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Gifts and Calling of God

Does Gifts and Calling Change According to the God Given Burden?

Q : If a pastor gets up and tells his congregation that the Lord has lifted the burden of prayer off him for that body of believers then its time to go right? Romans 11:29 says the gifts and the calling are without repentence so, how can He lift a burden of prayer? Without a covering for our heads we are in trouble right? Because, everybody is not married and that's the only covering we have!! Will you expound on that please!!

A : God may use a minister of God for a particular congregation for a particular period of time to do a particular work. So the minister of God will have burden for the congregation specifically from God for that particular time until the work of God gets done through them. For example, God used Apostle Paul to lay the foundation in the Corinthian Church and then used Apollos the renouned Bible teacher to build them up in faith
(1 Cor 3:6, 10; Acts 18:24-25). The grace of God towards that Corinthian Church or the burden of God towards them worked in Paul the apostle for the period of planting the seed of the word of God intially and then led by God he moved on and establised many other Churches in other areas where he has the burden to plant. The apostle Paul always led by the Spirit had burden for a period of time for a particular place and preached the gospel to them. Every time he moved on to other places after the burden got lifted up (Acts 11:26; 17:16-18; 18:5; 19:21-22). So a Pastor may have a bigger sphere of ministry where God wants to move him to apostolic and prophetic ministry of traveling, preaching and teaching the word of God to many different areas. It is possible for a man of God to have the burden lifted for a particular congregation which he has been ministering and go to other place.

The gifts and calling of a pastor does not change, but a pastor can have a dominant primary calling along with a secondary calling of an apostle later. So God who had given much burden to a particular pastor to raise the Church, may later lift the burden and make the pastor move and teach the word of God in others Churches. When God moves a pastor like that, He would have given time and expected the pastor to raise up elders and pass on his work to them. God will never move a person suddenly, but will move a person step by step so that the work of God will continue. The burden of God does not change the calling, instead it drives the calling to be fulfilled more and more in a variety of ways.  

The pastoral covering is for our spiritual growth. For a believing Sister, the covering is first her husband in her family and then together as a family they are covered by God through the spiritual guidance of the pastor or the minster of God who guides them. The real covering for the whole Body of Christ is Jesus Himself, under whose wings we take shelter. If a Sister stays alone without marriage, then she get the spiritual covering of the minister of God and her earthly father. When a person whom God has ordained to be guided by a particular minister of God does not submit to the pastor and then they try to drive their own life, the burden for such a person may get lifted up from the minister's heart because of lack of godly submission. The personal calling and gifts that God has pre-planned to give and use us for His glory never changes, but the burden in the heart of ministers will get lifted up if a individual believer do not really come under a spiritual covering that God has prepared for them.

Apostle Peter clearly said,
"5 Likewise you younger people, submit yourselves to your elders. Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed with humility, for “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” 6 Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time" (1 Peter 5:5-6). Here the mighty hand of God is the five fold ministers of God who represent each finger of God on earth through the calling that God has given them. The pastor is the ring finger, the teacher is the small finger, the evangelist is the middle finger, the prophet is the index finger and the thumb is the apostle (Eph 4:11). These called gifts of Jesus to the Church become mature over a period of time under the guidance of others ministers and God, so that they become established as elders in the Church God raises through them. As we see, once the younger spiritually growing believer submit to the their God ordained elders and the elders submit to one another, God has promised to give a mighty grace which will exalt their life spiritually in the eyes of all men. When submission happens to a elder, a burden of God's heart for that growing young believer will be released by God in to the minister's heart, which will make them intercede to God for them. So truly a spiritual person will understand this divine order and be greatly blessed with a powerful covering of God and the favor of God which is a mighty exaltation that will come from God, through an empowered grace upon their lives. Thanks and Blessings.....


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