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Is It Right For Us To Seek Prophecy Regarding Our Situation In Our New Testament Times?

Can You Please Prophecy And Release God's Word Regarding Promotion?

Question: Dear Bro Request your prayers. I attended interview for post of DGM. Can you pls prophesy and release God's word regarding promotion or a miracle for the glory of God. Thanks.

Answer: Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

Praise the Lord! So glad to hear from you. I can continue to pray for you, that you might be in the will of God and not go away from it. And I can give you guidance from the Bible.

When I was young I used to prophecy whoever will ask or release it through prayer which were right many times but also wrong some times which really taught me much lessons, so I have learned through experience never try to foretell or drive anyone, when God the Holy Spirit has been given personally to every child of God which includes you to guide you in to all truth
(John 16:13). The Lord our Father in heaven loves you and your family dearly because you have believed in our LORD JESUS CHRIST personally (Eph 1:6; 5:1).

Therefore HIS FAVOR and HIS EYES are already upon you all
(Psa 32:8). Just hear what the Lord says in your heart and keep moving in that direction, all will be well as the Lord our Immanuel is with you (Matt 1:23).

As I am a son of a LEF Church PASTOR which is a pure evangelical Church and movement, we never have believed direct prophecy or tongues in our past gone years, but have only sought guidance from the Men and Women of God, and have trained ourselves to run to God for each and everything expecting Him to speak back and guide, even for those things that seemed insignificant normally in our day to day life. It made me to stick on to this practice later now which I find has not been in the Pentecostal arena which becomes the reason why many come to the shallow state where they have only some or almost nil daily fellowship with God through the Word of God and Prayer. In fact God loves to see that we run to Him like a child for each and everything so that we might become mature sons of God at some point of time to have our trust in the Lord by hearing His voice directly and not just run to men and women of God to hear prophecy which has the potential to lower our spiritual growth to make us remain as spiritual infants.

That doesn't mean that we should despise prophecy when it automatically comes to us without us asking for it 
(1 Thess 5:19-20), because from my own experience God has greatly strengthened me and guided me through prophecy from great MEN OF GOD and WOMEN OF GOD when I least expected it. God is able to give us prophecies when it is needed, as it is only a secondary vehicle, but the primary vehicle in our New Testament times which God has appointed for us is to be guided in the perfect will of God by hearing His voice through the Holy Spirit and walk in obedience to it personally and individually.

So the way I approach prophecy is when God gives it, I rejoice and test it to find whether it fits in to the exact will of God and the conviction that I have within me
(1 Cor 14:29; Rev 2:2; Rom 12:2; 1 John 2:27). If I have no conviction regarding any prophecy from within, not only it is not wrong to reject those words but also it is absolutely necessary to keep ourselves from being deceived (Acts 21:4, 5-6, 9-14, 26-33; 23:11; 26:15-18; 9:15-16). When a prophecy fits in to the will of God which has been revealed in the Word of God and at the same time we have the conviction of the Holy Spirit from within, it is absolutely right to accept it and also expect it to happen soon (1 Tim 1:18; 4:14; Acts 27:23-25).

So will be praying for you to get the right Job and be in the right place to fulfill the perfect will of God for you and your family.

The following is the prophetic word I give you regarding your situation,
"What you decide on will be done, and light will shine on your ways." (Job 22:28, NIV). May the Holy Spirit reveal to you and give you light through the above Scripture and through your fellowship with Him to guide you in HIS PERFECT WILL FOR YOUR SITUATION.


Much Love and Blessings....


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