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What Does It Mean When God Mentions Some One's Name In My Dream?

Does God Really Still Speak Through Dreams?

Question : Hello... Does God really speak through dreams? What does it mean when he mentioned someone's name in a dream whom I have never heard or met in my life? And later I meet two persons with the same name but they turn out to be frauds... I do not know if I have to pursue my dreams or leave it... Pray and let me know your thoughts.

Note: I had been praying for my marriage to know God's will and that is when I had this dream...

Answer : Greetings to you in Jesus name Sister!

Yes God does speak through dreams and visions and He has promised this way of knowing the will of the God to be a prominent one in the last days we are living.

Here is what the promise that God has given to all of us through the very words of Apostle Peter who said,
"17 ‘ And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams. 18 And on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days." (Acts 2:17-18).

Notice in the above Scripture that the outworking of the infilling with the Spirit of God always without fail will bring prophecy to and through the sons and daughters of God within the Church, it will bring visions to young men, dreams to old men and continually God has promised to fill and empower His menservants and maidservants to fulfill His purpose for their lives. The Old Testament prophet Joel prophesied that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit will be in a future time, but Peter the apostle reiterated and reminded to all people who were gathered together from around the world to celebrate the day of Pentecost two thousand years ago, that the time that has been foretold by that prophet has begun and will continue till the last days are over after which Jesus Christ will come to rule this earth with a rod of iron along with the saints to bring a Millenium of peace on earth between nations
(Rev 19:11, 14-16; 2:27; Psa 2:9).

So we are all living in the last of last days, and so God will save those who call on the name of the Lord Jesus and will fill them with His Spirit more than ever and will tell them about their future through dreams, visions and prophecies so that they will be able to fulfill God's purpose for their lives exactly
(Acts 2:21).

God has not put the men and women of God in the Church to give personal prophecies to all the saints, though prophets and the saints alike can prophesy to one another for the profit of all
(1 Cor 12:7). Through prophesying to one another, we can all learn and be encouraged to walk in the purposes of God, but it should never be predictive or directive unless the Spirit of God has meant it to be like that (1 Cor 14:26-33; Acts 11:27-28). The men and women of God within the five different offices of the Body of Christ (Eph 4:11-16), are primarily given by Jesus as a gift to the Church to give out prophecies and messages for the present time generation right from the word of God to edify, exhort and comfort all the saints (1 Cor 14:3-4). These are not foretelling, these are revealing the will of the Lord through His Word which the Spirit uses for the Church to learn and grow in understanding the will of God more and more (Eph 4:17-20; Rom 12:2). So it is a not a fore telling about the future, rather a forth telling of the message that God wants people to hear to grown in their spiritual lives. God hates men or women of God who direct people through the so called prophecies they give to manipulate and keep people under their control in the New Covenant, because that job is given to the Holy Spirit who has promised to draw people faithfully towards Jesus and speak back the words and plans of Jesus to their heart in love (John 16:13-15; 6:44-45; 14:26; 12:32). So the bottom line I want to convey is that the Holy Spirit loves to speak to God's children about Jesus and His purpose for their lives, and draw them towards the Savior who has died and paid the price to save them from sin and eternal separation from God which is actually worse than the hell fire that keeps burning forever with worms that dies not within (Mark 9:47-48).

So there is a truth in what you say, God might have spoken and given you a dream or a vision to reveal what He has in store for you. The other thing is that you have been also praying to God sincerely for a life mate to come into your life according to His will.

God can reveal through a vision or a dream or even a prophecy, a person's name or their image or even their address and place where they live, to reveal that He has a plan already prepared for their lives
(Acts 10:3-7). But after He reveals something like that, He will test to see whether someone will seek Him for more and wait for His time, or they themselves will take the vision in their own hand to try to fulfill it. This is the actual test of faith that each person must patiently wait to inherit God's promise for their lives (1 Tim 6:12; Heb 10:35-36). Sometimes we like our Father Abraham can try to wait for a while and then through our flesh can try to fulfill the vision by our human logic and strength, and just like it brought great grief to Abraham and his succeeding generations till today, it will also bring great disappointment, grief and sorrows in our lives because the flesh worketh against the plans and purposes of God, and both cannot go together (Gal 5:16-18; 4:29-31). Whatever we try to fulfill ourselves without God accompanying us in His perfect timing, it will try to destroy God's purpose for our lives and Satan would love to see this happen through his deceit that will destroy us sooner or later (John 10:10).

God will allow Satan and his demonic evil deception to test and tempt us, to make our faith proven after which we will receive the reward and His favor for a lifetime
(1 Peter 1:6-7; Psa 30:5). So we must learn to rejoice and count it all joy when we fall into various trials that come to us, through rejoicing we will learn to cooperate with God to make ourselves reach the appointed time of God's promise without much waste of time in the process (James 1:2-4).

In this you have done a mistake by trying to connect the name that God has shown with the people who are called with such names by your own strength and logic to find out who is the right choice of God for your life. You have realised that someone keeping the name that God has spoken to you cannot gurantee that they are a good person, but rather they are fraudsters because of a deceitful heart that they hold within them without realising it
(Jer 17:9-10). But you need to return to the basic of faith, faith plus nothing but waiting for God's timing will bring the right person God has told you in a dream to you in His appointed time.

Learn to say no to the fleshly impulses, and instead pray to God to give the burden for Him to handle whenever it comes upon you, and get strengthened daily by the word of God to be directed towards the destiny that God has for you
(Psa 119:105; Php 4:6-7). I believe that though you might have got confused with what the Lord has told because of the struggle you have gone through, yet in God's timing the fulfillment of His vision will come to pass (Hab 2:2-4). You will be blessed more than all and will never be disappointed when you wait for God to work on behalf of you! God has not failed to act even once for all those who have waited for Him (Isa 64:4). I believe that you are positioned to receive His blessing next, so keeping fighting the good fight of faith to inherit God's promise that He has given to you about your life mate.

Much Blessings....


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