sin seperates a believer from God, confession of sin back to God unites the same believer back to God in fellowship.

Until the time of rapture in which a glorious body without sin nature will be given to us by God, we as believers might get tempted, but as we approach God's throne in humility in our time of need, we will be given God's grace to overcome more and more sins in a progressive way
(1 Cor 10:13; Heb 4:15-16; James 4:6). No sin will be able to continuously enslave and have dominion over a believer because God has promised to each one that if they thirst for His righteousness continuously, they will be filled with abundant grace to overcome and rule over sin (Rom 6:14; 5:17; Matt 5:6). As days passes by, each believer will become more and more conformed to the image of Jesus Christ in their lives if they choose to be transformed in their mind through renewing it consistently with what Jesus has done for them as their substitute (Rom 8:29). If someone chooses to live in a fleshly way by resisting the voice of the Spirit of God, Holy Spirit will get grieved and they will lose their abundant life of blessings on earth and their reward for eternity ahead which could have been theirs if they had walked by faith in obeying God's voice (Rom 6:16-18; Eph 4:30; 1 Peter 3:10; Rev 3:11). We are not saved by our good works, but for good works which brings glory to God and reward to us (Eph 2:8-10). We receive salvation only by grace only by faith only through Christ to go to heaven apart from any of our good works done before or after salvation. We do good works after we are saved which God has prepared beforehand for us to walk in them (Eph 2:10), we should be careful to maintain good works because it will bring glory to God and brings spiritual profit for now and for our eternity (Titus 3:5, 8). If a believer sins intentionally, he will lose the abundant life that Jesus gives (John 10:10), but will not lose heaven as it is given to him not by his own effort but as a eternal gift which cannot be ever earned. No human born on earth can ever make themselves worthy to receive salvation by their own effort or works because God's requirement is absolute sinless perfection and only Jesus was able to attain God's standard and supply His salvation for those who come to God through Him.

Much Blessings....


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