Monday, February 5, 2018

A Taxi Ride - Dream Interpretation

What Does This Dream Mean?

Question: Had a dream I took a taxi to a mall on the way back there was no return taxi.

Answer: Greetings in Jesus wonderful name! A mall is a place where you go to buy something, make a deal, or just go around and enjoy your time seeing new things. Literally it does mean, 'a large enclosed shopping area from which traffic is excluded.' So you might drive in to the mall and park yourself there in the mall, and usually you do not drive through the mall. So here you do not drive to the mall which means, you go there not by your own means to have a good time, instead it does mean that you have a need to make a deal for something, and that is why you take a taxi ride to the mall.

The only time when you take a taxi ride to the mall is when you go there at the usual time, but there something might have happened with your deal making, that it delays you beyond the normal time. That is when you suddenly forward to return back, and you find no taxi which bring you back.

The enemy has planned something that when you enter it in a normal way, and then you look for restoration, there will be no natural way to return to normalcy except through the mercy and grace of the supernatural dimension of God.

I would like to remind you about a Scripture that Jesus said,
“Behold, I am sending you as lambs among wolves; be therefore crafty as snakes and innocent as doves.” (Matt 10:16). You are going to a place where people are ready to make a deal but with a deceitful character of a wolf, to deceive you as you look very plain as a lamb and a godly follower of Jesus Christ on the outside. Therefore the need of the time when you go there to make whatever deal is before you is, "be therefore crafty as snakes and innocent as doves", you are expected to do a role reversal by God's grace to make you look yourself as a crafty person on the outside and on the inside be the as usual innocent dove of godly character that you are in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Be shrewd before others to make yourself look very different from who you really are on the inside, the world only responds to what it sees on the outside, so be the person who makes the world respond.

I tell you, it might be a business deal, or a marriage deal, or any other deal, be the shrewd person whom the Lord wants you to be. The Lord is ready to give you wisdom if you ask Him
(Jam 1:5-8), and depend on Him to speak through you and also give you understanding of knowledge and wisdom to know what to say at critical times of need where you need a performance worthy of a response from the world (Matt 10:20; Luke 12:12; Mark 13:11).

So trust the Lord and expect great things from God. Do not get deceived by your regular expectation of people, because always when you expect the unexpected, you will face the trial and easily by God's grace will be able to swim through the tidal waves and great waves, and will come out unscathed for the Glory of God. People weigh you based on your outside interaction, but a man and woman of God is always one step ahead of the world because they weigh them through the supernatural eye of the spirit to know the unknow, and do the things that bring the unknow to become know, and make the expected fall in to place as per their own expection which has come from the Spirit of God.

May God guide you through the sudden unknow that may arise, but the expected will come on time if you continue to watch and pray regularly and apply the above things step by step over a period of time. Victory is sure if you keep yourself from falling in to deception of the enemy, who lives by unbelief and their own fleshly wisdom, trickery and deceit.

Much Blessings....


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