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Is China The Original Villain In The Book ‘Predicting’ Coronavirus Outbreak?

Who Really Made 'Wuhan-400' Virus And Let It Out To Become 'COVID-19'?

Question: Is China the original villain in the book that predicted Corona virus? Who really made 'Wuhan-400' virus and let it out to become 'COVID-19'?

Answer: Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

We are a Christian website who give our apostolic view from the Bible about the end time events, doctrines of the Bible...who also actually do apologetic work by the grace of God.

It is no coincidence that Koontz’s The Eyes of Darkness made headlines in the past week after readers noted the story concerned a man-made virus called Wuhan-400 developed in a biological weapons lab in Wuhan, China – ground zero of the current coronavirus outbreak – and described as the “perfect weapon”.

Actually we know that one of the most developed high-security biochemical lab is in Wuhan, the Chinese city from where the epi-center of the outbreak has been located.

Because of China’s duplicity and dishonesty, the chinese people are going through hell on earth through the outbreak of the Corono virus leakage and seepage out of the high-security biochemical lab, which was used as a bio-scientific weapon development base of the Communist party for decades in the past.

China right now is not giving evidence on that question at all because of the leaked evidence which they tried to hide for the past two to three months time. Why should Dr. Li Wen Liang should be arrested back in December 2019 last year, for being a whistle blower 'spreading rumors' about a mysterious pneumonia like virus by the Chinese Communist Party when all he did was discover it for first time as an unusual virus and tried to raise awarness among people so that they could stay safe?

Dean Koontz’s The Eyes of Darkness originally contained details of a man-made virus called Gorki-400 from the Russian city of Gorki.

Everyone was thinking in terms of two great powers – America and the Soviet Union during the Cold war times, the good guys and the bad guys. It’s easy to see how you might substitute one bad guy for another, Gorki for Wuhan virus. But that is not the end of the story, but perhaps what is seen as a Chinese desire for hegemony in our times has no parallel because it has become a state with iron screen all around it and has no respect for humanrights and human life.

America decided to extend a helping hand to the Chinese by giving them a friendly hand of providing permanent seats with veto power on the UN Security Council and also opening up trade after the second world war, thinking and expecting them to come out of poverty and oppression which they thought might perhaps bring them to sanity in their outlook with which they will be deserting communism and socialism which were the failed gift transferred perhaps from Russian influence over it.

But lo and behold, exactly just as the change to Wuhan from Gorki came when the book was released in hardback under Koontz’s own name in 1989 – at the end of the Cold War, the communist and social frame in which the Chinese built themselves never changed except they heralded a new unprecedented era of wealth with no character of even a hint of human symbolism in it.

Is it a strange coincidence, that the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which houses China’s only level four biosafety laboratory, the highest-level classification of labs that study the deadliest viruses, is just 32km from the epicentre of the current coronavirus outbreak. The opening of the maximum-security lab was covered in a 2017 story in the journal Nature, which warned of safety risks in a culture where hierarchy trumps an open culture.

It is no fringe conspiracy theories that the coronavirus involved in the current outbreak is a man-made one and it has escaped from the Wuhan virology lab, it cannot be debunked because the fact of the matter is that this lab was one of the first to sequence the coronavirus.

Chinese scientist have already warned that Covid-19 virus may become an established illness, like influenza and we already know that it is bigger than SARS, as chinese reports its uncontrollable high number of new cases since Wuhan lockdown began nearly a month ago. The spread of the virus infection is steadily increasing all over China and even in Singapore and other southern asia countries even as I write these things.

Clearly the Bible predicts that such things would happen when Jesus talked about
"pestilences and famines" coming around in the world during the sorrowful time of the end (Matt 24:7-8), just before the Great Tribulation of the very end would start to make the wrath of God to be revealed for the sins of the world to be judged (Rev 3:10; Matt 24:15, 20-21), and for it to be restored back to the Millenium rule of Jesus Christ as the King of the world for a thousand years time along with the Church (Rev 3:21; 20:6). Praise the Lord!

So what does the Bible say to us regarding these situations we are in, in the midst of so many people dying because of Corona virus being quarantined and left to rot and die in a inhumane way as a beast without any one to even remember the ocassion, in their own houses where the Communist party have ordered the houses of the infected people to be sealed and left to die for their own home to become their own graveyard?

Jesus clearly said in the Bible which can be rephrased in our contemporary times to us in the following way,
"2 "Do you think those who died by Corona virus were worse sinners than other men from China and even our own nations we live in?" he asked. "Is that why they suffered? 3 Not at all! And don't you realize that you also will perish as a sinner soon oneday suddenly without expecting it unless you leave your evil ways and turn to God? 4 And what about the three thousand humans who died when the twin Tower of America fell on them? Were they the worst sinners in America? 5 Not at all! And you, too, will perish unless you repent and receive eternal life to live forever with God." (Luke 13:2-5, LB).

Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved
(Acts 16:31), then learn to continually "Watch and Pray", so that you and I may be able to escape through Rapture the Great Tribulation that is coming upon the whole world for its sinfulness to be judged by God (Luke 21:36; Rev 3:10).

Much Blessings....


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