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Dream Interpretation : Accident, Accident, But Safe By Grace!

What Could The Dream Mean?

Question : Good day! I had a dream that I was at a friend's house. While I was talking to her sister she prepared to go to a church service in a back room. She didn't want me to know that she was going to church and I sort knew this ( we usually go together and her sister goes to another church). I then decided to run back home to prepare myself as well. As I went out of their home her mother watched me at the gate, and I passed a small puddle of water. As I was walking I became aware of a car losing control behind me, and I was suddenly in a two-way street and the car crashed into the house that is opposite mine. Before it crashed there other cars (minibus taxies and small cars) who managed to avoid crashing into this car. Then there was a car(maybe it was the same car, it was grey) which flipped over several times and I afraid for the person inside of the car but when I looked closely there was no one in the car. It was completely destroyed and someone came and opened the car door and it fell off(the car was upside down) and no one was inside. After this I was suddenly in a minibus taxi ( don't know where I was going) and there were people selling oranges and it was a busy place and there came a small truck toward us and the street became small and it looked like we were going to crash into the truck but it veered off the road into the pavement and let us pass. I woke up.

What could the dream mean?

Thank you.

Answer : Greetings to you in Jesus wonderful name!

You are at a friend's house, does mean that you have a friendship that influences you very much. And thank God it is definitely a godly influence. You might have recently have got too busy with other things in your life, that she wants to go unnoticed by the backroom. You know that she doesn't want you to know that something is going on in her life, that she doesn't want to share to you this secret. But you voluntarily want to share your usual experience with her as your run back home to get ready. Her mother also knew what is going on in her daughters life, that she notices you running back to your home to get ready to go with her which she will not like too. The puddle of water is something that was not there by chance, but by divine appointment to restrain you from accompanying her because you are very innocent in your heart without any guile to join her. If you accompany your friend, you will be out of the will of God, so the crash happens behind you to make you understand that you will end up in a two way street of chaos if you continue to go, and it will crash you down if you still move further up outside of the will of God by accompanying your friend. Because you were restrained to go along with your friend by divine intervention, the person who might harm you to death through this two way relationship, he was not able to touch you by the grace of God.

Then in the will of God, God takes you in His way through a minibus, a better spacious way in His will, you are moving by faith not knowing where you are going without the old friend and the usual comfort you enjoyed emotionally in the past with your ex-friend, there were people selling oranges which means God wants to provide you with sustenance for your life in the area where He is taking which is a busy place, which is totally unlike the place where you were before with your friend and family. Satan knowing that you will be reaching the exact place in the will of God, will send a truck [i.e. fleshly distraction] to derail your journey further in the will of God, but thank God the minibus truck that God sent is something no one can crash because it is the supernatural one from heaven that is not earthly one. So Satan's plan to derail your life in the will of God will be defeated, and you will move on to meet the right person God has for you as Satan will not be able to hit the heavenly minibus that is moving ahead in the will of God. Peter when coming out of prison with an angel in the will of God, automatically the door opened and the shackles fell off (Acts 12:7-11). This is not earthly, but supernatural power acting upon earthly realm of existence which makes a opening in to another realm of heavenly dimension which you will be placed at. Thank God. Praise the Lord! You are the right place, with the right person in the will of God. Hurrah!

Much Blessings....


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