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Are Non-Christians Living A Better Family Life Than Chrstians Really?

Is Marital Infidelity Or Self Denial That Causes Divorce?

Question : Many christian marriages come to an end because of non cooperation in sexual matters! What will a man do if his wife does not cooperate? In 2011 - 80 % of the divorce cases filed by Christians in Chennai High Court were of this type. We can't involve in extra marital sex as the word of God blocks it. Non-Christians don't divorce much. They have practical solutions. These things are serious. Every one can't be Jesus. He came for a purpose, we are humans and we have to be honest in our requirements. Simply hiding our inner desires and pretending to be someone spiritual and doing sacrifice will lead to family breakage. Many women dance in the Church, but let them dance before their husbands also. If you ask me which is worse, divorce or to fulfill one's sexual desire freely? I don't know the answer. But now a days I feel Non-Christians are better in family life particularly in India.

Answer : When we are in Love, it is not self that satisfies us, but deep inside selflessness that does satisfies us. So the wives must learn to submit unconditionally to their husbands and the husbands should learn to Love their wives unconditionally as Christ loves the Church
(Eph 5:22, 24-25). Non-cooperation is the nature of all fallen humans, but transformation comes to both the husband and wife to cooperate within the family when Christ is the center of it. Ask pardon for everything, cause we are not perfect. Appreciate all things within the family, every one in someway is looking expectantly from you for appreciation as you are the head of it. Learn to laugh at yourself, because in life relationship matters more than self fulfillment.

Extra marital sex is a serious things that causes breakage in the families of all people, whether believers or unbelievers. Families that get divorced will have lack of love and life of unchastity as the reason behind many divorces. God hates divorce as the very institution of marriage itself belong to Him beyond religion
(Mal 2:14-16). God's principles applied by any person will bring blessings upon their lives. All those who are simply humans can't inherit the kingdom of God without their spirit being born again (John 3:3). So those who are not Christians cannot walk by the Spirit and therefore will fall in to things that will suddenly destroy their families or their soul for eternity (John 3:18). Those who practice life of unchastity will hate the law of God that prevents them to commit adultery not only physically but also mentally by fantasizing about anybody other than one's wife (John 3:20; Deut 5:18; Matt 5:28). Sin is a reproach to any people irrespective of one's faith (Prov 14:34). So no one in the world has got broken families because of staying faithful to their spouses, I can assure you that. Instead the people who were unfaithful to one's spouse were affected with a broken families all over the world. God word can never change and so sin can never be spoken of as a good thing (Matt 24:35). God says, "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" (Isa 5:20). May we be obedient to God's ways and eat the good of the land in our generation and in our lifetime (Isa 1:19). God encourages for the couple in covenant to engage in sex as much as they want according to their desires and strength regularly (1 Cor 7:5), but it is the illegal sex that God prohibits which can cause great grief and destruction to one's family life. Whether for a wife to dance before her husband is the choice of a woman and that we cannot comment. Each women are different in their make up and so will be their way of expressing things to their husbands. To dance before the Lord is one's choice and that too we cannot comment and indulge wrongly in to a person's right of expression.

I believe that when the world's way of system influences a Christian to act like a unbeliever, surely their marriage life will be affected to have the same result of divorce rate like them or even higher as the devil will first target Christians and then the unbeliever who are already in his hold
(1 John 5:19). But if a Christian denies himself and takes up his cross to follow the will of God for his life, then the abundant life of Jesus which is full of peace, joy and righteousness will be seen and felt through their family lives (Luke 9:23-24; John 10:10; Rom 14:17).

Much Blessings.... :)


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