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One Minute After A Believer Dies?

After A Believer Dies On Earth, Will He Become Fully Functional With All Faculties And Senses In Heaven?

Question: What will happen to you as a believer, within a minute after your death here on earth? Here is what I read in a post, Angel usher your soul in to heaven (Luke 16:22), You immediately enter in to God's Presence (2 Cor 5:6-8), You are conscious, in command of your thinking, feeling, speech and memories (Luke 16:19-31), you participate in magnificent worship with angels and believers before the throne of God and Christ (Rev 4-5), you are aware to come degree of activities and events on earth (Rev 6:9-10) and finally you will recognize and communicate with believers who preceded you to heaven (Luke 9:28-36). Is all of the above true after the immediate physical death of a believer on earth? What is your take on it.

Answer: Greetings in Jesus wonderful name!

When I see the following six points you have shared, I rejoice and my heart gets gladdened with the truth that it conveys
(Php 4:4; Rom 12:15; 1 Cor 13:6).

One Minute After A Believer Dies:

1) Angel usher your soul in to heaven
(Luke 16:22).

2) You immediately enter in to God's Presence
(2 Cor 5:6-8).

3) You are conscious, in command of your thinking, feeling, speech and memories
(Luke 16:19-31).

4) You participate in magnificent worship with angels and believers before the throne of God and Christ
(Rev 4-5).

5) You are aware to some degree of activities and events on earth
(Rev 6:9-10)

6) Finally you will recognize and communicate with believers who preceded you to heaven
(Luke 9:28-36).

Here is my take on it, every humans is a spirit being, with a soul and a body to express. To a believer, the spirit will have become new creation when they get born from above through their belief in Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior
(2 Cor 5:17; John 3:3-7), and the soul will become renewed with the Word of God to prosper and grow to be greatly edified as they continue in their relationship with the Lord and obey the Word of God, and physically they will be preserved to have a total experience of the length of days that God has appointed for them on earth when they will present their body as a living sacrifice so that they can fulfill God's will and purpose to be done for their lives on earth through faith and patience (Rom 12:1-2). As for a believer, the Spirit of God will control their spirit, and the spirit should control and rule over their soul which should rule over their body for the Glory of God. Every unbeliever will have a dead spirit, and a living soul that will control their body.

Once a believer dies, he will have left his body on earth to be decayed. So the soul and the spirit faculties of his will leave his body the moment he dies and will be ushered in to heaven
(Luke 16:22).

The body of believer is the house of expression for his soul to relate to the physical world. So when a believer enters in to God's Presence after his death on earth, only his spirit and his soul will enter in as the shell of the body will be left on earth to return to dust from where it came from initially.

The spirit has the same independent faculties that make it God conscious just as the soul with all its faculties of mind, will and emotional makes us self-conscious.

Thus, we will be conscious, in command of our thinking, feeling, speech and memories obviously
(Luke 16:19-31). The moment a believer dies, he will be freed from the sin nature which has enslaved him on earth through its tyranny (Rom 7:23-24; Php 1:21). The soul and the spirit will work in unison without any difficulties in heaven, unlike on earth where the sin nature in the soul would have tried to deceive the believer away from the perfect obedience to the voice of God which came through the spirit from the Spirit often.

But only through the body, the full functional capability of the spirit and soul can be expressed fully, to God, to the world we live and to ourselves. This can be seen in the anguish of both the martyrs, believers to some degree and unbelievers altogether after their death on earth
(Rev 6:9-11; Rom 8:23, 26-27; Luke 16:23-31). We can seen in the spirit/soul life of Lazarus, from the very testimony of Abraham, he was comforted in the reality of his senses of the realm of self-conscious and God-conscious life, but he must have been looking forward along with Abraham for the resurrection of his own spiritual and meta-physical body after the resurrection of Jesus Christ (John 8:56; Matt 27:52-53).

Yes our participation in worship of heaven and the activities of what will be happening on earth cannot be participated physically unless our spiritual meta-physical body will rise up in the day of resurrection after the Rapture of the Church
(Rev 7:9-12), but yes to certain spiritual degree we will participate in our spirit/soul but only in the new glorious resurrection body we will fully be lost in heaven's worship and serve the Lord as a flame of fire (Rev 4-5; Psa 104:4; Rev 21:3-8, 22-24, 25-27). Only the unbelievers will not have their bodies to worship God as they will burn in the lake of fire Gehenna forever and ever (Matt 10:28) and these will not be able to enter in to the New Jerusalem, or the New Earth and the New Heaven (Rev 21:1-2).

Yes the awareness of activities on earth will be available to us in the perfection of our spirit/soul in connection with the Spirit in heaven, because we will be without the sin nature in heaven which will leave us after our physical death, and thus we will know everything around us supernaturally as we are know by God through a restored and super sharp mind of God in a infinite capacity as his dear children
(1 Cor 13:12; 2:16), but participation in the activities on the present earth and also in the New Earth can happen only with the meta-physical glorious resurrection body for the Glory of God after the Rapture of the Church only (1 Thess 4:14-18).

Yes the awareness of our restored mind of heaven will recognize and communicate with believers who preceded us to heaven
(Luke 9:28-36), but will only be able to serve the Lord along with them only in our spiritual resurrection body (Rev 6:9-11). Our restored mind will retain the memories of our life on earth with all its positive and negative emotions that is why we will need to be comforted in the Presence of God until the moment comes in which God will wipe away every tear from our eyes; in which a new perspective of negative happening that happened on earth to us will be enlightened to make us understand how God has turned all things both good and the bad to become only good for us in the light of eternity through the redemption of Jesus Christ our Lord (Rom 8:28). From that time there will no thoughts about death, nor sorrow, nor crying, and there will be no more emotion of pain and suffering any more, for all the former things which God used as a training ground to establish us in eternity will not continue any more forever as we will become established in His Presence to be with Him and serve Him forever and ever more (Rev 21:4; 1 Peter 5:10). All sinful memories of pain will be erased and only thoughts of gratitude for how God has turned all of life's troubles in to something wonderful and eternally good for our eternal life will remain in our mind as we become settled and established in our calling of God, and only the goodness of God in the light of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ will only be remembered and all the rest of the troubles will be forgotten and hidden from both the eyes of the Lord and us (Isa 65:16-17). In other words, even those painful memories will carry no more pain but only gratitude in our heart as we come to understand how the Lord has turned it all to become something good and glorious for us in the light of eternal reward and glory. Hallelujah!     

So we groan and look forward to the life of greatness to restore the present earth and serve the Lord in the New Earth in rulership along with Jesus in the timeless eternity to come for the Glory of God
(Rom 8:18-25). Amen.

Nearly all of the above points are true according to the Scriptural context, when all of the above truth are understood in the light of the eternal truth of our resurrection that will happen soon at the time of Rapture of the Church. Hallelujah!

Much Blessings....


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