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When You Are Up To Nothing, God Is Up To Something!

When You Think It Is All Over, Think Again, God Is Doing Something New!!!

By Abraham Israel

There was a time in my life when I was so confused whether to be in full time ministry or do some work outside in a company and continue to work for the Lord. This was happening when I was around 23 to 24 years of age, particularly after I was recovering from a serious physical infirmity which God allowed to come to me a couple of years earlier in order to speak to me personally through which He desired for me to obey His voice (Psa 119:67-68, 71; Lam 3:25-33, 57). Here I was with a promise of God which God spoke saying, "Do my work and I will bless you...," but internally crushed not knowing what to do and how to support myself further if I do God's work.

In the midst of all my problems, I would sincerely seek for the will of God to be fulfilled in my life and pray for it regularly (Lam 3:25). When ever I would pray like that, joy would fill my heart, and when ever I would take my eyes of Jesus and would search for some job for my survival I would become peace less. Then further pressure from family and public regarding my job would make me miserable after which finally I would not be able to get in to any job too because of consistent failure in getting through. At that time God spoke to me regarding this situation saying, "Even when the whole night the professional fisher men tried to get some fish and return back to their business they were not able to get one fish, but once they became hopeless I gave them enough until their nets began to break (John 21:3-19; Luke 5:1-11). If you try to get on with your job professionally when I want you to work for Me, you will never get it. But if in your hopelessness you seek my Kingdom, all these things will be added to you in abundance..." Then I firmly decided to pursue God's will and be in full time ministry even if it means mockery from others or severe financial crisis because of it. Then I joined Bible college surrendering all of me to God and looking to Him for all sustenance.

From that time God supernaturally filled my life with peace and joy in the midst of all my needs. I began to understand in my life what it means to say, "The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not be in want!" Even though my elder Brother John was the first one to come to my city Bangalore because God gave clear guidance to him to come to this place saying, "A city on a Hill cannot be hidden" (Matt 5:14), He returned back soon to pursue other things back at our hometown. Truly after that God became the source of my joy and my dreams. At that time as I was left alone to trust God for my survival, God supernaturally moved and provided all my needs day after day. Then my Brother John after a couple of years slowly moved back to Bangalore and wanted to get in to a job.

At that time I became full of faith trusting the Lord for everything. So I took the spiritual leadership in our home and guided my elder Brother as he came back to Bangalore. God's anointing became stronger and stronger on me day after day. As He went to an interview, I prayed and sent him to it. But then something happened, they told him to come again. When I asked God, He told clearly that my elder Brother should go to the interview further and that he will be able to get the job in a couple of times. Exactly the third time He got in to the company, but seeing that it was more of a service providing company with a moderate salary, he was very skeptical about the job. Then I told him that it was God's will that he should get in to the job, and God will supernaturally lead and bless him if he will trust the Lord's way. Then he agreed and joined the job. He worked hard and came first in the company and they honored him in various ways. Then he understood what it is to be in the favor of the Lord.

Then after working for a couple of years in that company, suddenly they told that they are going to close the process, and all the two years of experience will not be considered as a technological one but more of as a call center based service providing one. That means in the outside market, the experience will not mean much for a better job opportunity. He was heartbroken on that weekend and went back to our home town with tears. But I sensed something different within my spirit, an unusual joy that something good is going to happen. I told to my elder Brother that God is going to do something good as you will come again, so rejoice in the Lord because you have obeyed God and you are in the will of God. Then with a very little strength he came back and went to his office on Monday, he then me told that he felt that something different is happening in his office. Then people told him that the company to which they were providing technical online service has decided to take all the people in to their own process, in to their own company that they are starting newly in India and are ready to take him as their very own employee. Not only that, they told that they will add the past experience as though they were working for their own company and will also increase their pay and position to a higher level. Then at that time he understood the power of rejoicing when there seems to be a crisis especially when we are walking in the will of God. GLORY TO GOD! For God's glory he has continued to work as trainer, assistant manager and team leader until now in the same company.

After I got married in Dec 29, 2011, my wife Florence was working in a business and technological park as a assistant manager. Everything was fine for a couple of months after our marriage. Suddenly one fine day as we were praying in the morning before she could leave for work, God gave a word of wisdom in my prayer that my wife will be getting promotion very soon. At that point of time, their team had perfect unity and all were enjoying their work. But in the same weekend, the management got in to trouble with a good manager who had been faithful to them, and because of a wrong guidance within, they terminated him. Then problem started for my wife more and more along with their team members, who one after another started to jump out of the company because of the bad treatment from the new manager. On that particular weekend, she was very discouraged not knowing which company to go if they throw her out too and had tears in her eyes. But I remembered what happened to my elder Brother when he faced the same situation and told my wife about it and how God turned the "mourning into joyful dancing and sorrow in to joy" (Psa 30:11; John 16:20), I reminded her to cheer up and rejoice that God will not fail his word. I sensed again this time that something good God is going to do, then again by God's grace she got a interview call early next week in a new company. She was very glad about it. As she went for that interview, they told her that she will be getting no promotion but only the same job profile according to her present qualification and experience. She told yes and came, and then told to me about this. I simply told her that God will not fail His word and may the will of God be done in your life as He wants. Again I told her that God wants to make you know that it is only He who has given you something higher and that is why they have told to you like this. On the day the new company gave their joining order, to her surprise they mentioned that she has been given a manager post along with a good pay hike which is actually a promotion to her from her previous job profile. Nobody who came out of the old company was able to get such favor of God immediately like her. GLORY TO GOD!

Then she started working as a manager in the new company and faced many troubles from her higher ups many times in her new job. When she joined in that new job, she had to travel to various sites of her company each day as a part of her probationary period in the first month, after that she was put in a office that was nearly 15-20 kms away from our present place and needed at least 1 hour of travel with two buses to change. We came to know that she has become pregnant by the grace of God just before that time. So it was very stressful to her too. But the great faith she had knowing that it is God who had given her this job made her to face all difficulties with rejoicing in her heart (James 1:2-4). That spirit of rejoicing in our home made God's grace to be available in abundance towards her and me the whole period of time. Each day new grace of God was sufficient to carry her all through the way. Praise the Lord!

What can we learn from the above incidents? God will never fail His word. He has good plans for us in our lives. But when we are disrupted in our comfort zone, rejoice that something good and better God is taking us to. God will never close a door before He know the door in which He wants to take you further in to His destiny for you. Never be sad when a door closes, but rejoice that God has some other door ready to be opened for you when you are facing any kind of crisis in your personal life. God never fails to those who trust in His unfailing love and mercies. So keep trusting the Lord and you will never fail to rejoice and be glad in Him. Reminding you my favorite verse which says, "Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!" (Php 4:4). Praise the Lord!

"God enjoys you the best when you enjoy Him the best." — Abraham Israel


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