Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Which Baptism is Right?

One Baptism of Jesus

Q: You have quoted Eph. 4 :1-16. There it is mentioned "One Lord, One faith and One Baptism". However, in the Christendom, there are several types of baptism, i.e. child baptism, sprinkling baptims, under flag baptism, baptism in the name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Baptism in the name of Jesus Christ OR Jesus' name. Then, the 'One Baptism' quoting in Eph. 4:5 refers to which baptism. If there is only 'ONE BAPTISM' which is the correct one ?

A: One Baptism refers to the baptism of Jesus in which He actually took all of our sins upon Himself as our "one Lord" substitute before God, and as a result of it has given us all one faith to look forward to the favor of God through Him
(Eph 4:5). Through that one Baptism of Jesus all our righteousness have been fulfilled through Him and that now we have become the righteousness of God in Christ (Matt 3:15; 2 Cor 5:21). By the Spirit of God we have been made to be partakers of this one Baptism, though we are many members yet we are one Body in Christ Jesus (1 Cor 12:12-13). One baptism does not just mean to get baptized in Jesus name, but it is also only a part of this whole thing. We are externally taking the baptism in water to publicly declare that internally we are born again in Christ Jesus and this is not a pre-condition to fulfill for being born again, rather it is a command of the Lord to be a testimony before others of what we have already believed in our heart (Matt 28:19-20; Rom 10:9-10). The baptism should be done in declaring the name of the Trinity of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit by the authority of the name of Jesus in which all the power of God is deposited (Acts 2:38; Php 2:10-11). Which baptism is right? One Baptism of Jesus is right and all other man made traditions are of no use toward God. Thanks and Blessings.....


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