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The Lord Wants To Build A House For You...!

Have You Chosen God As The Builder Of Your House And Watchman Over It?

By Abraham Israel

"Unless the LORD builds the house, even if you labor hard it is in vain. Until the LORD starts to guard the city, the watchman who keeps himself awake to keep it secure is absolutely in vain." (Psa 127:1, Abi's Translation).

In the Bible there are deeper spiritual realities in the Scripture that we cannot understand unless the LORD GOD reveals the hidden mysteries that lies within. Usually the above verse is one of the most used verse in the house-warming ceremony almost all over the world. The Preacher or the Pastor will usually expound the Scripture to mean that the house that the believer has built, has actually been built by the resource that the Lord God Almighty has provided to them. And that this house will be secured by the Lord from all harm as He will watch over it and will keep guard through his angels. There is nothing wrong to preach like this, as such are the occasions which are kept to remember the goodness of God's provision to thank and praise Him for His faithfulness. And also the above truth is true and that is why we keep house-warming ceremonies, even if we have no ceremony to keep because of lack of funds, still as we are his children, God will still bless the house and keep guard over it. Or even if we and our family can only afford to stay in a rented house after rented house all the days of our life on earth as strangers and pilgrim as that is what we are actually, still be content with what you have and be thankful for all the provisions of God, God will bless you and your family supernaturally and bring heaven down to your home by His Presence and Glory. Praise the Lord!

And also this can be used to say, that unless God blesses a house with a wife and children, even if we physically build a house, it cannot be kept filled with the people of the family to guard it by staying awake to keep strangers out of it. In other words, a peaceful home cannot exist without the LORD involved in every area of its growth and preservation. This is also true, and are preached by many other preachers.

But what about the deeper meaning of it? Here it is, our body is referred to as a house we have with which we live and survive in this earth. In other words, we are essentially a spirit being with a dust body, having a soul to think on our own. A demon spirit is always seeking for a body of someone on earth to express itself, because God has decreed only those with dust body are legal heirs appointed to live and have dominion over the entire earth. A demon gets in to a human being when they give it a place through opening their lives to its influence of fear and sinful habits, so that they begin to control the house of our body which was actually built for the Lord to live and reign in the earth.

When Adam our forefather sinned in his life and rebelled against God, the clay house of the body of Adam and Eve and all his offspring which was initially made in the image of God, made with a beautiful intention of God to preside through it by residing in it, became a house den of thieves and strangers which are Satan and his demon spirits, to live within it and do what they want in rebellion towards God.

Thus after the fall of our forefather Adam, the house of our own body with which we stay on this earth have been having a marred image of the sin of the first Adam. So sin made us human beings to become a rebel against God from the day of our birth.

So having no way out of the tyranny of Satan and his demons to invade this house of our body because of the nature of sin that has become part of it, God planned a wonderful strategy to rescue us from the invasion of demons which are strangers who always try to invade and destroy the houses of our bodies. This is the good news we as Christians preach to all the world.

From the day we are born on this earth, we are a house being built by our parents who try to preserve us and bring us up to make us become adults, so that we as responsible grown up adults can take care of the houses of our own body, and then get married, to further bring a individual family of their choice or our own wise choice which will hold their name to bring glory to them and the family as a whole. This is the basic cycle that we humans continue to do on this planet earth to live in the house of our body that keeps repeating itself in generation after generation by the grace and mercy of God. Praise the Lord!

We build a house of our own when we become adults, but according to the verse we read above, God challenges us that even if we build a house of our own by laboring through our earthly efforts of being a responsible father or a mother or a grandfather or a grandmother, it is all in vain. Why? Because soon we will be dying, after that what? That is where the human family has a limitation and where all the efforts we put in to our family becomes a vain because we will leave our own body let alone our family members on earth. Yes we guard the house we build after becoming adults, we try to preserve our own health through good exercise and nutrition to keep ourselves youthful and vibrant. But for how long? The question is not whether we will die, but it is when we will die that haunts humanity and even our self. In short, it is only a matter of time before we will leave this house of our body in which we have lived for seven or eight decades or more which then becomes desolate forever and ever to be buried or thrown back in to dust from which we have been made by God. Yes when we leave this house of the body which we have inherited from our parents, we also leave whatever riches we have inherited from our parents or what ever we have labored and treasured for ourselves and our children and grandchildren.

So for those of us who have believed Jesus by accepting ourselves as sinners in need of the Savior to God, have become God's children. We are the only ones in the whole world that is promised by God who created us as human houses, that though we might die like any other sinner in this world to leave the house of this body in which we live, but very soon those of us who have died in Christ Jesus through believing Him and becoming as saints from then on wards, are given hope that Jesus Christ will come with a trumpet sound of the angels, to raise us up in a new resurrection body of our own house that will live forever and ever in this old as well as the new heaven and new earth in which only those who are saved from sin could live and serve God forever and ever. This new house of our body is already being built in the heavens for all His children who live in Christ and for Christ.

The main message for Christians from God, is to look forward to inherit this house of a new body which the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has promised to all who obey and live for Him who died for them. So I hope you understood the hidden message of God in this Scripture,
"Unless the LORD builds the house, even if you labor hard it is in vain. Until the LORD starts to guard the city from [(i.e.) satanic intrusion], the watchman who keeps himself awake to keep it secure is absolutely in vain" which is being revealed to us all.

Above all, God has not only promised a eternal house of our own body to live in it forever in the new heaven and new earth, but also preserve it from the invasion of all evil spirits and satanic sorrows by guarding it from the city of New Jerusalem which will be placed in the midst of the new earth in which He will live along with all redeemed humans. The most exciting life that you can ever live is not something you have lived, but the one you are looking forward to experience out of this world will be by far the most exciting because God will live with you forever and ever in your own house for eternity ahead and there will be no more death at all which will brings sorrows along with it. Truly the best is yet to come because the best of life is kept as the end of all the greatest surprises and blessedness from God! GLORY TO GOD!

"One of the greatest gifts we can give our children and grandchildren is to teach them the doctrines of the resurrection and the new earth. They need to know they are made for a person and a place. Jesus is the person. Heaven is the place — not a ghostly place but God’s central dwelling place, which he promises to relocate to the new earth." — C.S. Lewis


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