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Prayer - Word Study

Prayer - Word Study

Pray, Prayer

B. Nouns

A1. Pray, Prayer [Verb]

euchomai "to pray (to God)," is used with this meaning in
2_Cor_13:7; 2_Cor_13:9, RV, "pray" (AV, "wish"); James_5:16; 3_John_1:2, RV, "pray" (AV, wish). Even when the RV and AV translate by "I would," Acts_26:29, or "wished for," Acts_27:29 (RV, marg., "prayed"), or "could wish," Rom_9:3 (RV, marg., "could pray"), the indication is that "prayer" is involved.
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A2. Pray, Prayer [Verb]

proseuchomai "to pray," is always used of "prayer" to God, and is the most frequent word in this respect, especially in the Synoptists and Acts, once in
Rom_8:26; Eph_6:18; Php_1:9; 1_Tim_2:8; Heb_13:18; Jude_1:20. For the injunction in 1_Thess_5:17, see adialeiptos_under_CEASE.

A3. Pray, Prayer [Verb]

erotao "to ask," is translated by the verb to pray in
Luke_14:18,19; Luke_16:27; John_4:31; John_14:16; John_16:26; John_17:9,15,20; in Acts_23:18, RV, "asked" (AV "prayed"); in 1_John_5:16, RV, "should make request" (AV "shall pray"). See erotao_under_ASK.
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A4. Pray, Prayer [Verb]

deomai "to desire," in
2_Cor_5:20; 2_Cor_8:4, RV, "beseech" (AV, "pray"): see deomai_under_BESEECH.

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B1. Pray, Prayer [Noun]

euche akin to
euchomai, denotes "a prayer," James_5:15; "a vow," Acts_18:18; Acts_21:23. See VOW.

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B2. Pray, Prayer [Noun]

proseuche akin to
proseuchomai, denotes (a) "prayer" (to God), the most frequent term, e.g., Matt_21:22; Luke_6:12, where the phrase is not to be taken literally as if it meant, "the prayer of God" (subjective genitive), but objectively, "prayer of God." In James_5:17, "He prayed fervently," RV, is lit., "he prayed with prayer" (a Hebraistic form); in the following the word is used with deesis: Eph_6:18; Php_4:6; 1_Tim_2:1; 1_Tim_5:5; (b) "a place of prayer," Acts_16:13,16, a place outside the city wall, RV.

B3. Pray, Prayer [Noun]

deesis primarily "a wanting, a need" (akin to
deomai), then, "an asking, entreaty, supplication," in the NT is always addressed to God and always rendered "supplication" or "supplications" in the RV; in the AV "prayer," or "prayers," in Luke_1:13; Luke_2:37; Luke_5:33; Rom_10:1; 2_Cor_1:11; 2_Cor_9:14; Php_1:4 (in the 2nd part, "request"); Php_1:19; 2_Tim_1:3; Heb_5:7; James_5:16; 1_Pet_3:12.

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B4. Pray, Prayer [Noun]

enteuxis is translated "prayer" in
1_Tim_4:5; see INTERCESSION.

(3) "Prayer is properly addressed to God the Father Matt_6:6; John_16:23; Eph_1:17; Eph_3:14, and the Son, Acts_7:59; 2_Cor_12:8; but in no instance in the NT is prayer addressed to the Holy Spirit distinctively, for whereas the Father is in Heaven, Matt_6:9, and the Son is at His right hand, Rom_8:34, the Holy Spirit is in and with the believers, John_14:16,17.

"Prayer is to be offered in the Name of the Lord Jesus,
John_14:13, that is, the prayer must accord with His character, and must be presented in the same spirit of dependence and submission that marked Him, Matt_11:26; Luke_22:42.

"The Holy Spirit, being the sole interpreter of the needs of the human heart, makes His intercession therein; and inasmuch as prayer is impossible to man apart from His help,
Rom_8:26, believers are exhorted to pray at all seasons in the Spirit, Eph_6:18; cp. Jude_1:20; James_5:16, the last clause of which should probably be read "the inwrought [i.e., by the Holy Spirit] supplication of righteous man availeth much' (or 'greatly prevails' ischuo, as in Acts_19:16,20).

"None the less on this account is the understanding to be engaged in prayer,
1_Cor_14:15, and the will, Col_4:12; Acts_12:5 (where 'earnestly' is, lit., 'stretched out') and so in Luke_22:44.
"Faith is essential to prayer,
Matt_21:22; Mark_11:24; James_1:5-8, for faith is the recognition of, and the committal of ourselves and our matters to, the faithfulness of God.

"Where the Jews were numerous, as at Thessalonica, they had usually a Synagogue,
Acts_17:1; where they were few, as at Philippi, they had merely a proseuche, or 'place of prayer,' of much smaller dimensions, and commonly built by a river for the sake of the water necessary to the preliminary ablutions prescribed by Rabbinic tradition, Acts_16:13,16." [ From Notes on Thessalonians by Hogg and Vine, pp. 189,190.]

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Fellowship -

With God, consisting in the knowledge of his will ( Job_22:21; John_17:3); agreement with his designs (Amos_3:2); mutual affection (Rom_8:38,39); enjoyment of his presence (Psalm_4:6); conformity to his image (1_John_2:6; 1_John_1:6); and participation of his felicity (1_John_1:3,4; Eph_3:14-21).

Of saints with one another, in duties (Rom_12:5; 1_Cor_12:1; 1_Thess_5:17,18); in ordinances (Heb_10:25; Acts_2:46); in grace, love, joy, etc. (Mal_3:16; 2_Cor_8:4); mutual interest, spiritual and temporal (Rom_12:4,13; Heb_13:16); in sufferings (Rom_15:1,2; Gal_6:1,2; Rom_12:15; and in glory (Rev_7:9).

Psalm_16:7 ; John_14:16-18,23 ; 1_Cor_16 ; 2_Cor_6:16 ; 2_Cor_13:14 ; Gal_4:6 ; Php_2:1,2 ; 1_John_1:3 ; Rev_3:20



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Joseph - Gen_41:38
Bezaleel -
Ex_31:3 ; Ex_35:31
The seventy elders -
Balaam -
Joshua -

The Judges

Othniel - Judg_3:10
Gideon -
Jephthah -
Samson -
Judg_13:25 ; Judg_14:6,19
King David -

The prophets

Azariah -
Zechariah -
2_Chron_24:20 ; Zech_1:1
Ezekiel -
Ezek_8:3 ; Ezek_11:1,5,24
Daniel -
Zacharias -
Elizabeth -
Simeon -

The disciples -
Acts_6:3 ; Acts_7:55 ; Acts_8:29 ; Acts_9:17 ; Acts_10:45


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