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Is Deliverance Just A Ministry Or It Belongs To All Believers As A Child Of God?

Should A Young Christian Need To Break Generational Curses, Self Curses, Etc...Before Getting Married?

Question : A local deliverance minister said like this, "Especially those who are getting married ....., it's better to break all kind of curses like generational, self etc...., before both of you (bride & groom) get married. Otherwise we are passing those curses to the children who are innocent and they will be affected and also, it affects back the parents with pain. No need to be deceived by saying ...there is no curses as Jesus Christ redeemed already. Yes it's true, but we have to go through the process of Deliverance. Likewise Jesus Christ redeemed us from everything, but still we need to go through the legal rights given to the demons, and then to believing what the Lord has done. So better to keep a day before marriage and be delivered. God bless you." Is this above quote right or not? It seems like this minister is drawing people to himself and his ministry rather than to the Word of God to build faith? Have the apostles ever said to any believers, come to us one day before your marriage and get delivered or else you will carry curses in your life? Instead, they only said, drink the pure milk of the Word of God and thereby keep growing in the Grace of the Lord Jesus. I believe this is false teaching of the end time disguised as deliverance ministry. What is your take on it?

Answer : Greetings to you in Jesus wonderful name! "Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”)." (Gal 3:13). Jesus took all our curses at the cross, so that we can take all His blessings! Only believe! Paul the apostle said, "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ." (Eph 1:3, NIV). Here Paul the apostle is speaking the fact that all believers are blessed with all the spiritual blessings and he does not add any generational curse or so called legal rights given by the believer to the devil. Why? Because as we believe the truth, we overcome the devil by our faith. It is in the past that God has done for us to live in the present, so only believe and enjoy the blessings of Divine freedom that Jesus gives!

Tell me seeing is believing or believing is seeing? Which is true faith? Faith that is confessed with mouth is just a entrance door, but only faith that is believed in the heart will see the reality of it taking root in one's lives. The believers may be believing mentally and not from their heart. If they believe and do not see the reality in their lives, is the Word of God saying a lie then? May God be right and every man a liar. If we really believe, all things are possible. If root is faith, then the fruit of faith is blessings and not curses. Only believe, that is not a deception, it is the Word of God! Turn to your Bible dear Brother whenever you have doubt about the finished work of the Cross!

First we must accept that God's word is true first, and then the practical through believing will line up to the Word. It cannot be otherwise. This deliverance minister himself is saying, "believing what the Lord has done" is needed for every root he finds in any one's life to deliver them. And then why does he make the believer think after that they need deliverance and the work of the Cross is not enough, and therefore they need to set one day before marriage to throw away generational curses thus implying that the prayer on a specific day is only able to deliver them and not even the faith of Jesus that we have in our heart can? I am saying that is not right, life of repentance is needed every day and a heart full of faith is needed to live a blessed life of all blessings. Do not make people think of deliverance as a one day thing...Deliverance ministry is not for healthy believers but only those who are sick. The healthy needs to hear the WORD OF GOD and practice their faith day to day. Don't say that the word of faith is just a head knowledge only, but it is a head knowledge only if someone has no real faith, but the real faith is the heart knowledge from the Word that gives more and more of faith and make us see victory in our personal lives. Let the deliverance minister declare freedom to those who are in prison as he has already been doing, but let him make sure that he does not bind believers in prison by limiting the power of faith. Faith is victory (1 John 5:4).

I would say to this deliverance minister to not to proclaim something that is false and makes it seem like true just because he sees practical demonstration of deliverance miracle in his personal life. If he turns people away from the truth by destroying faith in the finished work of Jesus and instead turn them towards himself, he has to reap the consequence of the fruit of it very soon in his own personal life as he will be attacked by pride and all evil. So every minister of God should lead the people of God in to the fullness of the Spirit and the Word and not away from it by turning the people towards miracle or deliverance and so on and so forth of deception that vanish away soon. Miracles are to draw people who are unbelievers to Christ and not for believers to run to a so called deliverance minister as though the New Testament is still operating like a Old Testament period of time in the Old Covenant.

Yes you are right, this minister is drawing people to himself and his ministry rather than to the Word of God to build faith for the believer to live blessed. No apostles have ever said to any believers, come to us one day before your marriage and get delivered or else you will carry curses in your life, instead, they only said, drink the pure milk of the Word of God and go to God directly with faith, He will deliver you from all bondage (1 Peter 2:2). Also they said, resist the devil and he will flee from you. How do you really resist the devil? By submitting to God that we are powerless and that only He can give us real victory over sin, sickness and the devil's trickery (Jam 4:7, 8, 10; 1 Peter 5:6-9). Then by us confessing all our sins to the God, we humble ourselves before Him and get cleansed to receive His grace to walk further in the victory of faith through it (1 John 1:7, 9; Heb 4:14-16). The New Testament encourages only deliverance through believing the Word of God and does not encourage to be deceived by con men who want to do deliverance and act as though all people need to come to them instead of going to the Word of God. Stay away from such con men no matter how much attractive their ministry is. You are absolutely right, this is false teaching of the end time disguised as deliverance ministry, so get yourself glued to the Word of God with the help of the Spirit of God who teaches us all things, automatically as we believe and grow in faith, we will not only see miracles, deliverance's, victories, but above all the blessedness of a abundant life of heaven on earth just as Jesus promised (John 10:10). And no enemy will be able to steal our blessings now and forever more. Praise the Lord! Glory to God!

Thanks and Much Blessings...


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