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 I have come to the conclusion that all Holidays are meaningless. For each day that we awake with the breath of life itself is a Holiday. A celebration of the grace of God. Given us yet another opportunity to learn, to decree and to share in the knowledge given by God. Jesus is a Holiday. Every day.

April fools days is just that. A day for fools, leave a fool to his follies and let's continue on with the business of our Lord. It is meaningless to celebrate anything that does not celebrate God. Nothing that brings for not the fruit of the Spirit is meaningless.

Thank you for posing this good question, and allowing us brothers and sisters to share in our response.
If it ain't about God, it ain't about nothing. Oh and as far as Valetines day. I disagree with having no relationship at all till marriage. Having no sex is one thing.

Sex before marriage is clearly wrong. But getting to know someone before marriage is very very important. To make the right choice by discerning through the Holy Spirit who our soul mate is. We do not go into such a contract blindly.

A: Nice to hear from you about what you think. I have great respect for the view point of every Brother and Sister in Christ. As far as Jesus Himself is a Holiday and a celebration of the grace of God, I agree with you. Jesus gives true rest and He Himself is the rest that we receive more and more
(Matt 11:28-30; Heb 4:1-10). Yes we are supposed to use our time meaningfully to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and decree it through our mouth and lifestyle (2 Peter 1:2-4; ; Rom 10:10; Titus 3:8). Praise the Lord!

Yes leave a fool to his folly is right, but here we are speaking about being joyful and humorous rather than foolish, so that we can be of a testimony to the world. Joy, Peace is the fruit of the Spirit that makes us a unique testimony of our Lord Jesus in this world that is not salted and have no true light of the revelation of God's character. You see sex before marriage is absolute fornication and sex with a married person even before marriage is adultery that is absolutely a fruit of the flesh that God prohibits. During Biblical times and also in our eastern culture, there can be no serious relationship between a betrothed couple until marriage in which both of them will show their commitment to each other by staying in fidelity to each other.

So to talk with each other is Ok in the sight of the elders of both the family, but they will touch and speak intimately or get emotionally involved with each other only after their day of consummation on the day of their first day of physical intimacy. I think this is good for both the bride and also the bridegroom because there can be no guarantee of marriage until the time after they finish declaring their commitment before all people and God. Or in other words both have the rights to say no to the marriage any time before that commitment during their marriage, so why should a girl lose her heart to a boy who says yes to her and goes on with another girl to marry her. This is the reason most people are affected and it happens more in the western world. So according to Apostle Paul, it is better to marry than to burn with emotions for each other
(1 Cor 7:9). So I side with what the Apostle proclaims and do not agree even for emotional intimacy before marriage. The Bible says do not stir up love before its time or until it pleases with commitment in marriage (Sos 2:7; 8:4). If God guides a person and the Holy Spirit confirms that he/she is the right person, then after marriage both can know each other for a lifetime in commitment with love. Don't you trust God will guide us all to the exact person when we move in faith and not by sight, this is indeed God's way (2 Cor 5:7). By the way this is what I believe Brother, but I do respect every other person's adjustment in execution as long as it is not outrightly against the perfect will of God. Much Blessings........


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