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Is It Not Unjust For A Just God To Make All Humans As Sinners And Judge Them To Hell Fire At The End Of It All?

When I Have Not Sinned Like Adam, Why Should I Be Declared As A Sinner Still?

Question: Why is it when I have not eaten the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil to disobey God which actually Adam did, still I have been considered a sinner? Is it just for God to make all humans as sinners and then judge them to hell fire at the end of it all?

Answer: Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

First of all, God says,
"For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts." (Isa 55:9, NLT). This means we can never truly understand fully why God does something in a particular way, but one thing we can be assured, when God does something "His way is perfect" (Psa 18:30), God "is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is he." (Deut 32:4, NIV). With a three pound or one and a half Kilo brain we cannot expect to understand the infinite God who created us all in a short span of time, but if we really want to understand something of the greatness of Divine purpose for which God has created us all, we need to turn in to the revealed things of the Word of God to study it and research it and have pleasure in it to find a satisfying answer that can whet out our intellectual appetite for the Glory of God (Psa 111:2; Deut 29:29).

Why did God declare all humans to be under original sin of Adam? How come God can declare us who have not sinned like Adam to be sinners?

To our human logic, the above question might seem very appealing to point our finger to God and ask Him such questions, but then it will be knocked off if we look in to the greatness of God's mercy and grace, and the greatness of God's ways in doing things a particular way which is the best that we cannot even think of in our mind, because only God knows all the probability of what can happen if all the possibilities are played out. Like a pilot who test rides a virtual reality plane-simulator, before he rides a real one successfully, God tests everything in his plan and then finally He chooses the best plan to execute it all at the end in reality.

The Bible says, Christ coming to the earth to die for the sins of man is not God's second best, but it was God's first best plan as the Bible reveals Jesus Christ as the sinless Lamb,
"slain from the foundation of the world." (Rev 13:8).

So God knew that Adam out of his own free will choose to fail in the test that he has put before him, as he gave Adam only one command to keep, that is not to eat the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but he along with his wife were given the freedom and liberty to eat all the fruit's from all of the trees in the garden
(Gen 2:16-17). What is it we see regarding the human free will? So many choices humans had and the liberty to enjoy life, but only one restriction to keep, which he disobeyed and as a result of it was led to the sinful state of death in the beginning. So Adam had a free will of choice to make and he was inherently innocent by nature from the day he was created by God, but made responsible by God for exercising the volition as a mature adult as he was the one who was given the authority to rule over the planet earth along with his wife (Gen 1:26; 2:15-17). As he was just inherently innocent, God wanted to make him inherently-holy, that is why Adam was put to test along with his wife Eve. Satan tempted Eve, Adam stood with her without warning her of the seriousness of disobeying God's commandment because he wanted to please his wife rather than God at that point of time (Gen 3:6). Did God know that Adam will fail before he ever failed? Absolutely, that is why God had the plan of bringing Christ in to the world in his purpose and plan. But God even though knew by His omniscience that Adam will fail, but in no way did God influence him to fail. God was like a film director who called the actors to choose their part, to act the story which He has written. What happened was history because of the power of the free will of humans which God respected, and I can tell it was His-Story line which is executed until today.

In other words, God knew what was going to happen but He did not influence Adam or Eve in any way to sin, even though He could have stopped them from disobeying Him, he did not do so because of being a gentleman who keeps his word to the end, even when it means a personal risk and sacrifice to maintain a dangerous silence, and the risk of sacrificing Himself to redeem back humankind in friendship to Himself
(Gen 3:6; Lam 2:17; Isa 45:15, 22; Jud 2:1).

So humans after the fall of Adam our forefather in to sin, have not only become sinners by rebellious action of one man
(Gen 5:12), but also in their very nature of their being, sin began to reign by influencing from their mother's womb itself (Psa 58:3). In fact, if God had individually judged Adam and Eve and let that type of judgment come to all their progeny to come, there was no way out of sin and death for the whole of humankind. This is the same a Psalmist thought about and bewailed of such a scenario when he said, "If you, LORD, kept a record of sins, Lord, who could stand?" (Psa 130:3, NIV). No one could ever stand before God, if our sins are ever taken in to account.

But thank God, as we have all become sinner both by nature within that influences us to sin, and also by our weak will that want to please self and opt for comfort so that we could not stand against sin because of it lure and appeal to our sin nature, which further only satisfies self and stands against God's requirement to be a rebel and an enemy
(Gal 5:17; Rom 8:7). When we were weak and powerless in our sins, God chose in his mind the first Adam our forefather as a type of the One who is to come, that is Jesus Christ, and promoted a faith in Him so that all people who believe can accept themselves as sinner and accept Him as a righteous substitute of sacrifice on their behalf before God, who will appease perfectly His demand of perfect righteousness on their behalf. These believers did sacrifice by their external action as a testimony of their internal faith as taught by God to symbolically sacrifice bulls, lambs, doves, etc...even though they did not sin like Adam in open rebellion against God (Heb 9:9-10, 11-12; Rom 5:15). Thus by their faith they were saved and not by their works of any kind which would have been rejected by God forever because it was considered as filthy rags of no value to God (Eph 2:8-9; Isa 64:6). According to God's estimate, if man were to be judged individually by his works, no human can ever be saved. So the first Adam being taken as model for the negative extreme of a sinful living-being, was substituted by the positive extreme of a life-giving spirit of a heavenly righteous being becoming one among the human being, which brought back God's life supernaturally through the last Adam Jesus Christ through whom righteousness was multiplied as he was the last of old creation, just like sin was multiplied in all people through the first of the old creation who was the first Adam (1 Cor 15:45; Rom 5:17).

Can we not notice the genius mind of God? Truly His thoughts are as high as the heavens are high above the earth.

Also we should understand that if a father has got a loan for his family, his children growing up cannot do anything about it, but just enjoy it. One day if the father suddenly and unfortunately dies, still the family have to pay the rest of the loan, whether they like it or not. In the same way, Adam our forefather through whom we all have come in to this world have fallen in to debt towards God that he could not pay, and also we could not pay because of us all having the sin nature from the day we were born which is inclined to sin and live selfishly
(Psa 51:5; 58:3; Eph 2:3), and we as the progeny of him have to pay with the sin nature that has come in to us. The wages of sin is death (Rom 6:23), that is why the death rate for all the children of Adam is perfectly hundred percentage. It is not whether we will die, but rather from the day we are born we fight against the time when we will die. So we cannot ask God the following question, 'Why is it when I have not eaten the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil to disobey God which actually Adam did, still I have been considered a sinner? Is it just for God to make all humans as sinners and then judge them to hell fire at the end of it all?', without considering and understanding the greatness of God's grace and mercy that He has shown to our human family, by sending His only begotten Son Jesus Christ in to this sinful world to carry our sins and die on the Cross to become a sacrificial substitute, so that we could be forgiven of all our past, present and future sins too. And thus could have a hope to live with God in friendship and intimacy in the days to come and be in heaven after we die on earth to be among the righteous people of God and God Himself being in our midst of the rest of the eternity ahead (Rev 21:3-4).

God's wisdom is the best that we could expect in the entire universe, and the great wonderful thoughts of God have not even entered in to the mind of fleshly humans to fathom the great things of God. Only the Holy Spirit have the ability to reveal the wonderful things of God to those who believe in Jesus Christ. So what about the humans who end up in hell because they are sinners? God being a just and righteous God will not allow even a single human born on earth to go to hell without letting them hear the good news of how they can be saved, but when they reject the invitation of God to get saved through believing, the sinners themselves choose hell fire by their own self will
(Matt 25:41, 46). Hell was not made for humans, it was originally made for Devil and his angels who rebelled against God, but those who join the devil by choosing to work their own way to reach heaven through keeping a religious law to please God or believe in nothing or believe in their own gods, will by their own choice will end up in hell fire because of rejecting the way of faith to please God which is the only God prescribed way to way and eternal life (Matt 7:13-14). A sinner is show the way of life by Jesus Christ, if he rejects, his blood will be upon his own head (Psa 145:17, GNT; John 3:17-21). So no person will ever go to hell just because they have been a born sinner, but rather they will go to hell because of rejecting God and continuing in sin to please themselves rather than to repent and believe God and His Son Jesus Christ to have the saving faith to please God. When man does not want to end up in the place where God lives which is heaven, by his own choice, he ends up in hell fire where God will withdraw himself completely to let his desire be fulfilled for eternity where fire is never quenched, worms do not die and the torment which causes people to weeping and gnashing of teeth will never cease forever and ever (Matt 13:42; Luke 13:28; Mark 9:43-44). So let us who believe celebrate the wisdom of God for eternity ahead! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

Much Blessings....


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