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Even Though I Try, I Can't Overcome Sin?

Why I Can't Overcome Sin Even Though I Pray And Read The Bible?

Question: I have a question. Why I can't overcome sin even though I pray and read the Bible?

Answer: Greetings to you in Jesus mighty name!

It is good that you are trying to overcome sin, that in itself shows that there is a new nature that is working in you as a saved believer and a son of God in Christ Jesus
(1 John 3:9). It is not just you but the great apostle Paul who wrote by inspitation nearly one third of the whole of the New Testament Bible, was bewailing about his inability to overcome sin even though he was trying to please God by faith, working in ministry being a blessing to many, a saved man indeed (Acts 26:15; 1 Cor 12;3). In fact ironically, Paul said that, what he will to do he was not able to do, instead what he hates to do that he practices (Rom 7:15). Then he found the hard way, the greatest discoverey in his ongoing spiritual life, that is by understanding himself, he said that the law of God is spiritual, but he was carnal and sold under sin from the day he was born as a sinner, so by showing the inclination to keep the law he had agreed that the law of God is good that is why he is trying to keep it. But as a born sinner we all sin, as a born again believer we all want to overcome sin. So whenever we fail to keep the law as a believer, God understands our hardship of how a weak spirit-man within us have been overcome by the sin nature that dwells in us. This keeps us humble to accept the fact that even though we do the basics of reading the Bible to strengthen our spirit man and pray to God inorder to communicate with Him to receive power over sin regularly, yet because we grow spiritually only over a period of time and not instantly, therefore we fail to do the good we want to, but we tend to do the evil we will not want to do (Rom 7:14, 16-18). It is like a small boy becoming a young boy and then becoming strong as a adult and then a Father. We are a human being and not a human doing. Therefore, just like in our physical life it takes time to grow in stature, it also takes time to spiritually grown in stature (Luke 2:52).

When we fail our way to go forward in faith without giving up, we tend to grow gradually but steadily over a period of time
(1 John 2:12-14). Only dead fish go with the flow, that which is alive goes against the flow. In the same way, because we are spiritually alive and are increasing in wisdom and stature, we need to go against the flow of sin that is in the world around us even though we find it hard.

Sin which works in us through our indwelling sin nature pulls us back now and then to discourage us from moving forward
(Rom 7:20). The self-discovery in our spiritual life to understand that the potential evil is present within us, but at the same time God has given us a greater potential in our new nature to keep sin away by God's awesome grace that strengthen us through the trials and tribulations of this life can only keep us in the right position as a overcomer (Rom 7:21-23). This truth makes us accept that until we die the war against sin will continue to exist, and as a good soldier of Christ Jesus we need to fight until we die and go on to be with the Lord to receive the reward for it from Him (Rom 7:24-25). That does not mean we will continue to be defeated all the time as God has promised that sin shall not have dominion over us the believers in Christ Jesus (Rom 6:14), at the same time this does not mean that we will have victory all the time without ever failing or falling once in a while due to our spiritual pride that comes often to pull us down (Gal 6:1, 3; 1 Cor 10:13). Thus there is no better way we find than to fail forward in our spiritual life. 

As Jesus Christ is the doctor for our soul, and we are the patient who are sinners in need of healing, let us stay close to the doctor all the time so that in case of any emergency we can approach him and keep ourselves in a healthy state free from the disease of sin and death which is lack of fellowship with God
(Luke 5:31; Heb 4:16). Whenever we sin consciously, we need to run to Jesus Christ to confess it and become cleansed by His blood so that we could continue to serve God and have close fellowship with Him with a good conscience (Heb 9:14; 1 John 1:7, 9; 2:1-2; Acts 24:16).

God has not demanded us to become sin-free but wants us to maintain a good conscience towards Him which is a prerequisite to serve Him
(1 Peter 3:21; 1 Tim 1:18-20; Heb 9:14). God wants us to cleanse ourselves from conscious sins (Jam 4:17; 2 Cor 6:16-17; 7:1), so that He would be able to keep us away from unconscious sins by revealing it and giving us the power to overcome it for His Glory (Gen 20:6; Rom 14:23; 1 John 1:9).

Having, understood the big picture, let us get in to the unique area of personal faith for overcoming over sin. This is all about how we see sin and how we should see Jesus when we are tormented by sin's evil power exhibited within us through our sin nature. The first greatest truth to behold is, when Jesus died for our sins by dying on the cross, and then getting resurrected and ascending in to the throne of the right hand of God, we see the truth applied to us in our baptism. In both the spiritual and physical baptism, we have been buried with Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus Christ rose from the grave by the power of the Holy Spirit, we should also walk in the newness of life from the new nature by the power of the Holy Spirit
(Rom 6:4; 8:11). If we live with a conscious faith that our old man that acts in a evil and carnal way has already been crucified with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, sins's power over us will lose its way so that we shall no longer be in its control over us by our conscious dependance upon Him (Rom 6:6). If we choose to believe this form of doctrine that say that we are no longer slaves of sin but only fighters against it as a soldier of the army of Jesus Christ and choose to surrender all our bodily members for the Lord Jesus to control it from within through the new nature which has been given by Him as a gift to us (Rom 6:17; 2 Tim 2:2-3), then sin shall subside and heavenly righteousness of faith shall reign through our lives. While as we continue to identify ourselves with Jesus Christ by faith more and more and start to unite together in the likeness of His death, certainly we shall be in the likeness of His resurrection now in our spiritual life which leads us in to a place of victory where we will experience a dimension of life just like Jesus so that sin shall have no more control over us just like it does not have control over Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, thus forever we will live overcoming life, and forever we will live even for eternity (Rom 6:5).

So gaining power over sin is like a boxer who disciplines himself in both power and skill to become better and better, so that in a particular match now and then they will be tested for both their power and skill to be rewarded now and also for eternity. All people will want to gain mastery over sin even when they are unsaved because sin is a reproach to any people
(Prov 14:34), but only the saved finally master over it to thus not just run as like fighting it out as beating the air, but really beating the enemy through their faith that comes to them through regular feeding of the Word of God and prayer through which the power of God comes in to action on behalf of them to give them supernatural victory over sin for the Glory of God (Rom 10:17; Eph 6:12-13, 16-18). Every believer who fights against sin and disciplines his body to bring it in to subjection, is competing against himself to earn eternal reward of a imperishable crown from God which is the eternal prize they will receive gloriously. All believers who do not become religious but rather run this race with faith will not be disqualified, but rewarded by God for their spiritual valor and their fighting spirit (1 Cor 9:24-27).

God is not pleased with any of our dead religious routines of reading the Bible and praying for some time that we do thinking that we are doing for Him, but He is always pleased when we connect to Him in faith, hope and love to receive from Him His power to overcome sin patiently with perseverance
(1 Cor 13:13; Heb 6:1, 12; 10:35-36). So the bottom line is, grow close to the heart of God and choose positively and learn to run away from sin like Joseph (Gen 39:9-10, 12), because the sin of unbelief easily ensnares us in our heart to make us look away from Jesus (Heb 12:1-2). Another important thing is that we cannot grow altogether in a day spiritually to master over sin, but as we learn to hate sin and run away away from it each time instead of giving in to its deceitful lust, we will learn to run the race victoriously day by day against sin with perseverance which was set before us by God so that we could earn eternal imperishable crown for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ (Heb 12:1-2).

Drawing near to God is the chief end of all humans, overcoming sin is the means through which we fulfill it for the Glory of God
(Heb 4:16). So let our focus be always on the Lord and not our own perfection or to say clearly our imperfection which sin brings (Heb 12:2)!   

Day by day we grow in the Lord, 
Like a watered plant that keeps growing, 
Like a flower we blossom after a season, 
When we have faith and perseverance everyday.

Never give up as sin is our enemy, 
Fight sin through your death in Jesus, 
Kill sin until it dies without power, 
When every thoughts and desires is surrendered to Him.

You are not fighting the air but a invisible enemy, 
Who uses sin to set a trap and keep you in its snare, 
It is one thing to be religious and fail, 
But it is totally another thing to be spiritual and overcome sin.

God is pleased when you have faith in Him and His promises, 
When you pray He moves in power on your behalf, 
Setting you free from the shackles of sin's defeat, 
He is our Savior and Lord of all creation who owns us.

Never become discouraged by your constant defeat, 
B'cos you are failing your way to victory through faith, 
Real failure is not failing but giving up our fight, 
In God we trust and in Him we live and move and have our being!

You are growing stronger day by day, 
Never believe the enemies lies, 
To discourage you from your eternal reward, 
To make you seem smaller when you are taller than all.

The blood of Jesus cleases your conscience from sins, 
Run to Jesus when the least of sin touches you and confess, 
In confessing of sin, sin loses its power, 
Never learn to stand on anything but the righteousness of faith.

To position you for good works that are meant by God, 
For you to do and revel in the Glories of eternity to behold, 
Nothing else but to rejoice again and again in what Jesus has done for us all, 
Full of faith, hope and love, but love stands alone at the end of it all!


Much Blessings...


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