Friday, December 23, 2011

Christ the Only Bridge

The Only Bridge To Cross-Over

By Abraham Israel

All humans have been born with sin nature inside them because of our forefather Adam who knowingly sinned and transgressed against the only God given command not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Gen 2:16-17; 3:6-7). Since that day the curse of sin has come in to our life to destroy us and make us to die apart from the God who has made us for Himself. Humankind has been suffering seperation from God and His blessings of divine fellowship with Him because of sin which is lawlessness against God's perfection. This break of fellowship with God's goodness is a curse that has come to all humans since the time sin came in to the world because of the trick of our enemy Satan and his demonic cohorts who have conspired this again humanity.

Death which is seperation from God and His goodness for sin have spread to all spheres of humanity that God destroyed one world 4500 years ago approximately because of it and now is ready to destroy our world because of the same sign of sin that is rising up like a Tsunami wave in our generation
(Rom 5:12). The thinking of all people of Noah's generation were wicked and the same thing is happening in our generation through Satan holding the reigns of media and internet to corrupt the minds of all people in our generation (Gen 6:5; Matt 24:37-39).

But thank God something wonderful happened when we chose to believe and accept the Lord Jesus as our Saviour and Lord, as the Bible says, God made us all alive who were dead in tresspasses and sins before that time
(Eph 2:1). How did God do this supernatural life-giving resuscitation spiritually? Apostle Paul who was divinely inspired to write one third of the whole New Testament says, God freed us from the power of sin by making His only begotten Son to become a curse for us to pay and appease His righteous indignation against sin which destroys all humans (Gal 3:13). Praise the Lord!

In other words, God built a bridge by making His Son become a human one among us, and then reach out to Him and remain the bridge between human and Himself through a righteous route where He justifies all those who approach Him through His foreordained system which He has set
(1 Tim 2:5-6). God sees all those who come to Him through Jesus just as those who  have never sinned even once (Rom 5:1). Now we who have believed Jesus can walk by faith to God and commune with Him intimately and walk back safely by signing the name of Jesus at the end of our prayer, by whom we are sealed for eternity ahead. What a privilege! Thank you Jesus for your self-less sacrifice.

Now we have eternal life given to us by God as a gift forever. Certain people when they hear the word 'eternal life' they wrongly think that it means the life in heaven that will continue for us after our physical death and the eternal bliss thereafter. Wrong! Eternal life is the life of God received in our spirit through which we commune moment by moment with Him intimately and start to know Him more and more as days go by, which will continue in our life after our physical death
(John 17:3). This life of heaven will make us live abundantly on earth for the glory of God and hereafter, now all we do is keep the word of God in Jesus name, thus live a life worthy of God and pleasing to Him for all His goodness showered upon us in His love towards us through Jesus Christ (John 17:4, 6).

Love God Heartily,
Live Thankfully,
Look Compassionately,
Enjoy Your Journey with God!

"Christ becomes our bridge if we choose to let Him live His life in us. We can reach God only through Christ, if there is any other way, surely God would have told us about it."


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