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Does The Genealogy Of Cain Is On Earth Still Or No More?

Who Are The Kenites?

Question: Who are the Kenites? Lots of views shared which says, all these false religions in Christendom too are from Kenites, means generation from Cain whose genealogy is not mentioned in the Bible?

Answer: Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

Wikipedia explains the Kenites in the Bible as, "Living in or around Canaan as early as the time of Abraham
(Genesis 15:18-21). At the Exodus, Jethro and his clan inhabited the vicinity of Mount Sinai and Horeb (Exodus 3:1). Moses’ father-in-law Jethro, was a Kenite (Judges 1:16), resident in the land of Midian. Judges 1:16 says that his descendants "went up from the City of Palms with the men of Judah to live among the people of the Desert of Judah in the Negev near Arad." The "City of Palms" appears to be Zoara or Tamar in the upper Arabah.

However, in
Exodus 3:1 Jethro is said to have been a "priest in the land of Midian" and a resident of Midian and a Midianite (Numbers 10:29). According to the Book of Genesis, the Midianites were the descendants of Midian, who was a son of Abraham and his wife Keturah: "Abraham took a wife, and her name was Keturah. And she bare him Zimran, and Jokshan, and Medan, and Midian, and Ishbak, and Shuah." (Genesis 25:1–2). This has led many scholars to believe that the terms are intended (at least in parts of the Bible) to be used interchangeably, or that the Kenites formed a priestly part of the Midianite tribal grouping. The Kenites journeyed with the Israelites to Canaan (Judges 1:16); and their encampment, apart from the latter's, was noticed by Balaam (Numbers 24:21-22)."

We must understand that Cain's descendants were clearly described as those who were completely godless in the pre-flood times
(Gen 4:9-15, 16-24), out of which the beautiful "daughters of men" came out to seduce the godly "sons of God" who were separated and kept as godly faith based community by God through Seth (Gen 6:2). Violent men with no godliness were the byproduct of the unholy alliance that happened between the Canaanites and Sethites, and God was not pleased with this disobedience to the voice of God that came through the Spirit which was guiding the faith community of people, and thus the whole mingling of the godly and the godless came to a full stop through the great deluge that God brought out in the times of Noah (Gen 6:1-12). It completely wiped out even the smallest trace of the genes of Cain that was present in the whole earth, it was sin and unbelief that brought this curse of death to Cain and his descendants (Gen 6:13). Remember, Noah was a Sethite who pleased God through His life and found grace "through faith" in the eyes of the LORD (Gen 6:8; Eph 2:8). So according to the Bible, the Kenite was a descendant of Noah through Abraham.

At a later period, some of the Kenites separated from their brethren in the south, and went to live in northern Canaan
(Judges 4:11), where they lived in the time of King Saul. The kindness which they had shown to Israel in the wilderness was gratefully remembered. "Ye showed kindness to all the children of Israel, when they came up out of Egypt," said Saul to them (1 Samuel 15:6); and so not only were they spared by him, but David allowed them to share in the spoil that he took from the Amalekites (1 Samuel 30:29).

Other well-known Kenites were Heber, the husband of Jael, and Rechab, the ancestor of the Rechabites
(Judges 4:11,17,21; 5:24).

The bottom line is, even though some of those who followed the LORD GOD of Israel who created the whole world and its inhabitants were not the direct descendants of Abraham, as like in the Kenite genealogy, they had faith in the true God and lived a godly life of reverence and worship towards Him
(Isa 40:27-28). Job lived around in Arabia around the time of Patriach Abraham, but He knew the true God who created Him and even they had community of people who were godly and friends to him (Job 1:1). The book of Job was the first book of the Bible and Genesis came through Moses much later. Joseph married a Gentile priest's daughter, because that priest had faith enough in the God of Joseph and God of Hebrews as the real Creator God who rules the world, so that he was ready to give his daughter in marriage to Joseph (Gen 41:45). Marrying a Egyptian girl made Egyptians to identify Joseph and the Israelites to be one among them, even though Joseph remained the dominant partner to lead his family in faith and truth. God used this marriage to strengthen Joseph’s new position as a national leader.

We also know many people apart from those mentioned above who were from the Gentile background but had faith in the God of Israel their Creator, Rahab clearly was a prostitute, and a Gentile, living in Jericho but she had faith in the God of Israel her Creator
(Josh. 2:1). Ruth, also a Gentile, was a widow but had faith in the God of Israel their Creator, these all were displayed in the Glory of the genealogical line of the Messiah Jesus Christ. What made the difference in their lives to get their names in to the faith hall of fame, their simple trust in the God who created them which altered the way they lived by the fear of that God who is worthy of all their worship and reverence. This simple faith made God honor them as they honored Him and pleased Him with their lives.

God honored the Kenties too as they trusted Him with simple faith, so there is nothing in the Bible to relate them to the false religion in Christendom. They are not related to Cain's blood line in anyway too.

Much Blessings...


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