Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Feel Dejected...Pray!

Is God Angry With Us For Anything?

Question : Praise the Lord Pastor. Tomorrow is my son Patrick's first birth day. The whole family is against me, my husband Pollock without any reason. We are in Pune now and all our friends are in Bangalore. I feel dejected because there is none with us in this celebration. We have ordered 2 kilo cake.... for whom? No finance also. Is God angry with us for anything? I am confused. Pray for my family.

Answer : Praise the Lord!

God can never be angry with you because Jesus has appeased God on the Cross on behalf of you and yours weaknesses, sins and faults
(Heb 10:10-18). Some times the devil is in attack against families these days making them confused and thus injecting a wrong picture about God. How can God who has given His highest and the most valuable treasure of His Son to save you, and has also along with it promised to give whatever it takes to save you from your sins and troubles can suddenly get angry against you for your behavior even if it is completely bad (Rom 5:1; 8:1, 32). When God sees you in Jesus (1 Cor 1:30), you will look like you have never sinned at all before His eyes and that is what is justification is. No one can condemn you when God has already justified you and yours through Jesus Christ once and for all when you believed Him (Rom 8:33; Acts 16:31). If we are a child of God, as long as we are in the world we will have troubles in the world. But the good thing that we should keep in mind is what Jesus told to all of us, "I have overcome the world...[so will you also.]" (John 16:33). So do not worry about anything, remember if God is for you who can be against you (Rom 8:31).

All of our temporary troubles will soon go away, but the spiritual benefits that come out of it will stay with you and your family forever if you do not complain about it, and instead thank and praise God for allowing it in your life to build you spiritually. So learn to rejoice in the trials that you are going through
(James 1:2). Do not let your heart be troubled and have faith in God (John 14:1; Mark 11:22). And above all, when you are irritated about something, do not open your mouth and be like Jesus (1 Peter 2:23; James 3:2, 6).

The same applies when you know that some one is irritated without any proper reason. In such situation ask the wisdom of God to guide you in His peace
(James 3:17-18; 1:5). God will supply all your needs in the right time and He will bless your little child as your bring Him up for the Glory of God (Php 4:19)! You and your family will be in my prayers. When God has allowed you to stay in Pune with no friends around, learn to give thanks to God for it, and your heart will be filled with supernatural peace and joy which will make you very content with what you have and where you are (Php 4:11). To be joyful and thankful to God for whatever circumstances you are in, is the will of God for your life (1 Thess 5:16-18).

By the way, even if there is no much friends available in your newly settled area, the greatest friend of all time has promised to be present over there saying,
"... I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen." (Matt 28:20; John 15:14-15). In this you should be joyful and happy to smile, as this is a great privilege that many do not have in their life. SMILE and be thankful to God, very soon God will bring many godly friends to you where you are! This too will go soon, but God's blessing will never leave you when you are positively focused on God for His goodness even when the situation does not encourage you to be like that. Convey my special birthday wishes to your little son and may God's presence engulf you and yours in this wonderful day that God has given for you all to rejoice (Php 4:4; Heb 13:5-6)!

Much Blessings..... :)


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