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Is The Prosperity Thumping Good For The Church Or Not?

What Is True Prosperity?

Question: Can you write about , what is prosperity according to God, people of world, believers. Coz too much of prosperity thumping wrongly is preached and money fleeced from innocent believers. Empty your purse, remove all gold etc...Is it good for the Church to prosper and be like this?

Answer: Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

True prosperity in this life and in the life to come is not what we have with us now which is all temporary, but actually who we have with us, (i.e.) God and His Presence, which is eternal.

Have you realized, God loves the prosperity of His servants and only through it He can be magnified truly
(Psa 35:27).

For example, a man can be the richest man in the whole world now. But if he has a need in his heart which God has set named as
"eternity" within, which money cannot buy and he does not know the day of his death (Eccl 3:11; Gen 27:2; Luke 12:16-21; Prov 27:1; Mark 13:32; 2 Cor 6:2; Luke 13:3), even though he says he is rich and even others agree with him about the fact, in truth, he is still poor in his life as he cannot take the wealth when he dies and therefore does not know what will happen to it, and the Lord will distribute it to the righteous one that pleases Him (Prov 13:22; 1 Tim 6:7; Eccl 2:26). So only God can truly make a human rich and keep him rich for the rest of his life through his ever abiding Presence of heaven which has no lack as it is able to supply everything needed at the right time (Psa 16:11; 23:1).

In our twentieth century, religion too have become a commodity to buy as much as one has the ability to buy. But the sad thing according to God is, he never puts his seal in such religiosity as it has no real value in his sight. God cannot be bought with money
(Acts 8:18-25), and God bypasses these people who think that they have the favor with God because of their giving to God what they have rather than who they are to God (Luke 15:29-32), hence He begins to work in the heart of truly devoted and broken in heart who value nothing but God as the top most priority of their lives.

God in the Old Testament times received dead sacrifice of animals and birds as symbolic sacrifice of what is to come, that is, his only begotten Son getting sacrificed on the Cross for all of us sinners to believe and receive the forgiveness of sins and eternal life as a gift from Him
(John 3:16; Heb 9:11-14). In other words, the Old Testament saints looked forward in faith and received the salvation at the end of it all. Now that Christ has come and fulfilled all the symbolic instructions of the Old Testament in reality, in the New Testament times God has chosen to accept only the living sacrifices of people like us who choose to sacrifice ourselves by self-denial and live through our belief in the will of God to be fulfilled through our lives (Heb 10:11-18; Rom 12:1-2; Luke 9:23-26). We in the New Testament times look backward to what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us on the Cross of Calvary to live by faith.

So preaching and teaching only the earthly prosperity message without looking backward to what the Lord has done for us personally for physical healing through His stripes and spiritual healing to the soul through his shed blood, and thus living gratefully to God for the new spirit put within us is actually becoming a enemy of the cross of Christ
(Php 3:18). That is why, the apostles instructed the true disciples of Jesus to even rebuke the prideful rich who think that they need no repentance from the lust of money which when left untouched will lead them all to be destroyed by the filthy lure of it (Jam 5:1-6; 1 Tim 5:6-7; 6:17, 9-10).

Is prosperity thumping in preaching and teaching is actually money fleeced from innocent believers in our days? Yes, as long as there are half hearted earthly survival focused believers who will not choose to deny their self, the message of prosperity will be used deceitfully through deceitful messengers of Satan and self-deceived spiritual gurus of Christianity to deceive the saved from fulfilling the purpose of God for their lives. If all believers become eternally focused in their earthly lives, soon they will become devoted and addicted to true prosperity of soul first and foremost, and in all areas of our lives prosperity will follow us and will continue to influence our eternal prosperity and abundant heavenly quality of life that God has promised to provide now on earth when we carry our cross and choose to follow the will of God for our lives
(John 10:10; Luke 9:23).

I believe prosperity thumping in preaching and teaching is a deception of the end time which God has put especially as a test of the end times to separate the true from the false disciples, sheep of the saved ones from the goat of the unsaved ones by Jesus Christ for the Rapture of the Church which will end at the time of His Second Coming to the earth with the Church
(Rev 3:17-20; Matt 24:11-14; 2 Tim 3:1-5; 1 Thess 5:1-5, 9; 25:31-46). So let us be watchful and pray to overcome this deception of "prosperity and safety" by faith till the end and be victorious for the Glory of God!

The so called church and its self-deceived leaders who compel people to empty their purse, remove all gold and put in to their mission offering, running over the money on the altar steps referring and citing to the New Testament times in which people sold everything they had and kept it at apostles feet as something they too are doing
[(i.e.) remember these apostles distributed to each as they had need from everything they had received and did not stock the money individually for their own use] (Acts 4:34-35), etc....are doing a huge disservice to the true cause of Christ Jesus and the good news of His birth, death and resurrection which always brings shame to the great name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Cor 9:7-8; Rom 2:24; Isa 52:5). Run away from the message of prosperity if any Church or an individual no matter how anointed they are does not insist on the eternal prosperity of saints and focus solely on it, which will automatically bring prosperity in all other areas of our earthly life automatically for the Glory of God (Matt 6:33-34; 3 John 1:2)!

The bottom line is, according to God prosperity is eternal prosperity alone, according to the world prosperity is earthly prosperity alone and according to believers it ought to be prosperity in all areas like spirit, soul, body, finance and social fellowship through Jesus Christ by the Presence of the Holy Spirit, to walk and fulfill his will on earth as it is in heaven and even for eternity
(Matt 6:10). Praise the Lord!

Much Blessings....


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