Thursday, February 17, 2011

Am I Really Called to Ministry?

Q: I have recently become a Christian but my family are Hindu's. I have been feeling as though I am lacking direction in life recently and I have once before been told by my pastors wife that I should devote my life to public reading of the scriptures.

When she first said this to me I thought nothing of it but now a few months down the line I am feeling a bit lost and cannot find peace anywhere. I researched briefly what becoming a pastor involves but I am still not sure if that is really what I should be doing if I am questioning it. I can never tell if this is Gods calling or my own thoughts. Can anybody ever be certain and were you certain that it was Gods calling when you began preaching his word?. I would really appreciate you responding to this as your story really touched me.

I am so glad that you have received Jesus and have been starting to follow His leading in life. The way to God's life is narrow but it is the most satisfying and worthy cause we can invest in this life. There is no one so faithful as Him.

As for you, I will be praying for you. See it is not the Pastor's wife who can make your calling sure, but it is the Lord who will do it as you pursue His will for your life. You can ask God to confirm to you again and again until you are fully convinced about your calling to work for Him. Confirmation may come from different sources like people, situation, inner peace, still small voice, His Word, dreams, vision and so on. God says that He will guide you with His very own eyes
(Psa 32:8). Nobody can be certain about the call of God until years down the line, when God slowly but steadily begins to use us and give us satisfaction, peace and joy to make us understand that we are fulfilling His Will for our lives. So don't be discouraged, but seek the Lord and you will succeed in the plans that God has for you ahead. Even I have fought this question for nearly four years before I settled the matter with God forever to follow Him and serve Him as He leads.

When you are really seeking and waiting for the Lord to find His will, God doesn't consider it as wasting time but as training time for your future ministry. This is what I have learnt day after day for the last ten years of my life. So I encourage you to sincerely pursue the will of God for your life. See in my life I started to get trained as a computer programmer like you in media and worked in it for at least a year before all the tragedies struck me one by one until I found myself restructured in the will of God. At least for a time I had thought why God had made me to study Engineering and computer programming which I should not have done and wasted a lot of years. But until I started to operate in the Net Ministry I never realized that it was a ministry training that God had given me to come in to this ministry. So to you I feel strongly that you are called to the ministry and the media Job that you have done will also be used greatly in the coming days by the Lord. God will burn His passion in to your mind and you will feel great satisfaction in doing the God's will. I like to remind you with the words in
Isaiah 26:3, "You will keep her in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because she trusts in you." May God lead you and guide you with His very own eyes. 


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