Thursday, August 30, 2018

Please Keep Me In Prayer

Please Pray For Peace In My Family

Prayer Request: Dear Apostle,

I am having a lot of trouble adjusting with my mother especially her dominating nature, not allowing me to go to the right church or pay tithes.

I have to give all my salary to her. I feel she is being mislead by someone. She contacts Hindu poojaris as well as pastors.

Please pray that there will be peace in my family. Kindly pray that God will help me find a Godly husband.

I am #32 years old working in Dubai. Please keep me in prayer.

My Reply:
Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

You are a child of God and the Lord is concerned about your life. I want to tell you that a controlling spirit works with your mother and is trying to control your spiritual life to make you defeated in your mind and also keep you in unfruitful ways. There is a place of boldness where you need to decide whom will you hear, according to the will of God you stand in faith to ask the help of your personal teacher and work towards godliness by saying, "[Help me]... obey God rather than men [which includes your family members or friends or whomever it is]," (Acts 4:19), and then take spiritual help from a good local Church who will then continue to pray for you and support you in your godly endeavor.

My prayers are with you. I believe you need to grow in the Word and the Spirit to face the world, self and Satan, face to face, and win over it by the power of the blood of Jesus and through the confession of your mouth speaking all the positive promises over your life.

Please do take a print out of who you are in Jesus Christ, mark it in your Bible and confess it daily over your life to break the bondage of the religious spirit that is harassing you. Here is the link from which you can take a print out :

Break the curses of the evil one by believing who you are in Jesus. You are a child of the Most High God, and you will glorify your Father in Heaven as you come to know about who you are in Christ Jesus.

“For no matter how many promises God has made, they are ‘Yes’ in Christ. And so through him the ‘Amen’ is spoken by us to the glory of God.” (2 Cor 1:20).

All the promises of God in Christ are yes and amen for the Glory of God. So take hold of as many promises of God as you can, and by faith say amen to all of it. Soon these seeds of faith will sprout out of you to one day become trees of blessings as you nurture it over and over by praying over it. You will stay by its shade to experience the blessing of God, and others will seek for its the blessing of its shade too. Praise the Lord!   

Remember, who you are in Christ is who you really are!

You have to come out of the controlling web which your mother have kept to keep you, and ask the Lord for boldness to come out of it. Demons are working strongly to keep you away from the source of life eternal through your domineering mother. Controlling even one's children beyond a age is playing witchcraft against them, such things will keep you away from going to the right church or pay tithes which are very important for your spiritual well being and blessings.

You give to God what belongs to God (Mark 12:17), and you support your mother if there is a need for her (Mark 7:10-13), or else as an adult you should be able to use your resources to plan your future and execute the plan of God for your life by saving it. As the Bible says, "The wise [hu]man saves for the future, but the foolish [hu]man spends whatever he gets (Proverbs 21:20-22, TLB).

She is denying you your basic rights to go to Church because the work of darkness is strongly ruling your mothers life (John 3:20-21), so even if she goes to Poojaris as well as Pastors it is not something to get surprised about, as it is a confirmed spirit of Jezebel which promotes idolatry, and also makes her to influence both the poojaris as well as the back-boneless pastors as a agents to fulfill her wishes (Rev 2:18-15). Jezebel lives only for herself, and when you try to reveal it, it will start to stab you as a unfaithful character to hide her true intent of pleasing herself. Part ways with such a control freak, or else it will be spiritually debilitating and injurious for your long term spiritual health from which it is hard to recover, and it takes so many years and even decades to heal the wounds it has caused in your soul.

But above all pray to the Lord Jesus and give you burdens daily to Him and He will carry you through safely in to His will through His peace and make you experience His abundant life (Php 4:6-7). Then learn to think always positively and good, in order to renew yourself to excellence which is in Christ Jesus (Php 4:8-9).

Always no matter what kind of storm you are facing in your life externally, internally the peace of God which you receive through prayer done daily, will carry you moment by moment in to God's glory through His grace which is your supernatural strength you receive to overcome trials, and soon before you realize the God of peace who is our Lord Jesus Christ will crush Satan and his demonic cohorts under your feet shortly (Rom 16:20). Overcoming faith which pleases God is not absence of storm, but presence of peace within which makes you face the storm and still stand victorious among the ruins caused by the storm all around us. True victory is defeat overturned by faith at the end of it all.

Hurrah and victory are in Christ Jesus and our willingness to say 'Amen' to all His promises day after day to see the fulfillment of it all in our lives through faith is the key to be successful spiritually and live a overcoming life to fulfill our destiny in God.

Marriage is the first direct act of God done to show to his creations how much He is concerned about their individual life, and the need for companionship on earth without which it is not good for any human to carry on meaningfully in this life (Gen 2:18-25). Glory to God! As you keep praying for the will of God to be done in your life in the area of your marriage, God will soon bring the right godly partner for you to live happily in Him. So learn always to rejoice in Him and again I say rejoice (Php 4:4). All of lives trials are God's way of bringing you to the school of God where you educate yourself to become like Him in your character, which can only glorify Him for the rest of your eternity ahead and be rewarded with heavenly inheritance that never perishes. Praise the Lord! 

"Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." - Joshua J. Marine

God understands your heartache,
He knows the bitter pain;
O trust Him in the darkness,
You cannot trust in vain. --Smith


Much Love and Blessings...


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