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I Know God Will Change Her, I am Waiting...

Does Satan And His Cohorts Specially Attack To Break The Family Of Pastors?

Question: I am working in one Christian NGO trust as a Administrator, by God's grace I am satisfied with my salary, God is fulfilling our family needs. I got married 2010 by HIS Grace I have two kids. One daughter (Mercy, studying 1st std.) and Son (Joshua studying LKG). My wife name is Rebekah. After marriage we lived happily for a very short time, may be 6 months. When my wife proposed me I told her that I will pray to God, we will wait for HIS answer, that time she was so polite, nice, able to understand the situations. But slowly I realized that she was money minded, speaking bad words, having high temper. I told these to her parents but they are also the same character people.

I also served GOD in Bagapalli as a Pastor. She wants to dominate me because her mother and grand mother are the same kinds of females who want to dominate people. We are from Hindu background who converted, but wife side they are born Christians. For silly reason she separated from me about three and a quater years, I was just praying... praying. That time she was carrying my second child. I took some prayer partners to her home but she and her parents neglected the advises of godly men. It is a Big story..., because of these issues I lost my Pastorship in my former Church, but Praise the Lord that he has opened doors for me in two other churches and I am still serving the LORD in two churches.

My wife came to me around 2015, I thought she will be OK, but her character became more worse that earlier times. She won't cook for some time, even she beats the kids very badly because of me. Speaks very bad language against me and my parents. Still I am praying for her. I know God will Change her. I am just waiting.

Kindly pray for my wife and my two kids. Because today morning we had clash between us. Does Satan and his cohorts specially attack to break the family of Pastors?

Please pray. I will write again.

Thanking you.

Answer: Dear Brother,

Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

I appreciate your effort in sharing your burden.

One thing I want to tell you, our enemy Satan and his demons are active like never before to destroy the families of Pastors.

So never worry about your problem as you give your cares to the Lord
(1 Peter 5:7; Psa 55:22), it is the Lord's problem when you have committed it to Him.

Never stop praying, and persevere in it.

The Lord will soon solve your problems in HIS WAY and HIS TIME.

Many a times the Lord gives a rough life and a tough wife for his beloved servants on earth, so that they will always not choose to be satisfied in themselves and their family life on earth, but will continue to trust the Lord to carry them on with the satisfaction of heaven by leaning on the Lord always
(Prov 3:5-6). When you continue to lean on the understanding of the Lord according to His Word and Spirit all the time, then the Lord has promised to make your pathway straight without hurdle to make you walk supernaturally in to your destiny that He has for you.

John Wesley the great revolutionary revivalist and reformist, whose marriage with Mary Vazeille
(also nicknamed 'Molly') was a rocky road. They got married in 1751, in April, 1755 Molly made a second effort to accompany her husband on an extensive tour of the Midlands and northern England; but the travel proved to be too difficult for her. Sadly, John’s marriage continued to deteriorate as he traveled and preached and Molly was left alone at home.

They split up in 1758, and then proceeded to split up and get back together until Vazeille left him for good in 1771. Molly died in October 1781.

When she reached the point of extreme disappointment, Molly took the money she inherited from her first husband and returned to an independent life.

Initially John Wesley didn't even want to get married at all as he wanted to live a life of celibacy like the apostle Paul, but then caved when he acknowledged God's "will" that he find a spouse. In early 1751 John met Molly Vezeille, a forty-one-year-old widow with four grown children who nursed John back to health after he fell on a patch of ice and sprained his ankle. On February 19, 1751 they married, but barely one month later, John left to resume his life of active ministry. He then preached to people the importance of every Christian achieving "perfect love," yet a closer examination of his own marriage reveals that his love wasn't so perfect as he himself was struggling in his own life, as he spent long periods of time away from home doing his ministry, his inordinate amount of travel left his wife to feel jealous and neglected.

It didn't help that he was spending an ample amount of time with other young women of the church in his ministry, while his wife was left at home feeling rejected. This eventually developed into a pretty nasty situation. Out of retribution, she even released some of his private messages to his enemies so they could publicly insult him.

So what can we learn from the story of John Wesley's family life? We should always keep God first, family next and then the ministry we do to the Lord, or else no matter how big God uses us in our ministry, there is always a even chance to fail in our family life. Therefore we should spend ample amount of time with our family and provide them and satisfy their needs first to keep them in the love of the Lord and not provoke them
(Eph 6:4; Col 3:21). At the same time, even if we do all the above things, and still we do not see a change in our spouse, we should take it positively in our stride to know that God wants to tune us to be confirmed more to the image of His Son who also walked in the same path of suffering (Rom 8:28-30). And with the help of God we should learn to love unconditionally just like our Lord Jesus Christ did towards us. What did he do? Even when we were God's enemies, Christ died for our sins and set us free from sins that we have done in the past, present and that which we might even do in the future, and dealt it all in the past knowing that we might repent some day and will turn to His way and walk pleasing to God again as His child (John 1:12-13; Rom 5:8; Eph 5:22-32). That kind of faith, hope and love is that should carry us in in our family lives when we are a minister of God and are attacked by the evil one at every corner we turn (1 Cor 13:4-12, 13). Remember, the path to glory is always trodden with suffering and shame. But at the end of the ordeal, God always blesses us with a double honor for our shame (Isa 61:7; Job 42:10-17). God changes our spouse, changes the situation in our family with peace, and above all changes us to become close to the Character of our Lord Jesus Christ through it all, that is the purpose of our suffering on earth.

Late in life, Wesley consoled himself by seeing his disastrous love life as a blessing from God. Was such a life of unrest in his family life a blessing in disguise? Surely the will of God is to run a peaceful home where the husband stay as an example and a leader in home, marriage and family relationship, as it is considered by God as the most important qualification for a successful ministry
(Luke 10:5; 1 Tim 3:2, 4-5; Tit 1 :6), but when it comes to his bond servants, "God sends iron to sharpen iron and let the sparks fly" (Prov 27:17), so that his tool to sharpen others could always stay in His hand for His Glorious use. In other words, even though such a disastrous family life was a failure in the part of his servant's personal life in the eyes of humans, God turned it in to a blessing in disguise through making use of His time to be completely devoted to His ministry without any distraction (1 Cor 7:27, 32, 35). The anonymous Methodist preacher reports that one of Wesley’s colleagues agreed, wondering if Wesley “might have been unfaithful to his great work,” had one of his relationships been successful. To see such a giant of faith struggling in his family life, should make us realize that we as a minister of God who are called to achieve great things for God will have similar or even more of a trial to face in our family life, but if we keep our faith and continue to live as a example through our suffering and not allow ourselves to be discouraged, great is our temporal reward and also the eternal reward that God will bless us with will be double portion and more than that in our future (1 Cor 10:13; 1 Pet 5:9).

Commit your family and ministry to the Lord, and pray regularly for the grace of God to be supplied in abundance to you, never react when you are accused, slandered, disregarded and spoken lightly
(1 Pet 3:16; Phil 1:25). Humble yourself before the Lord and never justify yourself, soon He will lift you up with a great relationship of peace with in the family and also within the family of God the Church (Jam 4:10; 1 Pet 5:6).

Of course we know that Satan and his demons,
"prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour" (1 Peter 5:8), how much more against the family of the Shepherd of God's family the Church he will work against to bring a bad reputation, a bad name, when they have given him a space within their lives without staying alert through prayer and humility of Christ likeness, Satan and his demons will try to destroy their lives through attacking their families. Satan knows, that if the shepherd is attacked, the sheep of God will be scattered, and he is sadistic enough to see it happen in every place and at every possible time because of his hate for God and His children (Zec 13:7). God allows Satan to have a free run, to test and prove the faith of his children which only brings more and more glory to Him when they prove to be overcomers again and again because of their faith in Him (Matt 26:31; 1 John 5:4-5). So be a overcomer through faith and bring God all the Glory which He always deserves!

Praying for you!

Much Love and Blessings....


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