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Is Jesus Christ The Messiah Of The Jews, Or The Christian Messiah Or Both?

Is Christ The Second Name For Jesus Christ? Whose Messiah Is He, The Christians Or The Jewish?

Question: Is Jesus Christ the Messiah of the Jews, or the Christian Messiah or both? Is Christ the second name for Jesus Christ?

Answer: Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

We know that Jesus was Jewish, with all the writers of the Gospel who were practicing Jews except Luke, and thus was an exception. So what was the advantage of being a Jew in the first century over the Gentile? Why God has to choose all the Jews to execute the plan of salvation for mankind?

The advantage of being a Jew in the first century A.D was that they has the Scripture which was given to humans through Moses and the prophets of the Old Testament in their hand, this made them grow thinking in the way God wanted man to think according to His desire to reveal more of His plan to mankind
(Rom 3:1-2). Jesus himself said, “Salvation is from the Jews” (John 4:22), pointing to Himself as the one who is the salvation of all Gentile mankind, but having started his pilgrimage on earth as a born Jew, what Jesus said was absolutely right (Luke 2:21-24; Isa 49:6). As God promised Abraham because of his faith that through him a potential blessing for “all nations” would come (Genesis 12:1-4). As a result of his obedient faith, Abraham was chosen to produce a “seed” (offspring) who ultimately would be the key to the reception of that blessing (Gen 22:18); that seed, of course, was Jesus (Galatians 3:8, 16; cf. Acts 3:25-26), and none other. So, first the Gospel of God came to the Jews (Matt 15:21-28; 10:6-7), but when they rejected it by rejecting their suffering Messiah Jesus Christ who did not show himself as the ruling powerful messiah as they expected, God kept them aside for a while and chose a remnant of Jews who believed Jesus Christ to send through them the Gospel in to all the world of Gentiles, and thus help the Gentiles become the Sons of God to further spread the good news of the Gospel in all the world, till He could come to the earth and rule the earth again as the ruling Messiah. Though the same Jews on earth will be deceived by a false messiah who will be the Antichrist to make them accept his rulership at the end of end days (John 5:43), the Antichrist will finally want to completely annihilate the whole community of Jews because of his hatred towards their God, just moment before the eradication of all Jews, Jesus Christ will appear and rescue them from perishing and they will finally believe Him (Matt 21:42-43, 45-46; 27:39-44; Acts 1:1-2, 8, 14-15; Rom 11:11-36; Zech 12:10-14; 13:6-9; 14:3-4; Matt 24:31).

The Church is God's mysterious program that had been kept as a secret by Him that even the Jewish apostles who were chosen by God to be a pillar in the Church only later understood that it was a separate entity apart from the Jews and the nation of Israel which is supposed to continue to be God's institution of revelation to the whole world even after Jesus Christ had come, but was kept aside with a holy pause till the day they will accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah
(Acts 15:6-29; Gal 2:9). Thus being a pillars of the Jewish born Church, Peter was chosen to be an apostle to the Jews, while Paul was chosen to be an apostle to the Gentiles by the grace of God (Gal 2:8).

Luke was the only person who being a Gentile was born in Antioch, by profession, was a physician
(Col 4:10-11, 14). He had become a disciple of the apostle Paul and later followed Paul until his [(i.e.) Paul's] martyrdom (Philemon 1:24; Colossians 4:14; 2 Timothy 4:11.). He traveled and worked with Paul as recorded in the Book of Acts with the ‘we’ sections (Acts 16:10-17; 20:5-15, 21:1-18; 27:1 to 28:16). The gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles make up a two-volume work which scholars call Luke–Acts. Together they account for 27.5% of the New Testament, the largest contribution by a single author, Luke the physician.

The next earliest account of Luke
(after Paul’s writings) is in the Anti-Marcionite Prologue to the Gospel of Luke: “Luke probably was originally a convert through Peter who became a disciple of Paul and followed him until Paul’s martyrdom. Then having served the Lord continuously, unmarried and without children, Luke died at the age of 84.”

When we as Christians, have our roots in so much Jewishness, then these questions are supposed to come. But as Christians we have our own identity in Christ Jesus. Today, if a Jew need to get saved, he need to come to the Church which is in our day
"the pillar and ground of the truth" which holds the "mystery of godliness" which conducts itself as a trustworthy vessels holding the Glory of God in the house of God (1 Tim 2:14-16). By the way the Church is not just the space within the four walls of the building that I am speaking about, but rather the people who hold the truth in their lives by experiencing the truth of God through their life and living (1 Cor 3:16).

As the age of the Church will end with the rapture of the saints
(1 Thess 4:14-18; 2 Thess 1:4-10; Rev 3:10), I conclude that Jesus Christ is the Christian Messiah primely, but the Church along with Jesus Christ as the Messiah of the Jews will come from the new heaven and new earth to rescue the remnant of Jews, in order to preserve them from the total annihilation plan of the Antichrist which he will try to execute at the end of the end of days just before the day of Armageddon (Zech 14:1-4; Rev 19:11-21), and thus will also become the Messiah of the Jews who will believe Him during his second coming to the earth (2 Pet 3:13; Rom 11:26-27). So in short, Jesus Christ is now the Christian Messiah, who will then become a Jewish Messiah at the end of the world to become their king and the Messiah of the whole world for a thousand years time of God's Kingdom on earth.

The name 'Jesus' was revealed to his father Joseph before he was born on earth by the angel of the Lord from heaven which means,
"He will save His people from their sins' (Matt 1:18-21). Even though Jesus "as was supposed the son of Joseph" (Luke 3:23), he was actually born of the virgin Mary but in origin was the "Son of God" who was transferred to earthly existence by the power of the Holy Spirit who kept "the Holy One" as a baby in the womb of Mary (Luke 1:35), before Joseph and Mary ever came together to know each other physically through copulation (Matt 1:24-25).

So 'Christ' is not Jesus' second name or family name, last name or surname, but rather it means 'the anointed one' who was believed to be the Messiah to come by the Jews and Christians of the first century. “Christ” comes from the Greek word 'Christos', meaning “anointed one” or “chosen one.” This is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word 'Mashiach', or “Messiah.” “Jesus” is the Lord’s human name given to Mary by the angel Gabriel
(Luke 1:31). “Christ” is His title added by the writers of the New Testament, signifying Jesus was the same one promised and sent from God to be a King and Deliverer (see Daniel 9:25; Isaiah 32:1). So they called him 'Jesus Christ' which means 'Jesus the Messiah'. Thus by calling Jesus as the Christ, Christians believe Jesus as their own Messiah, who will become the Jewish Messiah foretold in both the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament. Christ, used by Christians as both a name and a title, is synonymous with Jesus. Thus in Christianity, Christ is a title for the Savior and redeemer who would bring salvation to the Jewish people and mankind in the days to come along with the Church which is His body (Eph 5:23). Praise the Lord!

Much Blessings....


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