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Dream Interpretation: New Creation Execution!

What Does This Dream Mean? Any Input...!

Question: I saw that some posted something about a dream they had about a ox. I had this dream around 2006-07.

Here is the dream...any input will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

My dream...

I was standing before a lagoon and I was butt-naked. It felt like early in the morning. I was surrounded by huge trees and I saw rays of the sun coming in. As, I am standing there, I begin to see little birds being formed from the dirt... a lot of them (I think they were sparrows). I saw birds (all kinds of birds) parrots...etc. flying around. All kind of animals were being created as I stood there.

Even though I was standing before this lagoon; I saw the creation of all animals being formed under the water... Whales, Sharks, Fishes...etc. As, I am seeing this; I can hear the birds singing, the Lion's roar, and other animals running around... just full of activity.

Then right before my eyes, I begin to see a animal being formed before me: I saw the internal organ and all being formed (sort of like a decaying process; but backwards) then after this animal was fully created,...It shook it self and walked past me. I felt the wet skin of it, and it was brown; It was an Ox.

That was the dream.

God bless.

Answer: Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

Thank you for writing to me. I cannot interpret on my own anything, but I thank God because
"...It is God who gives the ability to interpret dreams," (Gen 40:8) and that is why I write back interpreting dreams. Mostly I try interpreting according to the scriptural symbolism that I see and I use it as a pattern to bring out the meaning as much as possible.

As lagoon is a shallow body of water, especially one separated from a sea by sandbars or coral reefs, and you are completely standing naked shows that in your spiritual life you want to go in to deeper water to swim and experience God, but you are always in uncertainty of not obtaining what you want yet while feeling that you can always keep trying. You are feeling that it's more attractive to try to confront a problem in private. Feeling good about an advantage that feels good confronting uncertainty all on your own. Enjoying an uncertain situation privately with no challengers or someone to whom you can share what you are feeling about the situation you are going through.

When it is a morning breaking forth with sun coming in and you see all around you are trees, God is there sending more and more clarity to you regarding the situations that you have been in and all the obstacles that kept you in deep darkness around you, God has infact used it to protect you from harms and those obstacles of life cannot withstand against the light that is piercing through it all. The very obstacles of darkness will now become a shade of comfort for you in the morning of new creation that God is bringing in to your life. Light over your life that is dawning and breaking forth will make those obstacles of curse become an object of comfort.

God created the birds and the sea creatures and everything that moves on water on the fifth day of creation, and 5 symbolizes God's grace, goodness and favor toward humans and is mentioned 318 times in Scripture. Five is the number of grace, and multiplied by itself, which is 25, is
'grace upon grace' (John 1:16). God is going to show his grace so abundantly and bless you with blessings to be fruitful and multiply greatly in your spiritual desire for Him and your will prosper on earth like the way God wants you to prosper by breaking out of all limitations that has limited you until this time. A pure life of heaven and the creative power of new creation is going to flow through your life like never before, and this grace is that which have covered your natural weaknesses of your sin nature that you hated so much but were not able to overcome it as you had no power within you to overcome it. But God is saying, "I have covered you not with leaves that withered away for Adam and Eve but with the very sinless Lamb's blood who has been slain for you, and that which has redeemed you forever (Gen 3:7, 21; John 1:29, 36; 1 Peter 1:18-20). You cannot cover the nakedness of your failures and sins by your own strength and labor, as it will only make you afraid of me because of your spiritual nakedness, and you will only want to run away from me and hide yourself (Gen 3:10). I will cover you and keep you more than conqueror over sin through Christ Jesus (Rom 8:35, 37, 34)."

The number 6 symbolizes man and human weakness, the evils of Satan and the manifestation of sin. Man was created on the sixth day. Men are appointed 6 days to labor. You also hear the lion's roar which means the grace that comes to you from God will not just stop with His blessings, but will roar with the roar of the lion of Judah which will prevail over all oppositions that is against blessings that comes to you from God by His grace (Rev 5:5). By grace breaking through your human weakness that you have been facing until now, your weakness will become the very channel of God's power to manifest in your life, which will make you to rejoice in your weaknesses. The very human weaknesses that Satan used to afflict you with his demonic attacks which made you to cry to God but found no immediate answers or deliverance, will now become the thorn in the flesh of Satan and his demonic cohorts as they will not be able to stand before the power of God that is going to flow through you (2 Cor 12:7-10).

God's plan for your life will prevail through the Lion of Judah's roar of the new creation that He is doing in your life. The power of new creation that God is working in you and through you cannot be able to be stopped by the human weakness, the evils of Satan and the manifestation of sin that seemed to have prevailed until then, it will now prevail no more over you as God's creative power will rush in to dust of nothingness of no value areas of your life, and it will give so much value to the valueless commodities and gifts within you to become so valued as God continues to create new things in the sixth day of creation in your earthly life which will be full of activity through God's power, which will flow through your life because of your weaknesses and not in spite of your weaknesses as you previously thought. God will amaze you, till you start to rejoice in your weaknesses, so that the power of Christ will manifest more and more in your life.

Adam the human have been made with dust of the earth by God as like all the animals that has been formed by God on the same day (Gen 1:24-31; 2:7). There was no difference between the animals that God created on the sixth day and the humans that God made, until He chose to breathe in to him the breath of life which brought a Divine connection and a image of God in to him, through which he was forever separated and kept as the crown over all creation (Eccl 3:18-19, 20-21). Human is the only created being able to reason and make a choice of volition for which there are eternal consequence.

So when you saw a animal formed before your eyes, it was the animal nature that taunted you to bring limitation to all your spiritual faculties, mocking its power that God began to release through you when the natural and spiritual creation began to act together in your life. Sometimes you felt as a saint, and then sometimes you felt as the world's worst sinner who is unworthy of receiving any of God's goodness in your life. So it was like you were taking a step forward and again going backward two steps like you were decaying through sin and its lure from the world, but in fact you were growing in to a better human by the new creation of God as the new nature within you was opposing the decaying process (Gen 5:17, 16), indicating to you that God is in the process of making you better and better through the new creation that He has made you to be (2 Cor 5:17). When the new creation is perfected through the process of God's creative power acting through you more and more, that is when you begin to see from the vantage point of view of your old self this new creation's power of transformation, you begin to realize that it was not your hard work that made you live in the power of heaven, nor the hard labor that you did for God that made you different, but it was the grace of God that acted through you that made you to work as an ox in God's service as a servant of God that carries extraordinary load of people's burden because of the greatness of your spiritual strength (1 Cor 15:10). And at the end of it all when the new creation shakes itself by the power of God within you and walks past your old man, then you can feel the wetness of the new creation power which has transformed this useless animal in to a spiritual force to reckon with for the Glory of God. Then you remember this animal which has been used by God is not but a worthless brown and red dust taken from the ground, but used by the power of an ox and the anointing of an ox to be a glorious servant of God. In short, A new OX ANOINTING HAS COME YOU WAY (Psalm 92:9-11), which not only has made you a tireless servant of God, but a powerful man or a woman of God to help you first carry your own load and also carry along with it the load of others and give them spiritual rest by the mighty grace of God that flows through you, which often make you soaking wet like you have been overwhelmed by a river of water which flows out of you (Gal 6:2, 5; John 7:38). As a mighty OX with the anointing of heaven and its strength, you confidently shake yourself off and walk past any obstacles that has hindered you in the past unhindered, carrying the load of yourself and others without any self effort on your part which makes people get amazed again and again. Praise the Lord!

The great things about your dreams is, it is not only given for you only, but through you to the body of Christ as a encouragement to all, that God not only creates the new creation on the fifth day by His grace, and continues to create us in to fullness on the sixth day to work through our lives by His grace and the anointing of an ox, but as He works in and through our lives, we start to experience the rest of heaven within our souls on the seventh day that will gladden us in this journey of life to strengthen us and inspire us to fulfill the will of God for our lives, without any effort on our part by His strength (Exo 33:14). May the name of the Lord be praised! He is worthy of our love and adoration and worship!

O thank the Lord who daily loads us with innumerable benefits of his grace to make us His eternal trophies of His grace (Psa 68:19).

Your dream is a divine sign of the spiritual life of God acting through you, that speaks about volumes of the grace you have received from God and that which is increasing more and more in your life, and also in all the believers who are thirsting for God and His righteousness more and more (Matt 5:6, 8; Heb 12:11, 14; 2 Tim 2:22, 21). May God bless you more and more, as you walk with the mighty grace of God, and grow in the flow of it through you as God continues to use you for His Glory (2 Pet 3:18)!

Much Blessings...


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