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Do We Express Our Kingdom Authority Sometimes By Screaming At The Devils?

Have You Ever Screamed When Praying For Someone, As You Felt Like An Uprising In Your Spirit Man?

Question : A Question for you...I was praying last week for the deliverance of this man...Afterwards when I laid my hands on him, I screamed really loud...but before laying my hands on him...I already confirmed with him that he had an unclean spirit... because I didn't know this man, and the night before I had a dream and interpreted that someone with an unclean spirit would be in my paths the following day...So my question is have you ever screamed when just praying for someone? Not intentionally, but just the Holy Spirit becoming angry with that spirit or spirits that other man had? Have you ever screamed when praying for someone, as you felt like an uprising in your spirit man?

Answer : Greetings to you in Jesus wonderful name!

The Scripture that comes to my mind regarding such prayers that gives faith and authority of God to utilize in delivering people are those which Jesus prayed when personally in communion with the Father God often, "offered up prayers and supplications, with vehement cries and tears to Him who was able to save Him from death, and was heard because of His godly fear" (Heb 5:7). Prayers that bring the groaning of the Spirit in to our spirit are those prayers that are effective to release the authority of God around the environment around us because these are done in the will of God (Rom 8:26-27). These prayers can also be prayers done in tongues which are called as "praying with the spirit" or "praying in the Holy Spirit" (1 Cor 14:14-15; Jude 20). Once we are ready with such prayers, or have prayed sincerely by the power of the Holy Spirit even in our normal prayers, we are in battle-ready position to confront evil spirits where ever we go as a ambassador of the Kingdom of God.

God would love to reveal by dream or a vision the tactics of the enemy before it ever happens, because the Church of the end time is not just operating with the Spirit and power of Elijah (Luke 1:17), but is going to operate in the double power of the Spirit of Elijah because the mantle that has fallen upon the end time Church has come upon it by the faith capacity of Elisha exercised over the prophesied spirit of Elijah (Matt 11:14-15; 2 Kings 2:9-10). In our end time before the coming of the Lord, the visions and dreams of the revelation of the works of the enemy through the Elisha ministry will increase multiple fold as the works of darkness will also increase towards the very end (Acts 2:17-18; Isa 60:1, 2). Because of this the faith of the end time saints will be great and marvelous before the eyes of the world. They will challenge the Baals of the world and will make it powerless before the eyes of the world. Praise the Lord for His mercies endures forever over those who fear Him!

Yes this is what you have experienced by the power of the Lord in revealing the work of the enemy before hand so that the enemy cannot surprise you.

Again Yes Brother...I have had experiences where the anger of the Lord arose in me when I went against to destroy the works of the enemy. It is the work of the explosive anointing that we carry by the calling and grace of God, that actually explodes within us when we meet the enemy of our souls face to face. This causes us to have more sensitivity in our spirit man to the voice and emotions of the Lord, revelation of the mind of the Lord Christ (1 Cor 2:16), a holy anger and sometimes a sarcastic laughter against the defeated enemy who has been defeated by our Lord Jesus Christ already (Ezek 3:14; Acts 13:9; 17:16; Psa 2:4; 37:13).

There was always a ring of authority and a louder voice in Jesus when ever He taught the Word of God and also drove the demons by the very same Word through His mouth, these are the instances the spirit within him was moved by the Holy Spirit to let the Kingdom authority of heaven spread around his environment which changed the spiritual climate where ever He went (Mark 1:27-28).

Yes I have also seen other men of God moved by the Spirit, increase their voice and even screamed with Kingdom authority to drive out demons by just a single command of authority that burst out of their spirit man without any pre-meditation to say it at all (Matt 8:16). So our screaming against the work of darkness and demons comes from within because of an uprising in our spirit man which is the emotion of the anger of the Lord against the evil one and his deception that He hates through us and finally destroys through us (1 John 3:8; Acts 10:38; John 14:12, 13-14).

Much Blessings....


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